Notables #9440 Part 2
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Baker Collected Notables
 >>/21284/ Erdogan, Putin meet as Syria cease-fire enters its final hours
 >>/21287/ Fraternal Order of Police official slams Beto's 'ridiculous' plan to use cops to enforce gun buybacks
 >>/21288/ Trump calling for Barr to probe ties between Hillary, dossier and Ukraine
 >>/21293/ Bolivia erupts in violence after Evo Morales' near outright election win, vote-count delay
 >>/21295/  >>/21307/ Conversation with 8chan admin, from when Hotweels was still in charge.
 >>/21303/ Some interesting normie/newfag reactions to the loss of 8chan
 >>/21305/  >>/21309/  >>/21331/  >>/21850/ Study finds US public land workers facing assaults, threats 
 >>/21308/ Project Veritas : #ExposeCNN : Part 4 is OUT
 >>/21329/ Louis Vuitton designer calls Trump ‘joke’ after workshop visit
 >>/21330/ Backstory of how one journalist helped to bring down the South Korea-worldwide pedo ring
 >>/21333/ NASA official names date when space agency intends to put Earthlings on Red Planet
 >>/21337/ The accused CNN executive, Steve Brusk, locked his verified Twitter account after Project Veritas’ latest exposé
 >>/21338/  >>/21340/  >>/21342/  >>/21344/  >>/21352/  >>/21760/  >>/21835/ All tentacles of a skull (skull & bones-related?)
 >>/21346/  >>/21348/ Latest CodeMonkeyZ Tweets on 8kun/ Project Odin
 >>/21364/ Kevin Plank is stepping down as Under Armour CEO
 >>/21372/  >>/21387/  >>/21786/  >>/21792/  >>/21795/  >>/21803/  >>/21810/  >>/21820/  >>/21844/ Symbolism in Achitechture 4 Cardinal Virtues
 >>/21421/ Reflections on a war room
 >>/21439/ British Parliament finally approves Boris Johnson's Brexit bill - but moments later votes down three-day timetable
 >>/21446/ more rape and rape cover-up at comcast nbc-what a disgusting group of people...
 >>/21454/ Remember when Elijah Cummings supposedly signed that subpoena for Guiliani while in the hospital?
 >>/21486/  >>/21562/ Required Reading: How to Social