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These are a fucking hoot.
If only Geordie used Twitter to find content like this.
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I only go there for the pics, vids, and gifs, they make me laugh, I don't participate in the conversations, they are mostly weird, endless goofy talk about politics :^)

This lady on the harmonica blew my mind, it's so good, imagine if you could play like that, awesome sound.
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> These are a fucking hoot.
> If only Geordie used Twitter to find content like this.
Geordie is not into the humorous side of life, a masochist loves his suffering, his motivation to continue is his painful soap opera complaining and gossip.
No, that's literally Wizard. 
Thanks for proving me right 
> "humurous" 
> random images of legitimately fucking weird shit from real people, and sometimes presidents in memes. 
And I'm not a masochist
geordie is learning dog behavior but it takes time
he currently still stuck on the sniffing animal anuses and eating poopies phase
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I have seen what a masochist is

Geordie freely admits he cruises the internet looking for sick, degrading pornography to masturbate to.

Then he will blame others that he searched for it, too...

You are a sick socially-isolated pervert who knows no shame. You are a disgrace to your family, Jordan.
> i actually do know what it means
> i'm not clueless about it
> i have seen what a masochist is
Let's have a definition in your own words then.
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I'll help you, and provide a reading source, just take your time.

Masochism is based on submission and dependence.

Go down the page about halfway until you see the picrel I posted, start reading there, if you have questions I can explain the text but make the effort to try and understand the reading okay?
Reminds me of >292
With Klim's ideas.
But holy diapers, Scatman. Is every online environment Geordie seeks. Quick to turn on him for amusement.
*still bouncing happily in my big bouncy poofy pampers*
Hehe! No one will stop me from having fun in my diapers! Ahahaha!
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I strive to diligently live my life according to this trustworthy Biblical Principle every day: Ezekiel 23:20-21

> I spent a night in hospital

Yes, everybody knows about that; tis when you tried to kill yourself - and failed. You can't even do ''that' right...
You're not supposed to kill yourself any way. There is no "right" way either. 
And no, this was at near the end of March 2022 you moron. I've watched Space Jam 2 at that time
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> March 2022
That's when you attacked Carmen. Yeah, everybody remembers that, Jordan

> Space Jam 2
Good children's movie.
Did you wack off watching that one as well?
Maybe not; you were probably strapped down onto your bed with the plastic sheets in a Locked Ward.
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If the Noah's Ark story is real, then we are all descended from him and his 3 sons. I can show you the DNA research that will blow your mind, are you interested?

For God so loved the world, he drowned 99.9% of the people.

The New History of the Human Race
26 Videos - 477,261 Views - Last updated on Mar 25, 2022
With Ken Ham and Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

Traced: DNA's Big Surprise with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson
(playlist 16 videos)

Are we all Jews?

Ken Ham’s DNA Traced Back to Noah’s Son?! | Traced: Episode 1
Learn how Harvard-trained geneticist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson can trace back individuals to Ham, Shem, or Japheth (Noah's sons) through newly discovered DNA research - including Answers in Genesis' very own Ken Ham. 
Watch this, it will restore your faith in humanity sort of :^)

I STILL CAN'T DO THIS! | 2nd Reaction to Angelina Jordan - Gloomy Sunday (Norway's Got Talent)
Once again she was NOT attacked. Just because in the past I grabbed her phone ONLY to NOT be paused/blocked on internet doesn't mean she got hit. 
Hell I know this was at the time I technically didn't have much muscles - I mean, I was TRYING to close the fucking door shut but to no avail. 
I don't know why you're caring this much over a little predicament. 
> children's movie 
Nibba hasn't seen the movie rating for it. 
And no I wasn't "strapped down" onto any plastic bed. I was only laying down, SITTING UP even because I fucking hate an adult hospital tbh. My fucking penis was nearly shrunk and wasn't used all much for 3 damn days (afaik). I had finally gotten out of there afterwards. 
> locked ward 
No you damn idiot. I went to a bed (not locked) and then after, I went to an ER. For a review. and I unfortunatley couldn't come to where ever Mom was. 
She's not dead.
> My fucking penis was nearly shrunk and wasn't used all much for 3 damn days
could it be true
has geordie been tugging on the button mushroom all day every day to stretch it all the way to 1inch
but then he killed cammy and got thrown in the nuthouse and went back to acorn style
rip cammy
rip mushroom
> and I unfortunatley couldn't come to where ever Mom was
heaven geordie
its very sad
> She's not dead.
but she is
What are you on about. The way the music switches over to an eerie tone while still continuing to bring up must haves could totally be set into kino story telling. You simply has no taste my boy. You unironically go on and on about how Jake and Mittens watch TV and buy consoles. With no undertone whatsoever.
> gloomy sunday
Haven't heard that cover from her yet thx, thx.
Why are you grabbing phones that aren't yours? Didn't Carmen raise you to respect her? Smh.
> because I fucking hate an adult hospital
Yes, yes. You prefer children hospitals.
> and I unfortunatley couldn't come to where ever Mom was
Why would they let you near her at the hospital after what you did to get you in there?
Just thought it was interesting, but it's a random post. My opinion: there is no help, he obviously gets something out of it, or he would stop ltr.
> My fucking penis was nearly shrunk and wasn't used all much for 3 damn days (afaik).
why are you telling us this
> I went to a bed (not locked)
what do you mean you went to a bed? did you spend a night in prison and then spend another few dews in an asylum or "adult hospital" as you put it?
> and then after, I went to an ER. For a review.
did punching carmen give you hiv or something
> and I unfortunatley couldn't come to where ever Mom was.
did she get a restraining order?