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End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000183

Over Half Of The US At Risk Of Grid Down This Winter
Over HALF the United States now has inadequate power generating capacity for peak Winter demand says a new Industry report.

▲ Biden Regime Canceled American Oil Pipeline Leases When Put Into Power

Higher Inflation Is Not Going Away, America
MY COMMENT: WORSE! Hyperinflation and severe supply chain shortages by the end of 2024. Get what you need in the future NOW.

9th Circuit Rules Automakers Can Harvest Your Phone Data
MY COMMENT: It's best not to be using a 'smartphone' at all, but if you do, I would not hook it up in any of those modern vehicles that have GPS and Wifi systems!!! Everything made today seems to be embedded with GOVERNMENT SPYWARE!! Tells us EXACTLY who really runs the entire economy today!

Automaker Bigwigs Admit EVs Are Not Popular Among Americans
Half of America requires long commuting from one place to another and does not have time to sit around waiting for their vehicles to be charged!

Pentagon Confirms Series Of New Attacks On Bases In Syria, Iraq After Latest US Airstrikes

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New Reply on thread #21714
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