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Hey, David Hawkins created this. Utilise it in conversations with all individual to heal their twisted mindsets, including your own.

This world's malice taints every river; so take your self, and create it, along with others', to be better. Cure Earth from the internal plague.
OP should have specified that the author of Map of Consciousness is David R. Hawkins born in 1927. The other David Hawkins born in 1913 is a traitorous snake who worked with Oppenheimer towards the atom bomb which destroyed many Japanese men, women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A particular Allied atrocity which isn't repeated as much as the kike holocaust fraud. To be clear: OP's Hawkins is ok. The other Hawkins is a scumbag. Distinction is important.
Thank you bro
I've had enlightenent, the divine love etc. I'm mostly hateful however. I also had an OBE when I was a child showing me things to coe in my future to keep it short. Saw my guides, my pre-birth, why I'm here etc etc.

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New Reply on thread #87416
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