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How has life been treating you?
Yoink is [as you can see] still the same ol' retard he has always been.

Things are good down here on the farm in Tasmania, Australia. Happy with retirement.
life's been good, thanks for asking!
haven't been doing much as of late, still struggling with that but hopefully i can motivate myself to do something cool. i like creating shit cuz its a fun pastime

Yonkers spotted. Airstrike launched.
thumbnail of Eric's Sausages.gif
thumbnail of Eric's Sausages.gif
Eric's Sausages gif
(655.63 KB, 500x253)
KLIM IS NOW A DRAWFAG: https://rb.gy/285ig 

Klim has now started drawing, as Jordan Manuel Rivera is his muse, visionary, and inspiration.

Thank you, Yonkers/Poopcat/Mittens… Klim is now an artist, just like him!!!

[ ] “Klim has broken new ground in modernistic art. His genius is finally revealed in just a few strokes. These are destined for prominent galleries in New York, London and Paris. A true masterful original talent” - Paris Match, May 21, 2023
[ ] “Incredible. Awe-inspiring. Absolutely delightful. This will be remembered by generations upon generations of people and will be taught about in history classes thousands of years from now. No one will ever forget this masterpiece. You, Klim, are a true ARTIST!” - Anonymous, 06/13/23
[ ] “Okay in all honesty I kinda dig this, as much as it fucks with my brain” - 11san/XP_Fag, 11/02/23

Klim is now one of us:
let me guess am i being ignored because you think i was gonna turn  out to be another shmorky?? is that why? 
or were you just tired of interacting? damn
thumbnail of lainbeecheck2.jpg
thumbnail of lainbeecheck2.jpg
lainbeecheck2 jpg
(170.43 KB, 600x797)
thumbnail of 1621034205-0.jpg
thumbnail of 1621034205-0.jpg
1621034205-0 jpg
(5.95 MB, 4608x3456)
thumbnail of 1622995182-0.jpg
thumbnail of 1622995182-0.jpg
1622995182-0 jpg
(294.64 KB, 960x1280)
thumbnail of 001jd.jpg
thumbnail of 001jd.jpg
001jd jpg
(110.91 KB, 568x346)
> most of the shit ive done recently have been doodles so idk if you wanna see that
Are you willing to draw our mascot, lainbee?
> but i do post some of my art on 4chan, mainly /trash/
The majority of /baaa2/ can't for whatever their own reasons, post on that site.
> The majority of /baaa2/ can't for whatever their own reasons, post on that site.
thank god, dont wanna taint the threads ive been posting with geordie smear

> Are you willing to draw our mascot, lainbee?
mmmaybe. on the topic of lain, i actually do like the anime.
> mmmaybe. on the topic of lain, i actually do like the anime.
All up to you tbh. But we do appreciate the collection over here from other boards.
> can't for whatever their own reasons, post on that site.
For me it's a rangeban on 3 different phone networks. I only really dunk on Jordan to pass time while at work, so won't use my home network and will never let Hiro have a single crypto for his dogshit passu racket.
no no, it's okay. if i could i would've had a funny idea on how i would've drawn it, but because i've never drawn lain before, i guess it does put a little pressure on me at first.
then again i shouldn't worry too much about it cuz i shouldn't really care that much

> we do appreciate the collection over here from other boards
good stuff, esp the one that someone comm'd off deviantart lol
why's one of them a bunny tho
Long story short, after meeting him I got bored and decided to do a little digging 'cause I was interested in his background history... I suppose that's how you put it. And I ended up finding out he had a dip in the imageboard community, which is kinda surprising for a person with similar interests to logokids, cartoon fans, etc., the ones you'd usually see on other places... besides 4chan.
It's a shame you didn't understood its culture at the time, nor did you listen to yourself to stay away. You just don't  listen.
> And I ended up finding out he had a dip in the imageboard community, which is kinda surprising for a person with similar interests to logokids, cartoon fans, etc., the ones you'd usually see on other places... besides 4chan.
None of us knew he existed til he came to us tbh. This board has hopped site after site, and still going. Is he still a gotard? /baaa2/ will outlive your little friend.
He made himself something akin of kick the autist, even discord had their fun, before. If Yonkers wants it to end. He simply can avoid us. But tbh. What can I draw for you, to get a lainbee?
Oh, I don't listen?? I wasn't aware of this "culture" until years later. I'm so sorry... I already forgave my past mistakes.
uh, NONE of this was akin to chris chan's stories. so, dont ever say a cwcism again 
but if i was a gotard i'd be making grounded videos. however liking it for other formats and ideas is DIFFERENT from the usual "gotard" shit. i'd rather make an animation with different software than drag and drop again
thumbnail of thom yorke and the radioheads.png
thumbnail of thom yorke and the radioheads.png
thom yorke and... png
(133.25 KB, 255x293)
> What can I draw for you, to get a lainbee?
My mind's telling me to do a high-effort one, but I think I'll save that for later. Draw me whatever you want, but if you want a suggestion, just draw something related to this listed in /mu/core essentials lol
god i wish i could reread that one thread geordie deleted, i hope that's archived

