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As Predictable, Brazil Government Using Universal Basic Income To Force Routine mRNA Clot Shots

Turns out even more past "conspiracy theories" are being proven correct today as those who once warned UBI supporters about governments planning to have strings attached to UBI, not just allowing anyone to receive "free" taxpayer money. Now we are seeing this in communist Brazil today.

In order to continue receiving Universal Basic Income (UBI) payments from the government, Brazilians on welfare must now show proof of vaccination.

The newly selected Lula da Silva, Brazil’s new socialist-globalist leader, has decreed that the so-called Bolsa Familia program is being updated to only include those who receive every “vaccine” pushed by the government.

It was The Rio Times that first announced these changes to the Bolsa program, which is described as “a social welfare program for the poorest families in Brazil” and “a kind of Universal Basic Income.” In practice, the scheme has become a social credit system much like the one that exists in communist China.

From now on, all participants in Bolsa Familia will need to show proof of injection in order to continue receiving cash payments – see below:

Lula says Brazilians can receive financial aid only if they have taken the vax. Bolsa Família will require vax certificates from participants & their children: We can’t play, it’s a question of science. If I have 10 covid vaccines to take, I will take all that is necessary. ? ? pic.twitter.com/hqrYq4jO6r

— Geopolitics & Empire (@Geopolitics_Emp) February 7, 2023

The announcement comes as central banks in Brazil and all around the world gear up to unleash their new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) initiatives, which will do away with cash and coins.

The money systems of the future – new digital systems that are being pushed today – will require full obedience from the populace to every government order, including mandatory vaccination. This is how everyone would be forced into absolute government servitude, if they allow it to happen.

Nearly every CBDC program currently in the works comes with expiration and use-by dates, meaning participants will need to spend their allotted cash within a certain time period or else it all goes away.

There are also “anti-hoarding” features in most of them that further make it difficult for people to save their money rather than spend it on the government’s desired timeline.

Thirdly are the “total information awareness” mechanisms built into CBDC. Mark E. Jeftovic from Bomb Thrower describes these in the following way:

“Once it’s digitized in a centralized database (central banks) as opposed to being cryptographically secured on a decentralized blockchain (Bitcoin) – everything becomes known to central authorities instantly. Taxation can be applied per-transaction, but more interestingly – prices can also be modified on the fly.”

“If you’re behind on your property or income taxes – or have an unpaid fine (maybe because you’re fighting it), for example, they could simply enable a rolling garnishee on your wallet until it’s paid off.”

Unlike with Bitcoin, CBDCs provide no freedom and no privacy. Every movement of money will be fully traceable and the government will have full access to every detail for enforcement purposes.

“Covid vaxports have already been weaponized in China, Brazil is doing it with their UBI program and when this is all formalized into a CBDC, they will probably not launch it without the framework for widespread social credit and control systems being part of the plumbing,” Jeftovic explains.

It is for this very reason every citizen needs to reject the new digital fiat currency UBI system and start the balkanization process. We will go back to bartering and producing on our own terms, on the local level, while these sinister despotic murderous governments collapse into insolvency and irrelevance.

Yeah that's because Brazil is a lab rat experimentation tier country owned by mason. They do pretty much everything, have tried everything especially politically since it went from Monarchy to republic to dictatorship in the time it existed, and have done everything in that country.

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