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Medication has run out in Sweden. Ivermectin cannot be found anymore.


It is concerning because you must stop using this drug by taking smaller dose each day. Do not stop abruptly. 

Except now you must go cold turkey because the medication is unavailable.

It will take at least 2 weeks before Sweden can get a new dosage.
OR, perhaps consider drugs obsolete when consuming the proper foods

Ivermectin is NOT ADHD medication, it's to prevent parasites and - in the right human dosage prescribed by a doctor - can also help treat foul diseases such as malaria. Rumor is it also helps covid-19, but it has never been widely tested in the US or Europe (due to our moronic third world politics). Although, to be fair, India and Japan have tested it with some successful results between patients with covid-19. After the FDA was sued over this, you can find companies online that legally sell Ivermectin prescriptions. The Wellness Company being one of them. I think they are actually backed by a legal team and doctors, so as to comply with all the laws.

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New Reply on thread #22248
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