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Also, I'm guessing they look like this IRL.
Fuwawa mention several times being massively well endowed compared to her sister.
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"It was especially rough when the blight spread to people I met in person - people who acted friendly to me but it turned out had been saying terrible things about me, people who I thought were friends who got a bit mentally unstable and tried to cancel me, or in one instance a social group I’d started regularly attending when it turned out many of them were in a group chat where mocking me was a passtime."
He's an Australian you fucking retard, he uses a VPN. Fuck you're stupid. Go to hell, you AIDS ruddled ワンワンgot.
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@Antweegonus and @wanyeburkett and saying that certain women don't understand that violent criminals have very different mental states than normal people.  They don't understand that some criminals are incorrigible and just need to be locked up away from the rest of society.

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Huh, it's not dead
Advil + Tylenol is your friend. Also drink lots of water. 
Nothing is a sure thing. It could be a terrible trap. It could be great.
Safest thing is to be a non degenerate ワンワン and settle down with a cute boy who will appreciate you and not gain 50+ lbs in 3 years.
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None that I'm aware of. But there's so much immigrants in southern Ontario, mixed couples are common place. 
Also it's really common for guys (sometimes girls too) to marry someone from their religion or their homeland or even their parent's homeland and bring the spouse to Canada. Not exactly the same thing, but similar. 
Apparently there's a common Punjabi scam that you can get a Punjabi girl as your wife and the family will pay you because it helps them immigrate to Canada. 
Sounds like it might be a quick way to make a buck but who knows if you'll get scammed at the end when she divorces your ass.
If you can convince a Japanese qt to marry you, sure. Go help repopulate Japan. Even if it's half race babies
To be honest no. You just make sure you use the right material for the right application. 
Outside of school, I haven't had to worry about materials engineering. Or even machining or using machine shop equipment.
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It's all on a breadboard rn
And unless the wires are quite literally broken, it should be working fine

My other sensors seem fine, it's just that one particular piece of chinkshit
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Maybe my breadboards are old and dusty or something so the connection is intermittent and they can't cope with any sort of even low-frequency I/O

Just going to ignore the problem and move on
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I decided to buy a different model of sensor anyways that's newer and more readily available, since the one I'm using seems to only be used for arduino projects and not really available anywhere else. Probably because it's old
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Seems like the sensor I'm using uses some shitty 1-wire communication protocol that doesn't work like 80% of the time

Maybe it wouldn't suck if it used I2C like a normal peripheral
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I have an asinine idea and it's terrible.
So, as a flight of fancy.... Here's my shitty diatribe.
I'm bored shitless at work and I want to use statistics somewhere in my data daily trend software. So, while googling around and listening to cute Chinese girls talk about data science. I came across something called the One Armed Bandit and the Multi-armed Bandit.
Essentially, you can predict with a large degree of accuracy which slot machine will pay out the most based off a small number of win/losses. The problem is, slot machines most likely have a moving average of wins in order to combat the next statistician from coming and making bank. You can still use a Poisson's Distribution to determine when high pay out times are. At least I reckon.
The national and state lottery is obviously stacked against you and it would take a fair degree of the most pulled number combinations to actually win the MegaMillions or PowerBall.
Ergo, the rational conclusion is scratch offs. They have a fixed statistical win rate (Usually around 1in5 for $1 tickets and 1in3.58 for $50 tickets).
I pulled off this trick on a $1 scratch off and bought five $1 scratch and only won once. Therefore, my win rate is 1in5. The lotto website states that game has a 1in4.85 chance of winning. Not far off at all. I caught it at the right moment and it gave me the number stated on the website.
Where does multiarmed bandit come into play?
Let's say you visit several (about 4) gas stations and buy 20 $1 lotto tickets. That will be ~4 winning tickets out of 16 tickets. The ones with the biggest pay out are can therefore be calculated through Thompson Sampling and Beta Distribution and you can make a pretty safe bet that the roll the highest payouts came from is most likely going to continue that trend.
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Not sure, depends on where gf's job will be and what their remote work policy is. That being said, we want to go to Europe and then to Japan.
I got a free place waiting for me in my parents hometown, which might be difficult to say no to.

I'm back
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Why would I do that when I have access to the real thing?

I'd much rather make stable diffusion porn of someone I don't like

See, your first mistake was assuming my work is electrical
I do software

That being said, the only real useful thing I learned in university was related to statistics and number crunching. Everything else was useless garbage
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Or someone you like.
I certainly wouldn't mind seeing Ran or Hu in a vacbed or sleeping bag for instance.
Yeah, I'd say statistics is the most useful class. I feel like engineers need at least a masters level course in stats in order to actually have useful skills.
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I've wanted to experiment with using clips from youtube to get stable diffusion to learn someone's face and then generate many compromising images of them, intending to ruin their reputation
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I can count the number of good channels I actually want to watch on a single hand

Stronk amerika popsci shit rehashed a thousand time

> plans
I'm done working on work or my projects today, playing good ol bf4 now