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I suppose I should say this.
How would an AI interpret a trendline on a process?
Would you have to input upper and lower control limits into the AI in order for the AI to adjust the process if the AI reads anythings abnormal?
Seems to me like you'd need to....
I have something to show you~
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> breaker trips
> Power goes out
> Comes back on
> Daijoubou
> Breaker trips again
> Power goes out 
> Set the AC to 30c
> Turn the power back on and of course the WiFi is out.
10/10 design here. Really wondering how people live in these things in the summer time.
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> breaker trips if she runs the the AC
How many amps does your AC draw, and how many "things" do you have plugged in/running that over draw?
Does your trailer have a split circuit, or just like a single 20 amp circuit?

> inb4 Fox's shitty used trailer has a short in the AC so no matter what the AC always trips the breaker before her trailer burns down
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Idea mister website owner.
Could you use Poisson's Distribution in order to see when CP spammer post his stuff?
That way you can quickly kill it instead of being on the front board for hours?
Seems like you could throw together some type of clawer that searches of a set match of key words on every board your spammer appears. Then do a Poisson's Distribution (since CP posting is memoryless). Then... I guess use a Beta Distribution to minimize false positives in your crawler. You can also do some likely hood that a certain string of words are likely to appear per CP post.
I know for sure the FBI has something similar to this. Would it be so hard to implement?
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Akinator is a 15 year old guessing game. You know the Genie that asks you 8 questions in order to guess the person or character you're thinking of?
> girls in Canada
No idea. I've exited the dating market already. You know that. 
> Maybe
Good boy. As much as this dead board is a friend simulator, I hope you find someone that can consistently tolerate you irl.
Hi I don't have steam. 
I might have one my younger bro set up for me but it had my real name. And I haven't touched it in almost ten years. 

Dork suggests not eating land slugs

Dork out.