Notables #9440 Part 1
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Baker Collected Notables
 >>/20954/ Jim W will also be on Revolution.Radio next Friday at 7 pm Pacific time.
 >>/20955/  >>/20956/  >>/20963/  >>/20974/  >>/20989/  >>/21017/ 8kun once again showing DoD servers in the traceroute 
 >>/20957/ Pepina lookin for a job at the feelz bar
 >>/20958/  >>/21160/ 10/21 Dallas hit by tornado tonight
 >>/20959/  >>/20964/ tweet screencaps of /end notables?
 >>/20961/  >>/20962/  >>/20986/ Schiff censure vote habbening Monday
 >>/20965/ This is why anons exist - to show the people
 >>/20980/  >>/20981/  >>/20989/  >>/20992/ Frederick Brennan REEEEEEs over "tortious interference" 
 >>/20991/  >>/20996/ Daily Mail: Prince Andrew and Epstein Orgy orgy with 6 girls at Lttl St. James Accuser Claims 
 >>/20998/ Syrian Kurds pelt withdrawing US troops with tomatoes, potatoes
 >>/20999/ The Buddhist Doctrine of Awakening.pdf 
 >>/21005/ Map of IPv4 circa 2015 (8kun traceroute related)
 >>/21013/  >>/21175/ Mitt Romney’s Secret “Pierre Delecto” Twitter Page Show Man Obsessed with Trump Hatred
 >>/21016/ The banned Krassenstein anti Trump spammers are back on twatter with a new account
 >>/21020/  >>/21021/  >>/21022/ anon generates meme themes
 >>/21026/ WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange fails in bid to delay extradition battle with US
 >>/21031/ CIA analysts are lawyering up
 >>/21034/  >>/21035/  >>/21036/  >>/21037/  >>/21038/  >>/21039/  >>/21040/  >>/21054/ 8kun up for 17 minutes at 1700 universal time
 >>/21041/ Live: President Trump holds Cabinet Meeting
 >>/21042/ Ozone hole is the smallest on record due to 'rare event,' NASA says
 >>/21043/ Anon shares inspirational message from the last day of QRB
 >>/21044/ Florida Man's View of 8kun (from tracepath)
 >>/21045/ Justin Trudeau on shaky ground as voters head to polls
 >>/21049/ The Guardian: Jimmy Savile Sexual Abuse Timeline 
 >>/21050/  >>/21051/  >>/21052/ The SHADOW OF THE DALAI LAMA
 >>/21060/  >>/21061/ LA puts out mandatory evacuation, fires getting close to homes.
 >>/21063/ 8Kun.net is right in the middle of the Deep State Tech battlefield.
 >>/21069/  >>/21112/ Anon: Redpilling in 3 steps
 >>/21072/  >>/21078/  >>/21080/  >>/21083/  >>/21099/  >>/21707/ New Jim Watkins vid: Walk Away Your Troubles ASMR Helps -Swift/Quick
 >>/21076/ Is 8kun.net being down because of cloudflare perhaps?
 >>/21089/ US Dept of Defence Pentagon Logo has barcode in the images shading gradiant 
 >>/21092/  >>/21095/  >>/21096/ CD Media: Information on poroshenko money laundering biden cover up in series of articles with sourcing
 >>/21109/ Disney World employee arrested for having child porn
 >>/21138/ Fellow Anons, do not forget that GOD WINS!
 >>/21144/ Thai Airways Boeing 777 Suffers "Uncontained Engine Failure" In Bangkok
 >>/21151/ President Donald J. Trump to Award the Medal of Freedom to Roger S. Penske
 >>/21166/  >>/21179/  >>/21181/  >>/21188/  >>/21217/ Biden connected to Mitt?
 >>/21167/  >>/21268/  >>/21294/ CBC News projects a Liberal minority government in Canada
 >>/21173/  >>/21184/ Lots of work went into getting thru their))) armor, do you see cracks?
 >>/21177/ Is CodeMonkeyZ's Project Odin designed to overcome blocks to 8kun?
 >>/21180/ Trump Smashes Through A Fundraising Record And It Has Democrats Worried
 >>/21181/ Romney’s Son, Pelosi’s Son, Biden’s Son, and Kerry’s Son are all on BODs for Ukraine Energy Cos
 >>/21191/ Julian Assange extradition judge refuses request for delay
 >>/21192/  >>/21194/  >>/21202/ Judicial Watch: 2-page memo, dated 5/16/17, by Andrew McCabe detailing how then-Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein proposed wearing a wire into the Oval Office
 >>/21193/  >>/21197/ If Biden's son dirrty, is Romney's son?
 >>/21211/  >>/21222/  >>/21223/ 11:11:11 -spoopypost 
 >>/21217/ Who/what is connected to Mitt? -anon replies
 >>/21228/ Noticed on twat that POTUS called out DefSec Esper as Esperanto...
 >>/21230/ Gab has developed a news alternative source to Drudge
 >>/21258/ Night Shift: IF Q boards, ask 'm how he likes his coffee -kek
 >>/21263/  >>/21282/ Judge Rejects Bid to Show ‘Godfather’ Clip at Roger Stone Trial
 >>/21273/ Mannkind Pharma has been attacked by cultists naked short seller
 >>/21275/  >>/21395/ MSM shills losing it
 >>/21277/ Mind war, non linear war, is a highly developed form of conflict
 >>/21281/ Trump tweets for the past 2 hours.