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> Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that completion of the "special operation" would stop the West’s attempts to "promote a unipolar world," which Lavrov defined as "attempts to undermine international law." 
> "This is the first time, since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, that such a senior Russian official mentioned the idea of ending the ‘special operation,’" Koffler said. 

The Kherson region would provide Russia its much-desired access to Southern Ukraine and establish a land bridge to Crimea. By securing this access, Russia would be able to control the mouth of the Dnieper River, which bisects Ukraine and provides access along the length of the country.  

В общем настоящей целью спецоперации всегда было занятие Херсона, а возня вокруг ЛДНР была лишь тактическим отвлекающим маневром.
Гений-многоходовочник опять всех  победил и переиграл.