also what happened to scetic
can you STOP calling me that name, please??? its not even a real name ffs 
> what happened to scetic 
he fucked off after i told him to stop stealing characters, the last thing he did was do a larp about his "squad"
Jordan threads are traps, someone even made a MTG card about it. It's a bad idea to interact with them since deleting them is the only power grab he has.
There's no dedicated archive, so nothing is archived unless someone sees something worth it and adds it to the Wayback Machine or similar.
It's stalking when you're consistently talking to them all the time in other places, moron. Leave me alone. 
> muh pd- 
No, it isn't. Stop telling lies already and accept that you're annoying
im not gonna post much, go find my shit on /trash/ if ur able to spot me
any last questions before i go
thumbnail of foto_no_exif (24).jpg
thumbnail of foto_no_exif (24).jpg
foto_no_exif... jpg
(3.04 MB, 3060x4080)
Oh shit you beat me. You asked about Scetic, so here is my idea of him, Yael, and our pirate on one of these threads. And one lainbee I think I missed. Oh fuck You even put /baaa2/ for us. <3
That song bumps, bro.
we might both be brown but you do not have the black mans penis bro
prolly a bad idea to be throwing stones on the nailing front lol
Not true Jordan, you're a wreck. If you looked like a child when you were 17, then it would have been easy to convince people not to post those disgusting nudes.
A lot of people posted them and jannies didn't delete them because they didn't believe you were underage. They didn't believe that because you look old.
I'm not a wreck. 
> those disgus 
blame the german pedo, not me. I never wanted to be exploited in 2021 
also i dont even have a lot of scars or acne in 2021, so of fucking course that was me as a minor
> I'm not a wreck
You is.
> blame the german pedo
You didn't cut his name in your arm did you? >I never wanted to be exploited in 2021
Yet you kicked the hornets nest, and found out.
> also i dont even have a lot of scars or 
acne in 2021
You sleep in poopies and cannot  into shower.  Its  all grime and filth.
> me as a minor
Should have stayed off the internet with your disorder.
Yes, Jordan: You are a physical wreck.

Stop denying this fact about yourself.

Don't respond "no you", either; that's just childish.

thumbnail of David-Poop Assassin.png
thumbnail of David-Poop Assassin.png
David-Poop... png
(1.55 KB, 207x268)

Never ever mock or harass Yonkers the Poopcat ever again.
He now has David, a Professional Order of Pedos Assassin (POOPA), who is specifically trained in AI Defence Security (AIDS) to defeat his bullies.
This is NOT a Larp at all, this is real. Mittens said so.
You have been warned.
nobody knows or cares who that is
unless its someone who upsets geordie ofc
in which case they must be anti pzds
and therefore a good guy

Seriously, I made 2 videos showing LOTS of evidence(I couldn't fit all the evidence in those 2 videos, there was THAT much), and Macker and his cronies try to deny their wrongdoings.

It drives me fucking insane. man
thumbnail of denial02.png
thumbnail of denial02.png
denial02 png
(40.22 KB, 600x700)

“merkakol” / “merka1arts”

Remember what ‘he’ said: “I do not draw diapers”.
Interesting... fascinating...

Yonkers the Pedo Stalker [01]: https://youtube.com/watch?v=1NJ3LCkZbVw 

Yonkers the Pedo Stalker [02]: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Bjmb45ywRyE 

Yonkers von Poopcat d’Mittens El Macker Official©®™ Tactics and Techniques: https://rb.gy/oxxjt7

“Tried, True and Tested”
when did i say i didnt draw diapers? retard 
i only said "i draw more than one kink, and i dont necessarily try to focus the account on that". 
no, i do not have tactics or techniques. stop thinking i reply to "everyone" on this board when there isn't a popular amount here, compared to ausneets the board. 
again, your shitty videos that you linked are STILL BLOODY FAKE. 
> does this look like fiction 
Yeah of course, lol. 
> sensible 
did you ask yourself that? do all the words YOU claim to say even make sense? do they mean anything to your world?
It makes no sense to people with a brain. I've fucking always drawn fetish content when I was 14 yet I was super shy about it.. nowadays, I don't fucking care?? I may not post it publicly but I sure as hell enjoy it anyway.
thumbnail of Market00.jpg
thumbnail of Market00.jpg
Market00 jpg
(1.42 MB, 3000x3000)
How is your market job going?

 HEY GEORDIE: Are you still working at your local market stacking shelves voluntarily, and doing whatever you want otherwise while you are there?
lol geordie flexing on stealing from kiddies again
why you getting in contact with all these underages bro
> why isn't anyone responding to my creepy comments from an elderly person like me? 
Figure out why you're so hated on. 
The owner turned 18, they are not underage. 
Also if you know who owns it why not try to research it? Oh wait you don't because you don't care since you still talk in ebonics again

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