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Latest Poopcat News Update

Our beloved Poopcat is little to be seen about the interwebs lately because

a] Jordan has had all his electronic devices forcibly removed from his access, even away from his 3 am moments.

b] His home WIFI access has been heavily restricted and he needs permission now to access the daily-changing password. (As we all know, he is unable to leave his home unsupervised).

c] His brother, Josh, continues to lock his bedroom door behind him every time he leaves his room, so his older brother is not able to steal things from his room again.

d] Carmen, his mother, finally acknowledged that Jordan's internet abuse was totally out of control. With help from some local internet professionals and his IP, access to most sites he usually visited is now heavily restricted for him now, thankfully.

e] She has securely locked away all access to her own personal information, phones, passwords etc.

f] Jordan remains under extremely heavy sedation due to the above actions.
No, fuck off with that "b-but she's tooOOo Oolld!!!11" meme. 
That show is for children. Preschoolers, even. I am not that demographic.
Plus isn't it weird to even be watching Angelina Ballerina at all? Fuck off. I don't like the characters, the show, or whatever franchise it has. 
Speak english and start drawing less edgy
> Klim simply exists as a blami- 
Okay, guess I'll have to pull up the one and only screenshot of you LITERALLY showing your camera that you are a 60+ year old creep who had been severely creepy and stalky when I was a kid years ago and you're still doing harassment to this day. You are not a blaming tool, dude. 
You're a fucking walking old geezer. You're the one with the failures. You don't socialize with fucking anyone. You don't ever apologize either - oh wait, why should I forgive someone who's literally wanted to "date" me. EVEN for a "joke" that was STILL not funny and you STILL said it to me as a fucking minor. I was 16 years old when you said that shit. You still obsess over me to this day. 

It's just sickening, and you need to stop. I don't care if you claim you're not "Klim" you're still the same douchebag who needs to just leave.
> I was 16 years old when you said that shit. 
< In Western Australia, the age of consent is 16 years for both males and females.
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No? I'm not dyslexic. 
I only posted that here so it wouldn't have to be looking like "alleged spam".
> calling your own self a random old man 
You have either got to be demented, crazy, or fucking STUPID that you do NOT know your own self.
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You don't understand the joke.
I see why you have no humor,
not aware enough to perceive 
a nuanced meaning. It must be
painful being you.
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You don't understand the joke.
I see why you have no humor,
not aware enough to perceive
a nuanced meaning. It must be
painful being you.

> was 16 years old
at least now Jordan admits he was underage on an 18+ site. he broke the rules and the Law.

> "Klim"
Yes, that's the name you use to focus all your hate and delusions upon, Jordan. Everybody gets that now. There's no need to milk it.
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> You ARE fucking STUPID that you do NOT know your own self.


➽ Yonkers Technique N° 54: Project onto others what I perceive to be my own failings, faults, flaws, weaknesses, inconsistencies, deficiencies, and shortcomings; reflect onto others the blame for things I perceive to be negative characteristics about myself. "My perception of you is a reflection of me". ie. "You am I". I know that deep inside my very essence what I am, and no amount of hiding behind PDD can change that.

So, WHY does Yonkers have such a massive ‘Hate Boner’ for his Klim?

He is *always* talking about and drawing attention to him.

- Sexual?
- Unrequited love?
- A replacement for never having an older male role model?
- Re-directed self-hatred/self-loathing?
- Rage at the knowledge that he killed his own brother?
- His inability to accept his PDD and social isolation?
- Knowledge he has no future: no gf/wife/children/forever alone?
- Jealousy/Envy?
- Seeing his own reflection in a Mirror?
Thanks for the offer to get banned. But I can't go there, even more of a circus than here, who can remember 25 illogical rules? I tried a /hikki/ board once, but they are professional victims that have formed a cult to escape reality, not realizing that death is the only real escape, but none of them had the nerve to do it. NEETS are just another version of that story, but less catatonic; There are several subtypes of catatonia: akinetic catatonia, excited catatonia, malignant catatonia, delirious mania, and self-injurious behaviors in autism (repeating meaningless phrases etc.). Have a nice day.
Did you know if you had people hold hands in a line all the way around the earth at the equator a lot of them would drown?
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(ˈflʌfə ) a person employed on a pornographic film set to ensure that male actors are kept aroused.
Source: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/fluffer#:&#126;:text=(%CB%88fl%CA%8Cf%C9%99%20),Collins%20English%20Dictionary.

A "fluffer" is a person who prepares the actors for their participation in pornography roles
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluffer

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