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general discussion of our angel!
https://solo.to/pukara https://twitch.tv/pukarachan
Thread 1

Thread 2
why is she always banned everywhere? she didn't do anything wrong and most of the replies weren't lewd :(
even the admin didn't see anything wrong with puk's threads lol

the anon asking for lewds in thread 2 was the lolcow roastie btw
agatha2 jannies need to blow their nigger brains out Boring Retards and Sucky Faggots can only not like Racist Nazi E-Girl Pukara i wish someone could Legally! kill them all ): Oh How I Wish
shes so cute!!!! i want to see the agatha2 jannies seethe in  real time.. im imagining them raging irl LOL
i go chad for pukara i go chad for pukara i go chad for pukara i go chad for pukara i go chad for pukara
@VAMP youre not cute youre not silly nor are you funny or weird at all youre a boring Amouranth type bitch that id see floating around in a walmart thats on 4chan because why. i hope to GOD someone decapitates you because you are are SRSLY starting to piss me the frick off
i hacked @VAMP into tiny bits and pieces and ate her now you can all worship the literal shit i just poo'd  @TheLosers LOL
Kek other egirls selfposting because they are jelly of the attention she's getting as the true best girl
someone should teach her how to use hashtags. some videos are pushed by the algorithm and have a a thousand views, some don't

this for example was recommended to different users, even a russian and a chinese

vamp and iris were celebrating when puk got banned because they get rid of the competition lol
does puk stream other games other than overwatch?
if she wants to be a successful streamer she should also play more normie games like palworld i guess
i can stream fran bow i havent finished it yet
i miss when overwatch was popular sigh..
i have lots of other games too
fran bow? never heard of it, but it seems an horror game. 
scary games are good to get interesting reactions to clip and post in the shorts, so that's great!

active but small categories on twitch are a good choice for your early streams, check the games in your library you're willing to stream and make a judgment call

newly released games are also a good choice as people will be going around looking for reactions and/or impressions
ive been too busy watching breaking bad but ur right its on my to do list
i had to start all the way from the beginning i lost all my progress when restarting my pc -.-
my reactions r never interesting im kind of kuudere on my videos and stuff but im working on it
thank yoy for the advice! also this is probably a dumb question but where do i look at the newest games
> probably a dumb question but where do i look at the newest games

usually they are all over youtube. don't you follow any youtuber or vtuber?
i think: walter is based, nice good dad, turned kinda evil by BICH skyler, marie is based but a little bichy too, walter junior is based nice kid, jessie is based and cute and funny and kawaii, i like hank too he reminds me of my dad
yeah idk cus i found about helldivers from a friend, the last viral game i got on my yt reccomended was palworld, surely theres newer ones now right?
i think i was talking about like my issues speaking on camera and my plans for future videos and stuff im kinda glad the sound is lost kek
how does it feel that you put an Innocent man behind bars? he was just trying to help you
the help thingy was a larp, he was just jealous. but yea i think sending him to prison for 30 yrs was a bit too much
same. 30 years of tax money is too much. should have thrown him in a woodchipper so he could be useful for once, as fertilizer. retard.
i think it's better if you don't post pics of yourself as a kid
roasties will twist this to take down the board
you're probably right i just saw someone wanted old pictures so i posted some but i wont anymore maybe on my insta i can
sorry! im also kind of worried about posting here being seen as bad too so should i not post here just in case or is it ok?
No, I don't. I don't even know what you're talking about. today I've banned a few people for posting dox photos, that's it.
> normie
ginny and georgia kek
wdym by normie cus i watched alot of shows but most are good so i wouldnt consider normie idk
i pooped myself me like Vamp me like Iris me like Other ppl besides Pukara because Me Nigger
yea i dont use discord anymore i can only talk on ig but its ok if u dont want to talk to me im shy too i will appreciate you all either way:)
Well EXSQUEEEAZE me Sirs and Madams but may i please be directed towards the Ugly Girls Forum? You know, the one that isn't Beautiful pukaras. The ugly one, yes, that one. I want to rassle some of the Ugly Bitches there and fantasize about me killing them. I doest declare that they are MOST Homely and disgusting and I do not want anything to do with them.. but I must. Please! posthaste!
i think it might be controversial if i say them and im not really sure i believe them it's just someone rly smart told me and i believe them so i believe those but to start uh the earth is flat
yes, besides here ._. sorry
oh ok then sorry i won't be cus im not sure anyway
im listening to papercut rn im ascending so i will be able to check
but i wont share what i see its forbidden knowledge
holy frik linkin park is so good
I just want to reiterate how fucking amazing your videos are, I love watching them and I hope you post lots more. The long video format is so comfy with your voice and that music
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thumbnail of s2.jpg
s2 jpg
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> 3 in a row how is this possible

and it's like the autism keeps escalating...

btw pukara you have ridiculously pretty long dark hair
heh idk have a lot of free time
thank you!
thank you so much:D i needed to hear this, i need to know if they are good or not
possible 2 new videos today, 1 already posted, the other 2 are asmr any ideas for future videos? long videos are kinda hard for me unless im doing a playthrough or a tierlist thingy but im glad you enjoyed it:3 usually my videos will be short
> btw pukara you have ridiculously pretty long dark hair
thank you anon appreciated!

should i make a thread dedicated to asking me stuff i think itd be good for a video answering questions because idk what to do for 500 sub special
i think it's better if you make a yt community post, so that even your youtube followers can ask you stuff.

i have 2 questions for you:
1) have you ever thought of a name for your fans?
2) have you ever had any irl friends and how do your classmates see you?
ok i will after to replying to everything here
> 1
yea kinda, i think pukabros is cool or pukbros but i think puka is cuter nickname for me
> 2
yea ive had irl friends, it used to be way easier when i wad younger. i stopped having best friends after 4th grade and became a loner
in my earlier years when i was still social my classmates saw me as mean but that was because of my humor, i like to tease but i dont habe bad intentions
today a boy talked to me asked if i needed help with my work and he showed me his paper and i was like lol your handwiriting is bad what is that haha he didnt laugh though so it was awkward. now since i barely talk im pretty sure they jusy see me as a weird quiet girl who's on her phone all the time who doesn't even do her work
i gotta remember this for my video
thank YOU! but what do you like about them?
i had another video i did thays ready to post but i said good morning in it so itd be weird to post in tje evening should i just upload it right now anyway?
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thumbnail of ar.png
ar png
(407.1 KB, 1921x1628)
i wish pukara had female friends so she could stream multiplayer games with them and be stimulated to talk more on stream...
been imagining what would happen to pukara haters if they were shrunk down and trapped in her room
Today's Livestream!

Pukara plays GTA Vice City -- one of the funniest streams she's had and she catches on immediately after playing a new mission once, smol gamer pukara takes on jurors, union workers and gets a 5K at a golf course, tune in to Pukara plays Vice City Part 2

Watch it in its entirety or you aren't even a true fan.

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