There's a very small, discord and chan-centric sliver of her fanbase who know the "deep lore" going back to 2018. Some of us are here now. One bad habit (that I think she may have picked up from her insanely stupid and narcissistic groomer Anon1725/Seth, and from her time on Discord in general) is deliberately doing things that she knows will inflame this small subset of her fans. One of the earlier and most glaring examples was her first twitch stream, on Halloween 2019. 

Earlier that Spring, the truth finally came out via private discord leaks that she had a fucked up relationship with Seth, and he had in fact been grooming her as was strongly suspected by said chan/discord die-hards. She even said this herself in these leaks, but quickly backtracked and burned a lot of credibility (and finally openly called him a groomer much more recently). There's a lot of other ancillary stuff to this but moving on, she left the public fan discord server. She then leads her fucktard discord "friends" to believe that she had cut all contact with him. This was made public knowledge via an absurdly long voice chat featuring those people as well as a public statement released by those people. Summer goes by, lots of good tiktoks. Pretty uneventful. Some think they're still together, but it seems like it's over. Everything seemed fine. 

Late October, she announces she'll begin streaming on Twitch on Halloween. A day or two before, someone looks at her Overwatch activity and notices she's been playing with someone named "Myspeld", and for a long time too. This is one of Seth's common screen names. The timing of this is pretty interesting and gets the noggin joggin, but moving on. This person posts this on 4chan, everyone freaks out and they're in disbelief. Then it turns out he's also a mod in her twitch chat (as an aside, this is also when Emiru entered the picture, as she was also a mod). Seth bans anyone who knows about him and they're both really smug about it. The stream happens and he's playing the game with her in between policing chat. Smugness continues. I think she picked up his hubris, as he was always too dumb to keep anything quiet. She then had to "take a break" because of stress or something. Interestingly, the corresponding /bbg/ thread on /wsg/ would be the final complete /bbg/ thread before the general was banned. We then integrated into /ttg/. This Endchan board was established not long before that. All very strange timing. 

This is one example of her going out of her way to "break the 4th wall" with the express intent of just inflaming a small subset of fans on an obscure image board and discord. It's also the most fucked up example because she was flexing her destructive relationship with her groomer to do so and thought it was an "own".