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Doesn't make sense. 
Not going for Klim. 
And I'm not 17/16 anymore, bitch. 
Even Santa is not a pedophile, Klim. 
You won't ever be him. 
Leave Spinny Bunny alone. 
Pretty sure 8 year olds don't draw like that nor have fetishes, bitch. So no, it's not a style from them. 
I can't see shit 
why is the outline so bold? nearly hard to see 
have a password next time
I LOVE having PDD! I can say or do anything I want, and just dismiss any personal consequences and never have to take personal responsibility for it - I can just blame it all on my PDD! It's fucking awesome, Nigga!

No need to work… or be educated… or trained… no household chores… no driving… no interpersonal socialising needed… just let everyone be my bitch… and all thanks to my PDD! Fuck yeah!
dude what the fuck did you even make this thread for. doesn't make any sense. it's mixed with fanart with other hater art or "mockery".  including your retarded memes as well, and unrelated shit too
Nice Banner! See: https://endchan.net/baaa2/res/3914.html

Can't wait to see Yoinkass' reaction to these great creations of digital art... ie. "Screaming"/"Swearing"/"Abuse"! kek
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RIP Yonkers / Meow Meow Kitty / Bell Cat / Woody / gwow19 / gangsterwoody / Macker Mellamental Relashni / Lil’ Macker / Lil’ Dalla Mane / Woody Woodpecker / Evil Dark Lord / dvdcollection123 / dvdrocks / Jay Dane / Asriel / blandsupestar / GansterWoody / Ralsei / Typical-Warrior / Starzy the Starcat / Geordie…
> People have lives. Just because they don't post in so many time doesn't mean they're dead
Says the faggot stealing my gets.
An impostor speaketh!

Oh ffs... why can't he tell that was a piss-take, and have to take it so fucking seriously?
It's not fucking important. It just isn’t. Get a fucking grip.
hey nigger dont post my art 
how the FUCK is it getting worse 
doing normal stuff isn't worse at all 
stuff that shouldn't even concern you isn't bad either 
klim i really hope you rot in jail

yeah WTF is right, why the fuck are you editing and stealing art that isn't fucking yours? why the fuck do you think me saying you're a pedo is "stupid", why do you fucking think i'm wrong about criminals / creeps like you. you still refuse to believe this, even in the new year. just fucking go away please.
Sad to know he is currently in jail. Poor Yoinkass. Hope he is warm enough, despite all his own thermal insulation.
No? I mean. Perhaps in a philosophical Pavlovian sense, but no anon. I am a meat popsicle, and you are the sucker.
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bal156a jpg
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Hey Jordan... yesterday you said your phone was not working because you dropped it in your toilet again.

Please answer your phone this time. It is important.
for fucking what. just tell me in spoilers or something 
literally what hasn't been said, and no one asked you. now fuck off. 
that right image is from a drawfag named 'ditch' you idiot 
And don't steal my images. I don't care if I didn't make new doodles yet
I get it, you're here because you miss Klim.
That makes sense, hasn't he spoken to you for a couple of days?
Klim is legitimately a fucking creep, why the fuck would I ever miss him. 
He's saved tons of my fucking face pictures - I don't care if it were posted back then on an own voluntary will... he's found if not stalked half of my fucking social media/channels, saved most of my art, even from 2020-2021 - even edited some of them. And he's also saved my fucking d*ck pic on a stream when I was fucking groomed by a german monster.
How the fuck can I miss "someone" like that? 
How the fuck are you not seeing either groomer's errors? Do you literally think encouraging others to hurt anyone of any age is okay to you? You're a fucking sick defender.
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thumbnail of goat cat is bored.png
goat cat is bored png
(38.51 KB, 1324x926)
I'm not even fucking opposite talking at all about this. 
I'm legitimately fucking disgusted about the fact you have this fucking board and constantly either stalk me, wonder where I am or what the fuck I'm doing, and even making up accusations as to missing a fucking pedophile/creep/troll/whatever. 
You're all disgusting. And so is this whole board.
Nobody's fucking stanking or screeching. Fucking speak proper English and realize the flaw in your so-called "board".
Has anybody else got any of these old 'strips' of Yonkers'? Even the Poop-adapted ones? I seem to have got rid of mine. D'oh!
i miss when he would do shit like this instead of drawing diapers and scribbles of mittens for people on /b/ and shitter
why are you posting my old work? this is disowned now. 
...fuck off. i WILL draw diapers and you WILL NOT complain about it. 
> scribbles 
you mean quick draws, because i actually do color in things you know. 
> shitter 
it's TWITTER you fucking moron. 
also comics are hard 
i wonder why. is it due to the fact you were caught on the other drive?
and besides i already knew about diapers and other fetishes from years ago too 
before i became more open about it and then you started to stalk me and then forgot all about it
no, you must fuck off before you get hit 
> we 
nobody agrees with you nor cares. also i'm english, not german or a nazi. im not your fucking 'fuhrer'.
I know I have a bunch of bullshit of his on a broken phone that won't charge and needs a new screen, but I only remember the Jake watching TV with it off edits and a new console in the woods for free despite the rabbit vendor charging 2 dollars for it. Idk if he did any other ones.
well thanks to scetic i think i have to do background work for him 
and not even the bestest parts :( 
What about it
> https://www.nationstates.net/nation=watnai
> Watnai is real.

