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what are your thoughts on girls with self harm scars?

and i dont mean the typical 2010 tumblr "normal" ones; i mean like full on huge big scars all over her body. 

i already dont look good to begin with and so far the only guy that was willing to fuck me was someone with a self harm fetish but all i want is a normal man to hold me but i look so fucking disfigured that i dont think thats possible

like im desentisized to my own scars bc in my eyes theyre nothing and not "good enough" but people who see my body always have the most horrified look in their face and some just start crying.

what do you guys think?
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I don't have an opinion on real girls. But there are plenty of places and ways for you to obtain a normal guy. You can even go on /r9k/ since this thread is perfect posted there.
What made you go crazy? Was it the dysfunctional public school system? Parental neglect? Child abuse? Sexual abuse? Drug addiction? Alcoholism? A twisted style of perversion or odd erotic sadomasochism? Loneliness due to rejection? Did your older brother or sister used to mock and embarrass you in front of your peers? Were you ever bullied, beat up and humiliated in front of others? Did you ever see someone you loved get killed while you had an opportunity to save their life but were too distracted with your own problems? Do you have post traumatic stress disorder? Do you have an extreme bipolar disorder? Do you feel suicidal and if so why?

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New Reply on thread #48897
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