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Kek Geordie ditched streams to go get mocked by discord. Only for it to end up here anyway.
> new log dropping
thats a long show
idk if i can listen to an hour and a half of tardrage again
carmen on stream was tough enough
ok im 13 minutes in and someone mentioned stayvahn pooniverse so now im going to paste the classic and stop listening for a while
ima pick the rest up later

“Let’s see it!” Amethyst snatched up the cloth of her pants and pulled.

“Get your hands off me!” she countered and grunted, wrestling the fabric from her grip.

Determined, Amethyst shoved her onto the sofa and tore off her tiny shorts in one swift movement. 

A trail of liquid filth followed the arc and hung in long gooey trails from the article, decorating her hands in a pungent plasma. In an instant the nauseating smell of red tide hit her nostrils. Stunned, she weighed the shorts in her arms. They felt heavy and soggy, and the interior was a solid dark streak, coated in a shining congealed splotch that ran to the front and back, broken up only occasionally with a peach-colored hair or a generous glob of white and yellow smegma.

“UGGGH! It smells worse than roadkill!” Amethyst dropped the clothing and reeled. “What the fuck is wrong with you?! How long has it been, you sick freak?!”

“It’s been five-thousand years, okay? I forgot about it! What do you want from me?”

“Some fucking air-freshener would be nice, uggh!” Amethyst pinched her nose and felt the pancakes start to come back up.

“Don’t you dare vomit in here!” Pearl snapped her legs together and scowled.

“What does it matter if I do? Nothing is ever going to be nastier than that!”

“Like you are one to judge ME on proper hygiene! I swear if you tell ANYONE, I will…I will never speak to you again!”

Amethyst stared at the abandoned diaper on the floor and forced a deviant smile under her rapidly tearing eyes.

“No more jabbering? That almost sounds like a deal. Man, it’d really be a shame if Steven or Garnet knew about this. Peridot, Lapis, and maybe Greg too. What would they think of you?”


“You are cleaning that thing right now!”

“Once I get to my room, I will be attending to –”


“Excuse me?”

“You are cleaning that right here, right now. I am going to make sure you do it right, so I never have to smell this awful stench again!”

“You eat fucking garbage, you hypocrite!” Pearl was inconsolable. She felt putrid pussy grease slide down her thighs and stain the cushion beneath her.

“At least I don’t have a damn sewer between my legs!”

Pearl’s eyes narrowed and she gritted her teeth. “This is payback, isn’t it?”

“Duh, idiot. Now stay there while I find Steven’s phone number…he needs to know his ‘favorite gem’ is a disgusting retard.”

“Don’t! I’ll…I’ll do what you say.” Pearl looked down and sighed deeply; clenching her fists. How could she be so unbelievable stupid to forget such a basic step in cleanliness? Her crotch felt tingly and wet in the exposed air of the living room, and sweat continued to add to the unholy concoction dribbling from her rancid pussy. There was nothing more humiliating.
“This’ll get you clean for sure!” Amethyst smiled and finished tying her ankles to the grill of Greg’s van.

Pearl’s teeth were chattering as she felt the engine roar to life under her back. In the spread eagle position she was forced to adopt she watched the tunnel of the carwash grow closer and closer.

Hopping in the passenger window, Amethyst nodded for to Garnet to hit the gas. Slowly the van lurched forward until she was surrounded on every angle by heated high-pressure hoses. Though scalding, Pearl managed to bite her lip under the powerful jets. Squirts of blue-green liquid crisscrossed over her body and an chemical rain hailed down from above. She wasn’t even an animal to them she thought, she was an object to be played with.

Massive rollers followed, massaging the detergent into her gut and breasts and punching every atom from her lungs. The roar of the machines was deafening, and she screamed as each individual mechanism conquered her in unison. A second roller pinned her throat to the windshield, from behind which she could hear Amethyst’s maniacal giggling, while more pistons of boiling water were unleashed onto her nether-regions. She sputtered under the chemical onslaught. Her toes curled as she was blasted and polished, sprayed and beaten by machines.

