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Maybe, they have some old stuff.  A lot of things from old Hawaiian singers too.
Still pissed at them for giving away Grandma's Japanese things.  Those were either brought over or bought a long time ago.  Those things can be expensive.
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Different story with me, that and being influenced by it as a kid.
You know, when you grow up with something like that, it has a huge part in how you turn out as an adult.  I think that's always been one thing that's caused me problems with some people here.
They should invest in a better camera. even at 1440p it loses a ton of definition.

These guys do similar videos and have a better camera (or maybe just better at using it) but the videos are shorter, more artsy, but less relaxing imo.  But the visual quality is far superior.
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The issues with Latin America is they chimpout at random moments, like the monkey people they are. I'm surprised Muffin hasn't floated to Chain on a wooden door yet.
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It doesn't feel as expensive as it once was.
But eating out at restaurants and doing anything fun has become so obscenely expensive that it's not worth it. 
> Movie tickets for 2 people was $45 with a 18% gratuity tax by the fucking company.
Last time I'm going to Alamo Drafthouse.
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You may see horses try to fly
A dog with periwinkle eyes
But peppered earth with chunks of sky
Now there's a sight worth seein' 
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play videogames and drink beer.
Bought a christmas box with 12 cans of different beer. Gotta share with family over Christmas.
Just more fun to taste test together with people

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I willingly watch Danish movies. Things like Adam's apples, Flickering Lights and In China They Eat Dogs, are much better than what Hollywood shits out
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Hast thou noticed that Youtube has been getting more and more gay lately?
Every video being shilled is either 
1. Australian telling you capitalism is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!1 
2. British telling you Capitalism is baddddddd!!!!!!1!
3.American telling you Capitalism is BaD!!!!!21122121!!!!!
It's really trite.