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> Latex, gay men, hypnotism, rapeplay and fucking pigtails are all on the same reported interest level.
> Heavy Bondage, cuckolding, black people, Masturbating as males, Asian people at that high.
> Men prefer femininity
> Women don't care about masculinity. 
Her audience must have a very autistic dynamic.
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Anymore I think the USA really isn't a Western country, it's more like S.America.  I think that's were we're headed too, I doubt the USA will be able to hold itself together much longer, besides people not getting along anymore there's the resource, education, infastructure problems as well as the entitlement, mental illness, family disfunction/homelessness etc.  TLDR Americans chose to be shitty for a bit too long and now not only do we not have the resources to maintain/people educated enough to keep it going, those with said skills are sick and tired of some asshole/politician out to screw them.  I really do think in the next decade or so we'll see varying degrees of balkanization.  Add in BRICS and well, guess we'll see.  If it works out as well as they claim in 10ish years I think we'll see more people start doing business with it.  By that time I see the feds weakened enough to where they won't be able to declare a war like they did in 2003 when Iraq wanted to switch their reserve currency from dollars to euros.  
Not the first time that happened either...
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The choice was. Being pidgeon holed in a retard chamber with no where to go. Unless I have like 10 on charisma. Or taking the initiative and finding a not dead end job.
Nor do I.
I need Ran since he knows how to measure all that.
Total Runout is measured by fixing the datum features (typically an axis) and rotating the part along the rotational axis.

The part is usually constrained with a set of V-blocks or a spindle of some sort that will constrain the part while allowing it to rotate.
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> Be really bored at work.
> Be on the verge of being disengaged.
> Suddenly something comes up and Chinese grandpa 2 tells me he needs me and the other engineer to calculate the dP over a rerouted pipe.
> Look at the contents.
> It's fucking gas and goes into a heat exchanger, to a vessel and now is being rerouted to another vessel.
> The fucking gas is compressible meaning impossibly hard physics.
> Actually start hitting the panic button earlier.
> Think about it in the meeting.
> Decide fuck it and ignore the heat exchanger.
> Tfw I'm still panicking if this is a good idea.
FUUUUCCCCKKKKK! Why did it have to be a gas?!
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Yeah, seems like a weekend problem to solve.
Now that I'm here I can explain in more detail.
In gaseous/vapor form. Molecular species have a Compressbility factor which simply indicates how many molecules of a particular gas/vapor can me compressed at a given temp/pressure. You might at one time worked with something called an air compressor. While atmospheric air itself isn't compressible. It allows for a great deal of energy to be released. Same with water.
That's why pneumatic and hydraulic lines are used everywhere. Using all that force for that price is fantastic.
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Soooo for all the hub bub about ChatGPT taking over the world. It's severely lacking in a lot of places. Simply, there's not enough resources for molecular dynamics for ChatGPT do understand any of it. Let alone preform the necessary functions to make it coherent.
Won't happen. All we have are dumb language models that attempts solving ambiguity problems with spoken languages using probability calculations using a ridiculously large data set
It is actually funny to tease the engineers with excess work at the end of the day on a Friday.  You can physically watch their soul drain from their body, and there's something sinister, and disgustingly, satisfying about it.
"Hey- I have a few things I need to add to the call board" said the tech, at 13:53."
Maybe you're making too much noise with your lewd time.  Are you blasting Boku No Pico throughout your apartment or wherever you are?
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Mammillaria hedyri and eastern prickly pear. It's not bad. International sellers are annoying. Cause despite the US letting in millions of illegal immigrants and letting them roam free. The US has the most stringent shipping policies in the world. You cannot ship metals, plants, money, etc from Europe to America.
God, America is retarded.  Sounds like retarded import bans and tariffs at work.

I'm going to lie down, my back hurts.  I'm still watching FUWAMOCO and the rest of the HoloAdvent girls.  I like the new girls a lot.  And I hate Gura now.
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Nerissa Ravencroft is a great singer (she's the English city pop singer who made an English version of Plastic Love and stuff).

Shiori Novella is the weird Chinese goth girl and used to be Natsumi Moe.

Koseki Bijou used to be Waabyuu.  She always does a magical girl transformation at the beginning of each stream and is the weird gamer girl.

FUWAMOCO (Fuwawa and Mococo Abyssgard) are the twins and used to be the Go! Go! Nippon! girls.  They have a morning show every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

And reason why I fucking hate Gura now:  Doesn't stream for months, the new generation is announced, she starts streaming about a week before the new girls debut.  When the new girls debut, she overlaps their streams, even trying to match length.  Bijou played Elden Ring for 8 hours, Gura tried to compete and play HoloCure for 8 hours.  By the 5th hour, Gura sounded really exhausted and unresponsive.  Compare it to Kiara, where she praised the new girls and collabed with them as soon as possible.  Same with Mori Calliope, who even delayed one of her streams so it won't interfere with Advent's monetization streams.

Gura was actively trying to sabotage the new girls by overlapping their streams.  She did it with Council as well.  There too many coincidences for it to be unintentional, so the clear correlation shows that she was trying to sabotage the new girls' momentum and take viewers away.  Gura the jew shark can fuck right off for that.
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Yes. Essentially ratio the ideal gas law.
I tried, attempted to obtain the necessary information... Which was either inaccessible or difficult to obtain. So, I did a linear approximation using ideal gas law.
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I was told.
"It's good enough." Which feels like a stab in the back after the extremely hard. HARD material we learned in thermodynamics 1&2, heat transfer, and fluids.
No idea.  Never watched Natsumi Moe.

/vt/ already knows about her.  They're anticipating getting cucked by her, since she hinted on her debut stream that she would collab with Homostars.

Anyways, I'm going to bed.
EN 2nd Gen/Council was a big time flop.  EN Curse hit hard, Susan Wojecki and the rest of the Jewtube staff removing subscribers, because they thought it was being botted.  Tsukumo Sana weighing down the generation by rarely streaming, the girls weren't strong streamers/barely had experience streaming, and their star girl Kronii ended up being a total bitch and weirdo, despite having the best model, trying to focus way too much on the shitty lore.

At least the positive for Council is Ceres Fauna growing into the role big time and being the only EN talent who gained viewers within a year.  The other positive is Baelz' dancing at the concerts, since she's a professional dancer.
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I'm still missing chemistry, physics, engineering maths and fluid/heat transfer mechanics from graduation.
Just because I've taken a few of them 2-3 times.
Whoever brought numbers into maths should burn eternally.
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Environmental engineering, was a sub-category of engineering majors, but I guess now that I've talked to the newer students they're under the chemistry educational field-clubs.
Guess it do be like that due to water chemistry and water purification processes etc.
Legit, fruit flies only come inside if you've got a source of rotting fruit or vegetation in your house.
Stop being a filthy fucking nigger, clean your trailer, and put your dumb plants outside.
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> Dad IMs me and asks how it's going.
> Tell him I'm bored shitless roasting in this camper.
> He tells me he drove all over the place and ate oysters, visited a few parks, etc, etc.
To this day, I hate California. Because can literally do anything in a 1 hour time span. It's like California is some boomer yuppie paradise. You just need the money to afford to live there.