> almost nobody bitched about the moderation in the meta thread other than you

Nice revisionism, plenty of people complained in past threads, they were just drowned out by sycophants and simply gave up.  I'm just one very stubborn oldfag who's immensely tired of not having a genuinely good video game discussion forum alternative to the main monolithic boards, and seeing /vg/ piss away its potential by trying to be Mark/v/Lite was really disturbing.  Especially after I sacrificed /svidya/ to come there, thinking there was potential.

> just don't post like you were on kike/v/

See it's this kind of elitist self-delusion I've always found remarkable.  You really think you were so different from Mark/v/?  While practicing the same kind of "quality control" as him?  While stickying the same kinds of stale /b/ shit?  Get a grip anon.