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The PPC advertising market is getting tougher. We want to show you how you can fight attacking, dumping, insidious competitors.

Important: We do not call for black methods of work, but our clients come to us to find solutions when click fraud has already occurred. 

We try to help and restore balance in such situations. 
Click fraud occurs with a competitor or several competitors.
Our program - Begemotik
What it does:

Clicks ads in search results. With in-depth settings of how to do it.
Imitates the behavior on the sites. With deep tuning
Creates a unique image of the user, uses server cookies to show the system that this is a real person with a natural behavior

View the basic manual of the program here:

And you can find the click manual describing the strategy here:

What our program can do:

Click ads of 1 competitor
Click ads of all competitors
Increase CTR (not a popular solution)

What results will the competitor see?

Increased CTR
Decrease of conversion (an increase of the cost per conversion)
Increase of the budget consumption
Waste of the daily budget for the 1-3 hours per day (with the proper click volume)

What can the competitor do?

Stop advertising campaign
Close ads (if you will use only 1 proxy), but you can use absolutely any proxies
Write to Google support (but they will answer that this is a market issue and CTR within the 85-90% do not bother them and they will not refund money)

How is the program sold?

It is sold under the monthly license scheme. This is convenient for both customers and owners. You do not need to pay large sums at once, and the program will be constantly updated, improve the functions and be current for the entire period of the license fee.

The cost of a month is $500.

What else do I need to work with the program?

Server or PC (we recommend the server for stable and good work, we will prompt which one will be suitable for you). Approximately $50 per month
Proxy (average cost of mobile proxy is 30$ per month, the exact number of proxy for your task should be discussed with the manager)
Fingerprint (to pull the main data for generating further in the software) - $10 per month

What geolocation will the program work in?

In any. Pass acceptance of cookies and understand all the languages of Google and sites. If the program encounters any problems - we solve problems for our client and announce the updated program.

How do you check the program working?

Customers think that working with the whole market, they will stay alone. This is a mistaken belief because often the clicks capacity is not enough to shut down the entire market, plus there is apparently a protective system in Google ads, which does not allow advertising only of 1 site when other 15-20 participants have problems.

Clients who want to make sure of the effectiveness of the program should use two explicit test options:

- Fraudulent clicks on your ad campaign. You will see how your CTR will change, how clicks will go, how the cost of spending will increase, how the cost will not be refunded. This is the easiest way to find out how does the program work!

-  Fraudulent clicks on your competitor`s ad campaign. This way your competitor will spend daily budget without result or just stop because he or she will see problems with the ad campaign.

Is it possible to take the program for a test?

Yes, it is possible, it requires:

- Request a test for a week from the manager 

- Buy a server or work on your PC

- Buy a proxy for work

- Buy a fingerprint to work

- Make proper settings and set clear objectives for the test before its launch

- Start a test and measure the results

- Make conclusions that everything is OK and buy the program

for questions and purchase write @alexgads (telegram)
[email protected]

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