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thumbnail of 2023-03-12_Truth-Bombs_Russian-Military-Confirms-GoF-NIH-DoD-Bioweapons-Conspiracy_Aussie-Cossack_Maria-Zeee.jpg
thumbnail of 2023-03-12_Truth-Bombs_Russian-Military-Confirms-GoF-NIH-DoD-Bioweapons-Conspiracy_Aussie-Cossack_Maria-Zeee.jpg
2023-03-12_Truth-Bomb... jpg
(60.48 KB, 640x360)
TRUTH-Bombs Russian Military Confirms GoF NIH DoD Bioweapons Conspiracy | Aussie Cossack & Maria Zeee


Russian Defense Minister confirms all the things that supposed "Conspiracy Theorists" have been saying all along…

Gain of function virus creation, Marburg Virus Scaredemic on it's way, AI-controlled 5G EMF activated part-biological, part-technological "viruses" and "vaccines", the "Directed Evolution" Dual-Use Biolabs, particularly in Boston and Ukraine, all the Pfizer pfuckery, he also references Karen Kingston and James O'Keefe of Project Veritas, and cornfirms that the jabs are biological weapons, how the WHO, WEF & UN have been taken over, and what the latest WHO Agenda is trying to do worldwide, and much much more.

Don't Forget that the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothschilds Bankrolled and Control the WHO, the WEF and the UN, (not to mention NATO, the IMF, Intel Agencies Worldwide, and most of the Politicians in places of power in Western Countries), and that it is Them who are pushing to implement "The Great Reset" — The "New World Order".

This is Genocidal Eugenics on a Grand Scale (not to mention "Ethnic Cleansing".)

Yes, We've Known ALL This for a Very Long Time, but this is one of the first times an actual Government has been willing to say what we already know.

Share With Family & Friends.

And Buckle Up. It's gonna be a Wild Ride from here on out.


This is now Proven Correct:

"Vaccinated" People No Longer Human — NASA Langley Research On 5th Gen Warfare | Todd Callender with Maria Zeee



>  They have named "vaccinated" persons (and I use the term "vaccinated" loosely), but genetically modified persons are now referred to as Homo Borg Genesis, NOT Homo Sapiens.

Also See:




mRNA Injected People are no longer Human


Hate to break it to the Transhumans like that; but that's the way it is.


thumbnail of Marburg.png
thumbnail of Marburg.png
Marburg png
(161.28 KB, 723x828)
Another cohencidence, because it is also next year the 2024 presidential elections in the US. Kikes really love to release diseases every election cycle
> 2012 Ebola
> 2016 Zika
> 2020 Jewrona
Thank you for the info anon.
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thumbnail of ugly bastard.jpg
ugly bastard jpg
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thumbnail of another ugly shit.jpg
another... jpg
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> AI-controlled 5G EMF activated part-biological, part-technological "viruses"
A techno-organic virus? Well goddamn. Wonder when we'll start getting the X-gene. We already know what the Rothschilds are, but how about who chairs the Rockefeller Foundation? It's none other than the recipient of the Henry M. Jackson Distinguished Service Award given "in recognition of his service to the defense of the United States and our European allies, and for strengthening security cooperation with Israel": James Stavridis. The President of R.F., you've never seen a more deformed Indian.

Sadly our government makes a corrupt person like Putin look like a fucking angel, and that's saying it lightly. As much as I don't trust the Russian government, I would not be at all surprised if something like this were true.
thumbnail of 2023-03-19_The-Fable-of-the-Ducks-and-the-Hens.mp4
thumbnail of 2023-03-19_The-Fable-of-the-Ducks-and-the-Hens.mp4
2023-03-19_The-Fable-... mp4
(12.29 MB, 480x480 h264)
I'll Just Leave This Here...

The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens | A MUST WATCH! | Story by George Lincoln Rockwell


Please Share With Friends, Family & Children

It's Really a Fantastic Tale With Deep Meaning, and I think everyone will get something out of it.

Frickin' Chicken Jooz
His killer was John Patsalos, a longtime friend of the jew Dan Burros whom they let into the ANP. There's a lesson here. You can't trust the hens but you also can't trust traitors. They'll brainwash a mind and that traitor may kill you.

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