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Feds going after popular image boards like 4chan and 8kun is one thing. But why the hell do they go even after obscure image boards that barely have any activity, let alone the apolitical ones?
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Simple. Freedom of speech is, and always will be, a threat to governmental narratives and effective propaganda campaigns. 

Notice this pic as an example.

Once enough Americans realize they are being played like pawns, that the government really could care less about them, that governments only care about their special interests and central banks that line their pockets with trillions of dollars while we slave away earning a living or end up mutilated or dead in their never ending conquest for global hegemony, Americans will start to think twice about fighting for the special interests and government that are screwing them over 24/7. People will start to "opt out", some will move more rural and become preppers and homesteaders, others will join peace movements (like what happened en mass in the 60s and early 70s), many will boycott the draft, some will even refuse to pay taxes and simply sponge off welfare. That's not a bad thing honestly, for the people that is. However, it is very bad for the government, it throws a giant wrench in their mechanical agenda. Therefore the government *HAS TO* crackdown on free speech, so we are all lemmings abiding by their corrupt special interests, so we remain cogs in the slavery machine.

> Inb4 muh wall of text
TLDR: learn to.
Being into a number of small groups and communities, I can say how common it was to run into people that feds might suspect of questionable things. So maybe that is why.
> apolitical
Everything is political.
> Feds going after popular image boards
Are they?
> go even after obscure image boards 
Do they?
They're going after every site where people can still interact directly with other people. End goal is to segregate the prisoners completely, every single person inside his solitary pod talking to ai and never to another person. Rebellion is already impossible, but thinking about rebeion still possible, though in fictional context only. State hates you so much that they're gonna take even that away, no thought of rebellion allowed, all related words purged from language, everything other than slavery purged from reality. This is war, they wage it one way as people keep losing.
I've been busy the last few years backing everything up, as I can tell where the future of the internet is headed: total slavery, censorship and no more online privacy. At this point I would recommend backing up ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want and need and storing the media/info offline on numerous cold storage backups. I've been backing up my favorite music (lossless formats too), music videos, movies, documentaries, tv shows, ripping my favorite DIY Youtube channels, crawling whole websites and hoarding tons of info, etc etc etc. When they roll out some kind of AI surveillance mark of the beast shit, I plan on canceling my internet service, taking a fucking axe to the physical modem and be like "see yah, don't need ya anymore!" I'll be offline with plenty of physically stored media for any kind of entertainment. Might have to listen to news via shortwave and radio (with the obvious assumption most is probably propaganda).
Not him but...

*taps you kindly on the shoulder...


And far far worse...

https://archive.is/Vh9Cf / https://archive.is/zgqzY
> many are calling a flatly unconstitutional
Wake me when they are enacting it. They talk a lot of shit that never gets anywhere.
> plan taking over ISPs
It's a plan not a law. Might never be realized as is.
In the US private companies already censoring crap since section 230 not just protects platform from the users activity but allows them to do whatever they want with the users speech. It's a shield, but a sword too.
Some ISPs blocked Kiwifarms because they decided to, without any repercussion. If they want to censor you they can anyway.
Fearmongering against government control is such a braindead American thing. At least citizens have some control over the state institutions but have not even a virtual or theoretical power over private companies, especially not giant corpos, which are like absolutist states or dictatorships.
Enjoy your straitjacket.
> Wake me when they are enacting it.

That's just the thing, if they do enforce a bio-metric ID and/or State license to access the internet, as the FCC has clearly been talking about doing in the near future, it will be too late. We will have no more privacy and I won't even be around to warn people like you anymore. You'll find out the hard way and have to make a tough decision to stay online or bail.

> They talk a lot of shit that never gets anywhere.

Patriot Act, NDAA, FISA domestic surveillance, banning traditional appliances from being manufactured anymore (as of recently by Executive Order), etc? Do those not count?

> Fearmongering against government control is such a braindead American thing.

That's the only thing preventing us from being treated like slaves like what happened to the Europeans and Chinese.

> giant corpos, which are like absolutist states or dictatorships

I somewhat agree, but handing all of them over to government - a central authority - is 1,000x worse! At least there are some competing corps and we have consumer choice to boycott the bad ones!

> Enjoy your straitjacket.

Nah, I don't trust head shrinks either.
So in other words, you do actually support censorship and gutting online privacy. Seems to reason WHY you tell us we are all kooks for prepping in advance. I'll continue my backups, and no I won't be hanging around online if/when the government kills our free internet. Happy?
> Anon explains something bad could happen.
< Shut up, it won't happen!
> Anon explains why it could possibly happen with rational debate and linking to evidence.
< Hope it does happen, good!