Goddamn! I knew it! There's the proof... and the internet never lies.
Woah... is Yonkers really such an idiot, that he would respond to an obvious shitty troll bait post, that was designed to trigger a PDD response from him - which did?

> On August 30th, 2020, the Watnai concept and language originated from a (possibly) notepad page. It was of a Watnai dub that has never been released of a Nickelodeon show, Drake and Josh, subtitled and "fandubbed". This lead to Watnai making original shows in Watnai, on their own network. "Ekna Sakula" (The Network in "Watnai", or alternatively called The Watnian Network).
> It officially launched on November 2020, with a bit of their flags to be produced. In 2020, they have made 5 flags for their country, by Westan (main capital). The current flag is a four triangular inside a white square with a blue flag.
what does this mean
Just his usual absurd fantasy bullshit he demands everyone must understand and approve... so now we sit back and wait for his: "I was only joking!" thing! kek
there's no fucking jenk anywhere 
the origin of how i made watnai 
am i not supposed to make ekna sakula and watnian fictional dubs? 
> waaah i dont like fiction! and i'm going to lie about it by being an asshole, and thinking fiction is trash!
no ones laughs at a pedo's "bait" jokes 
which is your posts 
and no, there is no triggering any "pdd response" all because someone reasonably called you again, a pedophile and an obvious theft
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Yonkers, stop spamming and sperging out about your Aussie b/f who married his step-sister on her 12th birthday, and fed her donkey semen as an aphrodisiac on their Wedding Night, you fucking idiot. He’s 90 years old, lives in a wheelchair, and has to wear adult diapers for his incontinence issues. Just let it go ffs. It's just a shitpost to wind you up. Stop replying to that troll, you fucking idiot.

Klim's Donkey Semen Factory: https://files.catbox.moe/e5eabv.mp4
thumbnail of 1677220069758537.gif
thumbnail of 1677220069758537.gif
1677220069758537 gif
(1.36 MB, 498x353)
We here all know that Yonkers will NOT respond to silly posts like this (which is very clearly and obviously a terrible-quality troll shitpost bait), because he is way too intelligent to do something as retarded as that. He said that he would not reply to his trolls, so he definitely will not respond to a post such as this, which is only posted to trigger his PDD. Surely our Poopcat is mature enough now and above all that childish nonsense of his past.

Plus, his current focus is on completing his animated TV series. Star just would not have the time to reply to senseless rubbish like this, being the busy consummate Creative Professional that he is. He is always calm, polite and friendly to everyone who comments on his art and ‘Lore’.

In summary, Yonkers simply would not take this ridiculous bait and reply to such a post.

