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Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to BidenÔÇÖs Crucial Climate Metric
Greta Thunberg As You've Never Seen Her Before: Memes, Beans and Climate Activism
They talk about all things from time travel, to activism, as well as Greta's new book, The Climate Book, a handbook for anyone who wants to know more about the Climate Crisis. 
She is eating one bean at a time to help with anxiety as a meditation practice. This is a Chi Gong practice, energy work associated with a body feeling (emotions).
> Greta Thunberg: The Climate Event
> Well, I did not really think, oh, now I'm going to start a movement. One thing led to another which led to another, and it was like a whole range of -- it was a snowball effect. I started at home, turning off the lights when we weren't in the room, which annoyed my parents, but then from there I sort of -- I became vegan, and stopped flying, and so on, and then they also started to change their lifestyles, because they realised that it made me happy. Because yeah, they cared more about me than their old habits...
So many things, where to start?
At the end:
> they also started to change their lifestyles, because they realised that it made me happy. Because yeah, they cared more about me than their old habits
> and I learnt I am important and figured the world revolves around me and if I told to powerful people what I want they'll do my bidding because surely I'm more important to them than the world's silly old habits like using fossil fuels
This one is hilarious too:
> stopped flying
Who the fuck she is that she flew regularly enough to think that matters? How many kids are flying around just like that?
I understand your point. I also think the only real mistake she made is because she is too young to realize (Lack of experience = frame of reference) that humans cannot be helped. Once you give something to a human that they think is an improvement, they won't give it up. Even if they already had everything they needed for a good life, they always try to make it better. Humans are always tweaking and improving things until we have as a species killed ourselves. The circumstances are compelled to implement these modifications, however, the sole solution that will yield significant benefits is the elimination of 6 billion individuals from developed nations.
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Jordan Muledung Rivera
Is stupid, dull boy is stupid, and brain-dead, screech is molesting his own lizard, you are a lizard whipper, booger eater, dog poop wiener eater, goon idiot retard. There I put it in your children cartoon language, so you can relate.
The rise of Greta Thunberg explained
How did a 15-year-old protesting outside the Swedish parliament build a global movement in under a year? Greta Thunberg is a phenomenon who has transformed the way the world looks at environmental protests.

The Billionaires' Space Race | Spitting Image
Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson race to be the first billionaires on Mars. 
> He must be calling someone who does their job in a very rudimentary manner a monkey because of their genetics, it's obvious because black people look like monkeys and this was my first thought.
I don't think the racism he's highlighting is the racism he intended to highlight.
Fetterman and Biden (or even George Dubyah back in the day) have proved that literal brain damage is not a qualifier to be removed from congress.
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Oh, yes I understand, just think of what I said as another science experiment, the outcome will be interesting. Shrinking Trump: All the top Forensic Psychiatrists warned us starting 5 years ago, and they continue to do so. I want to see it on The Dr. Todd Grande soap opera yt show, and chuckle.
It's a concern. Two new war events happened when the leader of the US was a old harmless senile guy. What will happen to those or possibly new conflicts if an old dangerous senile guy gets back in?
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I'll make some popcorn, make sure I have something to nibble, and watch it unfold (Anthropology aka the river of blood, in history). The world has been this way long before I was born and will continue long after our deaths. We can't do anything, better people than us have tried and failed, no one has ever been able to fix this place. But personally, I have a method, and it took me half of my life to realize and learn it. I have tried to share it but not everyone can understand and there is a reason for that it's called the gateless gate. It's a psychological barrier or filter that blocks ordinary perception because of something called conditioned behavior. Our early training creates the filter or story (imaginary concept) that we think is our life and prevents us from seeing the way things really work; but humans slowly evolve over time and learn. Even so, they don't always make the changes that would make life better and worse, they forget about The River of Blood, and man's inhumanity to man. All there is, is life and no one owns it, all Me's, all living things must die. Be careful how you treat each other, this life is very short, so it must be about loving our neighbor, and treating them the way you would expect to be treated, with common courtesy, take care ­čĺť
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Donald is going to a Mental Health Prison, the top Psychiatrists are already lined up and competing for this job, why? Because academics write books.

Church is not needed to teach kindness, self-respect/love and how that impacts our care for others. This brings that higher power back where it belongs, within us. Nothing external should control us...that's not our biology or evolution.

If you need to fear a hell to be a good person...you aren't a good person.
I only partially disagree. Humanity on average are a bunch of dumb, panicky retards with a tendancy to do incredibly bad things if they think they can get away with it. Although it is entirely possible to live morally without some invisible bogeyman keeping score, a lot of people need that threat to keep them on the straight and narrow. Also, religions end up forming anyway in the abscence of one, see the derranged pseudoscience doctrines that developed around the last pandemic. People still hold onto their masks and distancing like little crucifixes when actual science admitted a long time ago that the former did nothing and the latter was purely based on "the Chinese did it".
For all the harm religions do (the Middle East isn't exactly a party right now), I think I'd rather the public is scared into doing things that make society better.
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There is no evidence that religion, magical thinking, reading/viewing fictional stories, man made morals and ethics make anything better. There is however a mountain of scientific evidence that human beings are their own worst enemies, and usually behave exactly like a malignant virus. The sixth mass extinction is our own fault because we let Vampire Cattle Ranchers run the planet and get away with Murder, when it is us that should be murdering them (Professional Assignation is the highest public service).  

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985) 
An officially "dead" cop is trained to become an extraordinarily unique assassin in service of the US president.
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Remember, every republican voted for him. Our new speaker of the house, everybodyÔÇŽenjoyÔÇŽ

Meaning: 1. Reducing women to livestock is profitable. 2. Undying MAGA loyalty is profitable. 3. Backing the coup is profitable. 4. Covid denial is profitable. 5. Antivax is profitable. 6. Looting Social Security is profitable. 7. Cutting Medicare is profitable. 8. Burning the planet is profitable.

Is there anything this fool isn't wrong about?
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Happy Birthday Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester) - The Addams Family
Born: October 26, 1914
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: March 1, 1984 (aged 69)
Cause of Death: Cardiac arrest

Coogan was born into a vaudeville family, and was discovered by Charles Chaplin.

In May 1935, 20-year-old Coogan was the sole survivor of a car crash that killed his father; his best friend, and two others. 

Coogan served in World War II as an army pilot with the 1st Air Commando Group in Burma.

His mother and step-father squandered the millions he earned during his career as a child actor. He was almost penniless upon becoming an adult and emancipating himself. His mother and step-father were truly awful people that claimed he was a "bad boy" and didn't deserve any money. The "Coogan Act" was passed, that required 15% of all a child actor's salaries be set aside for when the child comes of age. It also included provisions for working hours, free time, and education requirements.

I always wanted an Uncle Fester.

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