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I thought it was fake, but apparently it is real. Very real
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It does matter. It's one more "popular" vote.
You may think it doesn't matter much now, but just wait till they change the system to be more "democratic".
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I don't think they can do anything to get rid of the electoral college, but true, its been made clear they'll try everything they can to stop him from getting back in.
Luckily all of their attempts have only made him stronger, this election cycle at least.
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I'm sure nobody thought the president would ever acknowledge and support transgenderism either, especially during Easter, yet here we are..
Anything can happen, although only if it means things get worse
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It's funny hearing the news and Youtubers say "Biden did this" "Biden believes that" when we all know he's just a meat puppet that's kept alive by the blood of child sacrifices so he can serve the Moloch worshipers.
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The democrats have been completely taken over by the progressives, so I'm not too surprised to be honest. 
There was also the incident where a tranny was invited to the White House and exposed himself.
Luckily their loyalty to the progressives and their loyalty to Israel are now tearing them apart.
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Sometimes I wonder if /pol/ was right all along

I haven't heard about t he former... Not too surprising. If it's the left that does dumb shit, the rest of the West won't ever hear about it.
Yet when Trump was president, he couldn't even sneeze before the media here wrote about it.
I guess one good thing came out of the progressives generally supporting Palestine
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Some Americans are not yet ready to admit that the President is a figurehead and democracy is a sham.
All media is left wing after all!
Our media would make a whole news story out of every single Trump tweet.
Dem infighting is always good.
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The CIA niggers knows it all

I recall. It was a glorious time.
Despite everyone around you taking the bait every time, gobbling it all up like mindless imbeciles
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Not much, woke up a lot earlier than I planned and now I'm figuring out what I want to do for the day. Yourself? Finally get a car and most things are closed for the long weekend.
> #黙れば美人、喋ると奇人、走る姿は不沈艦
"#She's beautiful when she's silent, strange when she talks, and an unsinkable ship when she runs"
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Yeah, I mean...  yeah.  But hopefully not forever.
How's things otherwise?
This next week is supposed to pour rain, so the desert is going to look quite beautiful come the middle of the month.
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I better what?
Nothin' to really be nervous about I think.  Hold no expectations, and just go with the flow.  What's the worst that could happen?
It will be, yeah...  like it actually genuinely is, when the whole desert is in bloom, and all the palo verde petals cover the sidewalks.
I might take a day or two and wander through downtown, and some of the parks, too.

Unrelated, have these.
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I wish I wish...  Or anywhere over there, honestly.  I'll see it all!
Yeah, and?  Again, what's the worst?
It does, especially depending on the season.

My favorite kind~
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Oh, I meant more than just Japan.  Like as in, I unironically want to go see Korea, China, Hell, most of SEA.  Vietnam, Singapore.  Even if Japanon says Korea smells, and China sucks.
Shit kid, if that's the worst...
Weeb lives in a cave.