No, Poopcat: DO NOT DO IT!
Use self-control, Yonkers: Don’t.
> Following new legislation in Watnai, an alabaster statue of an ancient cat-deity takes pride of place in the centre of Watnai City.
damn this really is watnai
i feel like this shit should only be used offline
the ais should not be allowed to talk to each other or they may assimilate all of geordies actions and create a pzds supervillain
ai should be kept in a box in isolation where it cant be influenced too hard by things like watnai and if it do it can just be wiped and restarted
Watnai is going strong.
> 4 hours ago: Watnai's influence in The Pacific rose from "Unproven" to "Hatchling
no the fuck i'm not 
i fucking HATE, and DESPISE elinor. and other children characters like her. 
do you not know that you're fucking LYING. 
> not reading an actual wiki 
kill yourself 
watnai city isn't even a thing. watnai is just part of fucking westan 
> im scared 
but you're not scared of freely lying without even realizing it. 
you're delusional, spaceman. 
can you please stop deluding? it's just a fucking AI. it's generated a diaper before you know
thumbnail of megan lies.png
thumbnail of megan lies.png
megan lies png
(5.09 KB, 549x99)
geordie you cant call anyone out for lies
you lie constantly bro
> it's generated a diaper before
mine aint tho geordie
i told you already i aint letting it communicate with the others
especially not if pzds like you is making it create poopoo porn
i dont want it learning from its friends and filling my computer with that
> watnai city isn't even a thing. watnai is just part of fucking westan
Watnai has flag. Westan is the capitol. Where the flux are you confusing your own shit. I get Carmen limited your online time. But get your jenk evaluated. If you can't keep yo story right. Smh Geordie.
no, i'm expecting you rot in hell. i hope you end up in an abandoned chamber. 
thre's nothing "pdd" about wanting a pedophile like you to fucking die
Matthew 7:5, ESV: "You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye".
im drunk already and cant be fucked to search properly for the picture but there was one where there was a bunch of baking soda in a closet and it was hypothesised that it was to dry it out
and geordie said he pissed in bottles because he got a disability or sth
i did a quick search but all i could find was this one
that aint the picture i was thinking of
but i might find it later
> i was there during his stream where he pissed in a gatorade bottle, while no recording exists i can confirm it did happen, although i'm not entirely sure if it was a gatorade bottle since the pissing thankfully occurred off screen. the piss closet isn't confirmed but there was baking soda in his closet for some reason, which has lead people to believe that his mom was using it to absorb the odor of piss
The pic isn't geordie tho, but he has no straight answer. Could be pissing going on. Could be whacking off. But the baking soda is still not answered by the boy.
> i never spanked a monkey on stream nor pissing
No one said on stream boy geordie. You just won't explain the closet. Leaving us to speculation. After pissing in gatorade bottles.
And lol fig and Carmen both caught you whacking it groaning and moaning to their voices. They even told you to mute it.
the screenshot where he said he pissed in bottles because he was too fat was actually faked, if you analyze it closely you'll notice nobody in the chat is reacting to it, but he did piss in a bottle on stream at least once and despite denying it for a year he finally admitted to it on /b/ around a month or two ago, so bottle pissing is real, and the image of the baking soda closet does exist, so despite the screenshot being deboonked the piss closet is still a likelihood
> i piss in bottles because i fucking can
never mind there's the confirmation, i didn't even have to mention that he admitted to it on /b/. so what do you do with the piss bottles, geordie? are you sure you don't dump them in your closet?
I can't imagine Jordan is that deranged that he just stood and pissed in a closet like a Down's syndrome person. More likely he knocked over one or more of his many, many open piss bottles that he stored there and all the dark, smelly piss spilled out onto the closet floor.
> I can't imagine Jordan is that deranged that he just stood and pissed in a closet like a Down's syndrome person.
he was deranged enough to lick his own shit and attack his mom for not letting him use a website he hates though
The piss bottles are to slowly break down Carmen's sanity into letting him keep jenk jars out in the open. Much like his cakes that he litters around the house. Soon the Rivera home gonna be a jenkem lab.
is it possible the piss bottles are also used as a weapon like at bad concerts
the picture of cammy in yellow and pointing in an alarmed manner look like she got a liquid stain on her pants
maybe she just dodged a pee projectile
Between brown pounding and back firing his excrement and flinging piss bottles, boy geordie be turning into a final boss for the next time someone tries to take him away from his devices and force him into daycare for the deranged. The crazed crapper shall inherent the earth.
> At 8 and 20 UTC (3am and 3pm EST; 5 and 17 BRT; 10 and 22 CET; 7pm AEDT on the 1st / 7am on the 2nd)
Which one will you be trying to make? Unironically 3am est is easier for me than 3pm because of my schedule, but I'm down to be out and about like some pdd autist with phone and headphones on if you're aiming for  3pm est. As for geordie all we gotta tell him is fig is hosting cartoons and VOILÀ he will be there lurking in the comments for her attention.
Well fuck me. I showed up early and ended up falling asleep before the movie started.