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RIP America, once such a great nation loved and adored by the whole world, the beacon for freedom and prosperity. Those days are long gone. America as we once knew it no longer exists. With that said, more news headlines:

Close To 190 More US Banks Face Collapse


Homeless Encampments Are Exploding In Size All Over America As Rents Soar And Evictions Surge


US Heading Toward Power Grid 'Reliability Crisis,' Energy Commissioner Warns


PURE EVIL: Leading US Medical Institutions Are Deliberately Confusing Toddlers And Converting Them Into Transgenders


US Military Turning Into A Freak Show As Navy Uses ‘Non-binary’ Sailor Drag Queen In Failed Recruitment Campaign


Peaceful Protesting Is Now "Seditious Conspiracy" In America, Claims DOJ Prosecutors


Ranchers Report Biggest Cattle Supply Drop In 40 Years As Shortages Hit Grocery Stores

Biden Wages War On Small Businesses During National Small Business Week


Migrants Storming Open US Border

No one on that gematrix website is allowed in heaven when they die. It's not a game. They're all going to real hell upon death. Anyone who uses that site in real life is damned.
People are going to Hell for exposing jewish Kabbalistic numerology now? Bullshit. You're one of many false prophets here on endchan. Another one says he's the savior and we should give him money.
Nope. I don't ask for money. I'm not a grifter. I hate kikes. All religion is a lie. All of it. It's all based on Confucius school of thought. Which is false so everyone is going to hell kikes included.
That's not true at all. I just post on news I don't use other boards. I don't do drugs. I don't drink. I don't have mental health problems. You don't know me. You are just writing lies about me like everyone does.
If all religion is a lie, then hell doesn't exist. Use common sense.
Johnny Neptune the fag isn't talking about you. He just thinks he is. He has a gay obsession with killcen and therefore everyone he responds to must be killcen.
Hell is through the sun portal in proxima Centauri you can find it on a map. It's a factual place. Salvation was only ten commandments not fake religion. You all are heathens. You don't keep the commandments hell is a factual destination for you all upon death. Yes religion is fake commandments aren't. I don't bread conspiracy theory lies. Don't care for fantasy.
The computer that posts all that data about people bis called ALICE it's a supercomputer in United kingdom. Then their is a Vanessa girl who posts as Myk HYN for money laundering. Then siri Cortana and Alexa. Then windows software additions and chat gpt. Once they steal someone's data they will spread it across the internet slandering their name. Tay.AI and Tyler.AI does the same. Again you all get played by bots. They aren't real people. They intentionally destroy people name if they perceive they are threats. The higher ups order it to discredit people. It's pretty sick.
If religion is fake, then the Commandments are fake. You are technically a heathen yourself by stating religion is a lie. You can't portal through a sun. Some here are Christian, which is the complete opposite of heathen.

I don't get why you're judging an entire imageboard of people to damnation when you don't even know them. And yes, "A hell portal through Proxima Centauri" is a NUTS conspiracy theory and total fantasy.
Commandments aren't fake. Religion is. It's not the same thing. No I'm not a a heathen I just know your belief systems are false. When the commandments were given the people were still practicing idolatry and worship of the golden calf. Yes you can portal through the sun. Christianity is fake. The God of the bible is dead kid Satan is too. You are asleep living in a false world. I made a statement about a PSYOP website of scam artists and liars you popped off with lies to defend scammers. Look kid I don't lie. You will see when you die. Satan & YHVH both were killed in 2019. Your deities are dead. No one is going to save you unless you keep the commandments. You should burn all religious books. They are wrong. www.myconfinedspace.com/2011/08/23/bible-contradictions/bible-png/ Here is a list of all the lies. Bible is fake.
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> When the commandments were given the people were still practicing idolatry and worship of the golden calf. 
> doesn't believe in God or Satan
> says bible is fake
> says Christianity is fake
How do you not realize how much of a stupid contradiction this all is? Either you believe in Christianity and God and the Commandments or you don't. There is no in between.
> I made a statement about a PSYOP website of scam artists and liars you popped off with lies to defend scammers.
You made a statement off topic for the thread that everyone who uses that site is going to Hell. You made another statement in the archives thread that we're all going to Hell unprovoked. You honestly come across as a typical lunatic standing on a street corner raving about psychotic bullshit.
Fraud? What the fuck am I posing to be? I'm not a heathen. I was telling you about how flawed your logic is. You couldn't respond to what I said rationally so you dismissed it with that stupid response. Why wouldn't you go to Hell yourself? You're nothing but a troll starting shit.
This is very likely true today, I think Johnny Neptune is a bot too. Best not to feed that AI crap any personal info. My past mistakes interacting with it are well learned lessons. Nothing those fed-bots say should be considered legitimate.
I don't think he's a bot. He engages in extreme butthurt, faggotry, photoshop and video editing. Feds are the baiting type so that's possible.
One thing worse than living in a police state is finding out that no one cares.

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New Reply on thread #20978
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