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Fucking shut the hell up. This is NOT a fanboard
lol its better than your board jojo
what you do there is a very chris chan thing to do
he always used to make youtube videos to people who will never see them
you use your board to make replies somewhere that the poster will never see
he really is your future aint he
fuck off 
there's nothing chris chan-y about anything that i do 
seriously shut the fuck up and stop mentioning this sick fuck that did their mother 
fuck off
you fucking monster
you fucking liar
you fucking annoyance 
i hate chris chan
but we're your fans, therefore this is a fanboard
yoinkass is like chris but he puts less effort in, at least chris made videos, yoinkass just schizoposts
You hate him because he is you, only no taco bell braps fromm the brown boy that is you.
if you were a fan you would not be so rude or encourage rude "people" to do this stuff to me.. oh my god 
no i don't schizopost. i'm not like chris at all, and i have made videos. videos that aren't multiple videos of one setting, one camera, one giant nothingburger of multiple action figures or whatever that at least ray william johnson does a way better job at 
No because he's just... intolerable. And he's an incestfag too. He did his mother at June and got like, arrested on August. fucking idiot 
why would i ever like an incestfag like chris at all
you hate him because he is the superior version of you jojo
chris also went out and met people
it was a good 5 years or more before the evil jew banned him from his meeting place for being racist to the black kids
jojo is racist to black people here already
he wouldnt last 5 minutes on the outside
We LOVE you on here, ChrisChan!
no, because he did his mother 
and because i don't even get why he kept replying to his trolls. but he is not superior you fucking idiot
> i don't even get why he kept replying to his trolls
what exactly are you doing right now? also a lot of the time chris didn't even know his trolls were trying to troll him since they would pretend to be his friends
Except I'm not Chris Chan because I never learned any shit from him. He's the most documented, I'm not. 
Besides, his trolls didn't have a pedophile trying to join them.
You forgot blindee
> no, because he did his mother
so will you jojo
20 years to go
> and because i don't even get why he kept replying to his trolls.
ye thats a really retarded thing he used to do
maybe he got pdd or sth
 >>/1561/  >>/1564/

Just do not reply!!! Yes, it really IS that easy!

Hey, ChrisChan. Maybe... just maybe... you could IGNORE them and their posts? Do not reply or respond to them? Do not talk about or mention them? Do not take their bait? Stop defending yourself. You're only making it worse for yourself. Don't let them get to you. Trying to defend yourself just makes you appear very feeble-minded and extremely immature.
Have you ever considered any of these things? Just a suggestion. Thanks.

 “I will ignore all the trolls and people I do not like, and not reply to their bait anymore, because they are bad” – Yonkers von Poopcat ✔️
> I will ignore the trolls and people I do not like!
> I won't reply to trolls and to people I do not like!
> I won’t take their bait, I won’t respond!

🤦‍♂️ Doesn’t ignore the trolls and people he does not like... 🤦‍♂️
🤦‍♂️ Takes their bait and replies anyway – without fail. 🤦‍♂️

Irony 101…

⚈ There is no one here who wants to participate in your immature cartoon furry diaper roleplay world. Please go somewhere else more appropriate.
⚈ Go put on a fresh diaper, you fucking cry baby.
⚈ This is not the place for your childish sperg bullshit.


©®™ Poopcat Co. 2022 
“Secret Squirrel Seen Shitting on Secret Starter Road”
ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩

🙄 inb4 Poopcat’s retarded PDD screaming-sperg-out paranoid delusional BULLSHIT nonsense AAAA klim did it no u yaddah yaddah yaddah… 
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No, I won't. You die. 
And no, Chris doesn't have pdd either. Stop thinking everyone has pdd you schizo 
you're a pedophile and will be replied to until you finally get caught klim
> t.pdd
ikr jojo
you got it good
just dont fuck carmen yet
i dont want sloppy seconds
He vacuum, cleans it.
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It's LOVE!

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