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Of course, the real reason why states spend billions of dollars on space studies is not a childlike space curiosity.

There is knowledge of the future in space.
That's why states spend billions of dollars on space. That's why trillions of dollars have been spent on James Webb and other advanced space telescopes.

Electromagnetic Waves in Space carry the information of the future. Humans do not have the ability to find and interpret future information in EM signals in Space. This ability exists in demons. This is the main reason why the USA sent bacteria into space. These bacteria are gut bacteria.

Bacteria sent into space by the USA have communication with demons through neural entanglement. These bacteria are in a special capsule that will protect them from space radiation. Space signals are given to these bacteria by low amplitude electronic signals through an insulated cable inside the capsule.
to believe that space and other pseudo science agencies do not exist only to boost propaganda and reap taxes
the theory of gravity still is not proven
but you believe in it
speed of light was never measured
but you use it to measure distance and speed of imaginary sky objects
there are wooden doors on so called gas chambers
but you also believe there is no physical barrier between so called vacuum in space and the earths atmosphere
there is not a single evidence god did not create earth
but you believe in a theory made by a catholic bishop that it came into existence out of nothingness
there are no bodies or bones of supposedly burned 6000000 jews
but you believe they did burn either way
there is this 109 times bigger than the earth fireball that is spinning around galaxy 500000 miles per hour while also spinning around itself and the earth, while of course spinning, spins around that fireball that is spinning so fast while traveling upwards you know, it is science
how do i reach these levels of delusion myself?

Israel send bacteria into space. The US has sent bacteria into space. Now Russia and China will do the same.
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Like The Andromeda Strain in reverse?
no it is not
if it can be measured which substances are connected with each other by the cosmic entanglement, the information of the past and the future can be read.

How will you know which material in space the particle you are going to measure will be entangled ?

first the photons of the future have to come out of the source.

If the information that the photon does not have a time elapsed for itself is true, it may be.
OP is a glowie or a jew.  This wild theory about the government's true intention for space exploration only serves to validate the lie that space exists.

Is this another jew looking in the mirror saying this ?

Why do you suppose opposite person is like you ?
Because I can't comprehend the concept of a world with people who are different from me.

if you don't understand why are using a sentence about whether you understand this concept or not.
That's a really stupid question. Are you retarded?

Is it a jew saying that ?

The fact that the photon does not have time to pass does not mean that you can extract information from that photon.

photon does not carry information unless it comes from the source.
Take your meds schizo
It's the focus of everything that makes life shape. Like there's a huge alien type jellyfish without a tail in the high dimension that floats around the Earth sometimes and give focus divinity to the aquatic life, for it's creation. 

It stopped directly over me to take a look one time. It said I was the first on of my kind here. I was a sleep and in my dream I started to exhibit signs of superpowers to be able to make my thoughts change the shape of the dream, then I woke and there was huge circle right over me. I had seen it floating around beforehand. 

I can see the higher dimensional horizon above us. Other artifacts like triangle ships with aliens also create focuses that affects people.
Refer to

Is it a jew saying that? I said.

What is there not to understand ?
I just farted.
Bullshit. the waves scientists study give insight into the universe's past not future. although the models they create from that knowledge can be used to predict the future to an extend, as in how galaxies will evolve and how the solar system will change etc. there's no hidden secrets to be unraveled other than physics
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Space is real but as much as human interest and fascination is inevitable, so is the exploitation and desire to profit from it, of-course including milking taxpayer money for way-overpriced governmental projects. It wouldn't be so bad if government could manage budgets better but as typical they just don't due to corruption, fraud and graft.
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