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> A tiny piece of fire from cigarettes are responsible for forest fires

Why are globalists pushing this obvious lie so hard? How many forest fires have actually been caused by accidents by thrown cigarettes? If anything, most forest fires are caused by arsonists. And of course all arsonists are neither crazy people or foreign spies like the authorities lie about, which is why none of them stay for long at prison and they don't even announce the arsonists' names in public.
((They)) want to lock you helpless in the pod feeding your own feces and recycled flesh of other prisoners. But before such project can be accomplished you need to be separated from the elements (fire, water, air, earth) that make you sane and healthy enough to resist even when you are too confused to know what's happening. Long term project for this is called agenda 21, and it is about making nature inaccessible to prisoners. Smokes to forest fires, global warming forced meme, fake nature preservation efforts are main public psyops for that goal.
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I'd rather just die than live that way honestly, and I'm going to keep living it up until I do die, fuck those WEF/Davos demonic bastards! And hell no, me and my family are NOT fighting their wars or obeying any future draft. Fuck them, I defect.
Any rural home should have a buffer zone where there are no nearby surrounding trees. Problem is, even if you don't die by fire during an arson attack, you'd probably die from the smoke if you live anywhere nearby woods.
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Well yah, but the point I'm trying to make is that a lot of "wildfires" are actually 'anarchists'/arsonists. And I say "anarchists" with high sarcasm because if you ever talk to those people they are, by far, some of the most tyrannical despotic nihilistic assholes you'd ever meet in your life. They literally do not care about human suffering, misery or death: just like any other form of government! So the difference between "anarchy" and totalitarian government is really NONE at all. It's just an open vacuum for more of the same.

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New Reply on thread #48875
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