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As JMR's Personal Assistant, I regret to inform you that he politely declines your request. He talks to NO ONE that will not stoop to his level of retardedness.
All the people here who honesty really care about anything to do with Yonkers/Poopcat and his orbiters:

Everyone here is deeply committed to posting all of your your socials on here, as you yourself have always done, JMV.
hello fbi here
that address is unable to receive mail because it is under investigation by the fbi for drowning 12yo in donkey semen
also your address is under investigation for 6yo pzdsing
so communication between these two addresses is forbidden
that message only appears if you're being blocked from emailing a certain address by the feds or other local authorities. wtf did you do to get on a watchlist
thumbnail of Klim Donkey Semen Factory.mp4
thumbnail of Klim Donkey Semen Factory.mp4
Klim Donkey Semen... mp4
(8.27 MB, 1920x1080 h264)
> hello fbi here
> that address is unable to receive mail because it is under investigation by the fbi for drowning 12yo in donkey semen
> also your address is under investigation for 6yo pzdsing
> so communication between these two addresses is forbidden
> sorry

HEY Yonkers: stop spamming and sperging out about your 90-yo Aussie b/f who married his step-sister on her 12th birthday, and fed her donkey semen as an aphrodisiac on their Wedding Night, you fucking idiot. Just let it go ffs. It's just a shitpost to wind you up. Stop replying to that troll, you fucking idiot.

Klim's Donkey Semen Factory: https://files.catbox.moe/e5eabv.mp4
Oh my fucking god! No I'm not. 
You're not even laughing, you only ever do fake laughs. 
spaceman your larping doesn't work 
nor does your logic as well 
i'm not on a watchlist you idiot 
the address does NOT fucking exist 
christ on a stick that's not even a fed email either
no because the gmail was never created dumbass 
i will not fall for your bullshit 
so no 
i'm not on a watchlist 
making up a fake address to even realize it's a fake one from the start is not putting them on a watchlist 
you actual fucking uneducated bigot
thumbnail of 000ab6.jpg
thumbnail of 000ab6.jpg
000ab6 jpg
(56.67 KB, 559x421)
Nice larp, guys. We all know the real Yonkers would never respond to such a stupid shitty troll shit-post like that. He is way too smart to do anything as retarded as that.
It's not easier, it's actually very hard. I have to run a made up business and jerk off to 6 year old cartoon animals. These responsibilities are very tough.
Yeah, me too. I sent one and it was delivered just fine, and even received a reply from that email address as well. [email protected] No problems for me here.

Must be a security problem with Geordie's computers and phone.
thumbnail of tm-14444m75.jpg
thumbnail of tm-14444m75.jpg
tm-14444m75 jpg
(57.14 KB, 500x500)
Now we sit back and wait for his whole "Toilet Man isn't real" etc etc etc, as he remains wholly oblivious that the whole 'Toilet Man' thing was a deliberately childish sarcastic satire of his own ridiculous "Nothing Go!" bullshit (which he NEVER FINISHED, btw...)! kek

NB. PDD = "I do not 'get' satire or sarcasm".
> we 
Stop thinking everyone is your friend 
they are not 
not even MAP or zoo would want you lmfao 
No, I can count to 1,000. 
1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 
Fake. I don't like children. 
> made up business 
> doesn't know what a fucking web company OR project is 
of course 
this is why you're proven fake easily, dumb impersonator
i find it funny and a little surprising you hadn't mentioned any of my social accounts for a long while, including the other deviantart you possibly found since august 2022. or my other dormant youtube channels 
do you miss stalking them too?
that's not a fish for attention 
i was clearly pointing out that yes, obviously klim is a pedo/creep and he used to always copypasta my youtube, furaffinity, deviantart and about much more. including twitter 
and yet you harass me only here 
no i'm not "geordie". stop fucking talking like that 
> y-you don't- 
I still use YouTube
I still use FurAffinity
I still use Deviantart 
I still use fucking discord 
and I even use Guilded too 
And that stupid account on inkbunny that you found one time
> hey you creep why aint you harassing me on all these other accounts i have
you like it geordie
you want him to look at your other accounts
no wonder you recorded that
> im going to fuck klim
vocaroo lol
i guess thats your type
mature australian men and 6yo animals
What I've never understood is: why does Geordie want to rape a 90-yo Australian great-grandfather who lives in a wheelchair and has to wear adult diapers for his incontinence issues? Sounds pretty fucked-up to me... just sayin'...
thumbnail of 1667657774175044k8w.jpg
thumbnail of 1667657774175044k8w.jpg
1667657774175044k8w jpg
(116.57 KB, 1034x502)
Yonkers Discord: .gg/QKPzjDKhe9

1) Invite people
2) Abuse people
3) Ban them for no reason
4) Complains that no one comes to his Discord
5) repeat forever
Oh Poopcat. You have let us all down here today. You replied angrily to shitpost bait, rather than choose to just ignore it. You failed yourself again. Everyone here is deeply disappointed in you, Yonkers, for doing the exact opposite of what you would say you would do. Now everybody here knows that you are not only a complete fool, but a fucking retard. Be proud of your massive failure today.
> I love his confidence in something he couldn't possibly know.
Poor Poocat really IS wholly oblivious as to how the real world we live in works, huh. Stupid bastard.

Yet it's always someone elses'  fault! kek
I already know hwo things work 
Making literal invalid emails does not put you on a watch list, this isn't fucking 2016
> this isn't fucking 2016
what does that have to do with anything? also why are you spamming the catalog with bbc?
thumbnail of 1602222879-13-transp.png
thumbnail of 1602222879-13-transp.png
1602222879-13-transp png
(60.08 KB, 542x460)
Great PDD response, Geordie.
Try again. This time, try using 'grown-ups' concepts, instead of thinking like a 5-yo (that you are, mentally).

Your own mom said that about you, remember?

No point in getting angry at others for what is your own problem.
Have a Nice Day
thumbnail of media_F58fB-eWYAA543x.jpg
thumbnail of media_F58fB-eWYAA543x.jpg
media_F58fB-eWYAA... jpg
(16.9 KB, 581x680)
I have to apologize on behalf of our institution, as it appears that we have failed you. Despite our best efforts, it seems one of our residents has been posting porongraphic material on your site (see attached).
In the future we will ensure sedation and physical deterrents are administered on a regular basis.
thumbnail of faaaart.mp4
thumbnail of faaaart.mp4
faaaart mp4
(400.67 KB, 454x554 h264)
I just had a shit so big it felt like a snake was leaving my ass followed by what felt like a barrage of small marbles leaving my anus in the form of undigested corn kernels… the turd that clogging my toilet was pointed straight up out of the water so I had to pull it out like Excalibur... I ended up having to dissolve it with nitric acid.

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