A low drone broke the madness. It was the driers. Large red rectangles lit up like a furnace and baked her under their harsh spotlight. Pearl could no longer scream, she did not possess the strength to do so. Exiting the carwash, she could only heave and twitch.
13 is a unlucky number
another 13 minutes from last time i stopped and the stream has the button mushroom
bad times
ok im at the bit where it sounds like geordie is trying to get 17 year olds to post video of them having sex
thats enough stream for one day
ima get to the next part another time
> sonic is a kid no one cares about him
> sonic is 14 I'm not fucking stupid
maybe it's explained in the video but i'm more curious as to what type of server it is and why geordie is in it. with geordie it could be literally anything. is it a fellow pzds diaper fetishist server? a tranny self harm cult? a group of 14 year olds that felt like playing kick the autistic with our boy? a server he joined just to stalk yet another underage girl?
what "degeneracy"? kill yourself you have a "fetish" for being a fucking stalker and naive 
I've seen dank's art yes 
It's average as fuck 
What the fuck about it? 
it's just "cuhcord" you animal 
i can't be "kicked" either as i'm not chris chan. as they say there won't be another one like him, and no i didn't join to stalk either. BECAUSE I DON'T FUCKING STALK.
but what is cuhcord
> as they say there won't be another one like him
you're already like him, the only difference is that you're infinitely worse than chris chan could ever dream of being
> and no i didn't join to stalk either. BECAUSE I DON'T FUCKING STALK.
> he doesn't join servers to find out what it means for him 
someone should spoonfeed you 
> y-you're already li- 
No the fuck I'm not. I don't reveal many information about myself and I'm not born on 1982, and I'm also not someone who would carry a fuckin medallion all my life + I don't have everything of me public. And I talk with less "uhs" than him and I have an AMERICAN English accent. I'm NOT the one with the kacey call bullshit or some random weens reuploading videos that aren't worth of care (even if it isn't logo related) - and I am NOT fucking transgender either. I also did NOT have an affair with a mother either, so no, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like him. 
So I can't be worse than some incesteous creep. 
> fi-
No, not her either. I literally have zero sympathy for her. She wouldn't fucking listen when literally other adults including me have told her to stop fucking posting on 4chan, a site for only over 18+ people. And then, the unfortunate conclusion, you fucking corrupted her to draw porn. PORN. PORN of her FREAKING SLIME GIRL ALONG WITH THE MANY OF HER FUCKING PERSONAS YOU KEPT THIRSTING ABOUT! And you keep BLAMING me for fucking NO INVOLVEMENT nor INTENTION to ever "stalk" her. 
NO. The fuck I DID NOT. 
Stop fucking LYING. and tell your little friend (fcf) to leave the discord. he needs to fuck off greatly
I *also* don't have a mother with dementia who was born way further than 1980s, nor do I have a father that died in 2011. 
I also don't have multiple half-brothers or long lost relatives that aren't even part of whatever "story" you want to make up today, tonight, or any other day. 
Proof isn't linking a video like a retard you are.
*still bouncing happily in my big bouncy poofy pampers*

Hehe! No one will stop me from having fun in my diapers! Ahahaha!
cuhcord is just a place with extremely lax rules that i made for me and my friends to fuck around in, rot (one of the guys in the video) randomly found mittens off of one of these threads a few years back and he's been an acquaintance of our group since then and rot randomly invited him to this iteration of the server.
I don't know who this is, but I'm the real owner of cuhcord and it was made as a diaperfur fetish server but we gradually realized one of our members, mittens, was more autistic than the rest of us and someone apparently found this place and posted this video here.
thumbnail of FvME3VKX0AEybzB.jpeg
thumbnail of FvME3VKX0AEybzB.jpeg
FvME3VKX0AEybzB jpeg
(56.63 KB, 1053x592)
Oh Geordie... you fucking idiot... even the young 'uns are trolling you now, and you STILL can't figure it out...!

*still bouncing happily in my big bouncy poofy pampers*
Hehe! No one will stop me from having fun in my diapers! Ahahaha!
> *boing boing boing*
> *POMF!~*
No. I'm never stopping!~
> My poofbutt was now on your face.
Time to grind!~
> *started to grind on your face, rubbing my very, poofy, squishy but quiet diaper*
...Crinkle crinkle crinkle
ok its not often i give the boy props but this was a good place to start
> bro is flexing his degeneracy he knows about so many fetishes
> i know more than you do
> i agree but thats not like a good thing
that got a genuine lol outta me
even a retarded clock can be funny twice a day
jesus fucking christ the audio spam
they really are 13 yo
im done at 58 min this is unlistenable
im listening to this one now
> humor is not supposed to do with anything to do with disabilities
> only someone who is messed up in the head would laugh at that
ok dear
lets break this down
if they messed up in the head then thats mental disability
and that means that finding mental disabled people funny is ok because they mentally disabled
Why is it these things always have some voice of reason that is unaware of the consequences that result in Geordie's new target.
> unaware of the consequences
That's been Geordie's downfall forever
It continues to entertain, tho.

