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Dunking on the mentally ill

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I'm trying to get money for plastic surgery. Where can I buy counterfeit $20 or $100 bills?
I hear the surgeons over in Watnai don't even believe in currency so long as you allow them to turn you into the next Megan or Molly for them to erp with.
I'm not the one asking how a post can breathe. 
It's not a living thing. It's just text on a rectangle on a website, and on your computer screen. Not vague.
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➽ Yonkers Technique N° 37: Don’t detect sarcasm. Don’t understand irony. Don’t ‘get’ parody. Satire is beyond me. I take things literally. I do not recognise criticism, mockery or insults for what they are.


If someone says, "I Am An Island", Yonkers thinks: "No you're not! You are not land surrounded by water!"
Yonkers: "No, you are NOT a book, either!"

Yonkers: 100% Master Tard
Your "techniques" are already debunked, man. 

I know what parody, irony, and sarcasm all are; they just can't be written by someone so sick in the mind like you are. 
I already know what criticism and mocking people is too. So I'm not a "master tard" nor am I taking your immaturity seriously. 
You said you're an "island" for literally no logical reason. There is no joke behind it, it is not funny. 
Being abstract isn't being a fucking pedophile or posting weird "memes" about TAKING A SHIT.
Nice PDD logic. Absolute childish gibberish.

Have you considered NOT acting like a defensive unaware tard for a change? Think about it... take as much time as you need.

Oh, by the eay... how is your board going?

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New Reply on thread #12984
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