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Dunking on the mentally ill

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얘네 학대한 모친의 모습을 표현한건가?
디시 계피맛사탕 고닉 갤로그 프사랑 배경사진과 비슷하네
그곳으로 몰려온 본진들에서도 추방된 난민 패배자들이
한글 한국어 외국어 실력 원어민 초등학생보다도 못하던데
총 지능 정신 신체 합계가 바퀴벌레 세포 하나 속 소립자 하나 미만
작정하고 밟아주니 흔적도 없이 섬멸되어버리더구만
한국인이 신인류라는걸 그들이 직접 증명해주기라도 한건가?
재외 한국인들도 있지만 일방적으로 털려나가기만 하던데
"Is this a representation of the mother who abused them?
It's similar to the DC cinnamon-flavored candy Gonic Gallogue profile picture.
Refugees who were expelled from the main base who flocked there
My Korean and Korean foreign language skills are worse than those of native elementary school students.
The total intelligence of both mind and body is less than one elementary particle in a cockroach cell.
If you decide to step on it, it will be destroyed without a trace.
Did they directly prove that Koreans are a new human race?
There are Koreans living abroad, but they are unilaterally driven away."

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