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Just admit it. This board's only purpose nowadays is to make fun of one person. And that's me. 
You make fun of me or throw out your stupid insults at me while you have the real problem in you. 
Seriously you got a very unchecked pedophile from Australia (god I wish there were flags here.) harassing the fuck and projecting HIS OWN sick fantasies onto others, mostly innocent people, and those who'd never stoop so low to his level. 
And then you have numerous of trolls or people who don't even finish up stuff like "Nothing Failed" or whatever parody they want to make. 
The board's slogan is ALSO a lie, too. Sure, there's art posted, but if anything it's not very often there's such art. Though that shouldn't mean you should steal someone's art work. 
What more should I add to this board's state of dismay and downfall?