Something glows strong here.
> consumer choice 
myth that works for our enemies
Seems your "enemies" are ordinary citizens who need basic essentials to survive and entertainment of their own choosing they enjoy. You got a problem with that? Move your ass to China, behind their great online firewall where they are censored and surveilled 24/7! I will have no part of that, absolutely fuck that shit.
> In addition, the power of the consumer is not evenly distributed across society. Thus the expression "voting" when used in a market context expresses a radically different idea than the one usually associated with it. In political voting everyone gets one vote, in the market it is one vote per dollar. What sort of "democracy" is it that gives one person more votes than tens of thousands of others combined?

Then ask the central bankers and your politicians why they are willing to give the government TRILLIONS of dollars and you - a worker - stinkin' nothing!
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thumbnail of ECONOMIC FACT.jpg
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> Taking part as an active member of the community does not imply that we stop making individual consumption choices between those available, all it does is potentially enrich our available options by removing lousy choices (such as ecology or profit, cheap goods or labour rights, family or career).

Well, the solution is clear here. Like it or not. Ask yourself this: where is all that DEBT given to the government going? You? Me? Nope. So ask yourself that question. Who, where, is all that fiat money really going to and how does the government really spend it? And that said, now that our government runs most of the economy today, is it helping us yet?
Get it yet!? They are killing the old internet! They want TOTAL CONTROL over ANY and ALL content you can hear/read/see/witness/interact with!


Despots are desperate AF.
Bullshit. Do you know how unsafe data is over the internet, even with using some basic opsec!? I'm not going to shady sites like this with my connection unencrypted. Heck, I go further, I use a completely separate web browser just to access image boards like this one.

Some work fine, if you know which IP ranges the spammers fail to use. Sorry, but I will not disclose those, but there are some. I'll give you a tiny hint: glowies tend to stay away from certain regions for a reason.

What is planned for the future internet is far far worse. Politicians are already openly talking about Chinese-style surveillance for ALL social media: personal info & license identification just to post comments online. The FCC have also been talking about mandating Bio-metric identification just to log online, with the power to suspend or even terminate services that will not comply! So if you think places like this are dead now, just wait! The internet will become a giant tombstone where wrong-think is easily identified and punished. No VPN would save you if the connection itself has to be tied to this kind of mandatory identification scheme if it becomes law! If it comes to that, I already made up my mind, I'll be canceling my internet service. I already have pretty much everything I desire and need regarding media backed up offline. I recommend you do the same.
Why such defeatist attitude due to some politicians making some laws? You look horrified over some signatures on piece of paper. All we have to do is make new tech implementations that bypass corrupted infrastructure.
True. But even if you wanted to get rid of free markets or consumer choice, you couldn't because these things do not exist.
Vpn: don't give your data to your ISP coz its extremely dangerous give it to us instead and pay for it we don't do anything with it promise
Can setup your own vpn but then you give the data to those who run your server
> All we have to do is make new tech implementations that bypass corrupted infrastructure.

I'd believe that when I see such tech usable and widely adopted. What I am not going to do is fall for hopium and get caught with my pants down the day my ISP tells me I need to scan my fingerprints and face to even access the internet or face it being cut off. And do not try denying there are many politicians and government officials frothing at the mouth like foxes guarding a chicken coop that would more than gladly mandate such police state bullshit so they could crack down on dissent and undesired content.

Wrong. Consumer choice and free markets existed for a long time in America, however have been under constant blatant attack by the government and crony oligarch monopolists they serve. Either we prosecute the corruption and have our free market and consumer choice restored, or we fall under totalitarian centralized control with next to no ability to boycott or resist, other than to opt out of society completely (which would become very burdensome!)
> you give the data to those who run your server
Do they really see your data, if you are using cloaked openvpn or shadowsocks? I thought it was all encrypted
E-books/pdf of info will be useful offline. Like cookbooks, craft work, homesteading tips, survival guides, medical care, etc. All that will be useful. Print the most important stuff for a file cabinet. Maybe download some emulators or roms to play older games when bored in the future, PsSol + card game packs for the computer can be played completely offline.
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Not imageboards related but still related with this conversation:

I always wondered why I chose Dreamwidth over other popular blog hosting sites like Wordpress to host my small, personal blog. Then I searched "Wordpress censorship". And, oh boy, I avoided a bullet by not choosing Wordpress.
Same goes for Google's Blogger.

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