🙄 inb4 Poopcat’s childish retarded PDD screaming-sperg-out paranoid delusional BULLSHIT nonsense AAAA klim did it no u yaddah yaddah yaddah… 
i don't have a downfall. 
They have voice of reason because they are not randomly parroting out words they clearly don't know. 
> new target 

how are your talking cats
hows your child minded child bodied animal gf
how is your employment that pays nothing
hows that Watnai kingdom you live in
hows Jampacked going

Why is a fully grown adult spending his time in a Discord server for 13 year olds, are you trying to continue the cycle of grooming?
Methinks our boy is trying to gather up as much info on her as he can. Before he goes full diaperbrained fever mode and stalks any and every social media acc she might have. That or he hasn't given up on fig yet. Or he might not even consider her worthy of wearing diapers with him if she doesn't draw. Tbh.
> Why is a fully grown adult spending his time in a Disc- 
Rot invited me you moron. I'm not spending time, they only joined so they can tell you to stop harassing me all because of them being a furry, all because of being an autistic, or even having a fetish. 
Fuck off. Do you think I get diaperbrained on EVERYONE? 
> he hasn't given up on fi- 
Already forgot her
ye maybe he learned from the fig harassment
got to be sneakier
geordie youve tried to poopoo erp everyone you met
are you saying you like us
or was he right
> They invited me
Would you fuck a child if they asked you to? Just because an underage person requests something, that doesn't mean you do it. As an adult you should use your own judgement.

>  I'm not spending time
There's two hours of video that shows you in the server. That's spending time. The two videos also have a time lapse between them, so you either stayed in the server between those two videos, or you left immediately after the first one and came back for 10 minutes of the other. Either way, you're still spending time there.
thumbnail of 1684261580534.jpg
thumbnail of 1684261580534.jpg
1684261580534 jpg
(598.22 KB, 1576x2100)
according to the sharty this is a picture of him. god only knows how geordie ended up in this server, maybe they offered him pzds content in exchange for him joining and that was enough to lure him in
potentially, if new nudes start popping up then we know exactly where they're coming from
https://soyjak.party/incel/thread/35352.html (not sure if directly related but the video of the girl mentioned was posted here so it might as well be)
shitposting websites aren't pinnacles of infinite knowledge so take everything with a grain of salt, and there's probably more shit related to cuhcord somewhere on that board but i'm not reading through months worth of barely coherent discussions regarding autistic discord slapfights and cp so that's as much investigation as i'm going to do
Here is a current list of all the people here who honesty really genuinely care about anything to do with Yonkers/Poopcat and his orbiters:
i got behind on discord drama
but didnt the children btfo geordie weeks ago
i thought he was banned from his grooming grounds or sth
is he still in there
thumbnail of 04-999.png
thumbnail of 04-999.png
04-999 png
(104.7 KB, 400x400)
The yt vids are 3 weeks old. Means Geordie got kicked out or his piss soaked laptop is preventing his access. His own urine was his downfall.
thumbnail of Poop or Blood.png
thumbnail of Poop or Blood.png
Poop or Blood png
(655.74 KB, 1361x759)
> What's 'PDD'?
➽ [●] PDD: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pervasive_developmental_disorder 

[●] His PDD prevents him from understanding that he has PDD and how it negatively affects him... as always, he is in total denial about it all: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pervasive_developmental_disorder
[●] He is in total denial about his having PDD, just as his mommy said: https://files.catbox.moe/c0rw2d.mp3
[●] Yonkers says his mother is lying about his condition - he is in total denial about it. : https://endchan.org/baaa2/res/165.html#q262
thumbnail of 1685680959607463.jpg
thumbnail of 1685680959607463.jpg
1685680959607... jpg
(118.27 KB, 664x884)

I LOVE having PDD! I can say or do anything I want, and just dismiss any personal consequences and never have to take personal responsibility for it - I can just blame it all on my PDD! It's fucking awesome, Nigga!

No need to work… or be educated… or trained… no household chores… no driving… no interpersonal socialising needed… just let everyone be my bitch… and all thanks to my PDD! Fuck yeah!

Imagine having PDD:

(*) No personal responsibilities
(*) No personal consequences
(*) No housework/domestic chores EVER
(*) No cooking or washing up
(*) No need to own or drive a car
(*) No need to pay Tax
(*) No need to be educated
(*) No need to be gainfully and legally employed
(*) No friends
(*) No interpersonal relationships
(*) Treat EVERYBODY as your personal bitch

What a great fucking cushy life!

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