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We still believe edition

https://www.tiktok.com/@grubage? [Embed]


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yeah put her face on gabbie carter or something
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ive always regarded her as a sociopath instead of a psychopath 
the darn cutest sociopath ever
do you only do coomer stuff
it depends, but not always
> ive always regarded her as a sociopath instead of a psychopath
> the darn cutest sociopath ever

Ciara-chan was quite malicious, and enjoyed causing pain or scamming people.

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1603836678896 jpg (736.09 KB, 1692x1128)
Now that we've had two years to reflect on it, let's settle this question once and for all: who was in the wrong here?
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AM I getting old? Because it's a small venue concert of some minor girly music singer. I just can't wrap my head around someone caring about that. I had imagined it was a concert for some indie band that was a *big thing* in the local scene.

i mean, nicole fits under that description to a T so i don't think you're old. her music is definitely fit for edgy teen girls lol.
Some people (retards) like the idea of doing something, but not actually doing it.
In this case, its possible they dont really give a crap about the singer itself, but they like the idea of being someone who goes to indie concerts, listens (consumes) a certain genre of music, and stuff like that.
Basically, they only care about being perceived by others. Kinda like the "gamer girls" phenomena. Lots of pink accessories, lots of pictures of their desks, absolute no gaming discussion.
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gg1 png (3.09 MB, 1416x4098)
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thumbnail of gg2.png
gg2 png (2.42 MB, 1416x3813)
I seriously went on the girlgamers subleddit just to prove a point.
> pink desk and accessories
> desk and pink keyboard
> pink accessories
> pink desk and accessories
"Did you guys know Im a gamer? Guys Im a gamer, did I tell you that yet? Seriously, this is the only thing I have, look at how much of a gamer I am."

And then the male/normal/unisex one, for reference.
> i completed this difficult challenge
> remember these old games?
> look at this easter egg in a game
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thumbnail of war-machine-pleads-not-guilty-pp[1].jpg
war-machine-pleads-not-guilty-pp[1] jpg (42.93 KB, 800x450)
I've seen this dynamic play out: stupid slut and violent possessive guy. The slut likes to screw around, and the posessive guy can't handle that and lashes out.

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im banned on 4chan for being annoying and whiny :p im miyoko whats ur name? :3
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“Queens of r9k” such a fucking cope
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thumbnail of Selfportrait.png
Selfportrait png (254.29 KB, 671x528)
you have to create content first. make a self-portrait with your content. if this is good for us. we will discuss it here. if not, no. 
I advise you not to come and get into places like this, it's not good for your mental health. for your own good leave chans and go out your room. do something fun. enjoy life.
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thumbnail of ghfgdsfh.png
ghfgdsfh png (1.16 MB, 914x812)

shut up pussy. i like brown women, like many of us.
she's a normalwhore looking for easy orbiters, she's not going to make any content and even if she did it wouldn't be any good
she's full nigger, not just brown
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thumbnail of suss.jpg
suss jpg (25.03 KB, 600x521)
> orbiting culture

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thumbnail of 1617376642420[1].png
1617376642420[1] png (1.48 MB, 960x900)
Queen of /tv/ or monster face. What are your thoughts?
there's an entire board of monster face worshippers:

> queen of /tv/
> older than 12
Odd looking duck. Something about her eyes. Transfixing.
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thumbnail of 6aPHxRy[1].jpg
6aPHxRy[1] jpg (556.75 KB, 688x2000)


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553d6ce8ec... mp4 (1.69 MB, 576x1024)
How does this make you feel?
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thumbnail of who'er.png
who'er png (76.34 KB, 287x235)
seethe harder roastie
Somebody wants to be liked?
How disastrous, shut down the airports and cancel all trains, we got a serious case at our hands.

Most incels or "simps" would make for horrendous partners.
There is a reason why they are alone and it's usually their terrible character and not having anything to offer. This is basically all they can do to get attention from women, throwing money and attention at them, whether it's wanted or unwanted by the object of desire doesn't matter to them. Of course they'd be much better off just getting a hooker every now and then and going on with their life. But what you call "simps" and incels aren't really known for making rational decisions and they're too lazy to change themselves.
> Most incels or "simps" would make for horrendous partners.
You mean like guys who beat or abuse their gfs? Or even just guys who only pretend to date them just to fuck them? But those guys sure get tons of female attention. Odd.
> There is a reason why they are alone and it's usually their terrible character
Plenty of men with bad character get women. In fact, those men seem to get women at a higher rate. See personality detector malfunctions, and nuclear blackpills.
> and not having anything to offer
Sounds like the women who just show off their body and have 0 personality.

You're just a redditor type trying to dunk on a group of people you perceive to be "lesser" than you, but what you dont realize is you're right on the same level with them.
> Odd.
They abuse plent of women who they are able to charm prior to that. Maybe give them a really good fuck, maybe swoon them in other ways. Whatever gets them hooked.
Then they start the abuse and they tend to have to go through dozens of women before they find one broken enough that actually sticks with them.

> Plenty of men with bad character get women.
See the above.

Do you want a normal relationship or somebody you just can abuse?
I know for most incels there is no difference between the two. They're just unable to attain their free sex-maid.

> Sounds like the women who just show off their body and have 0 personality.
Oh you mean trophy women, who men chose to stay with (for a time), because they wanna fuck hot bitches or to show off?
Or women who just get pumped and dumped, since they aren't considered "relationship material"?

> what you dont realize is you're right on the same level with them.
What's next, you gonna call me a "Nice Guy" or "roastie"?
what an annoying gook whore. what was she sayin'? too? to? two? fuckin' gook....

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thumbnail of images (84).jpeg
images (84) jpeg (16.58 KB, 563x544)
post Agatha pics here
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Look at these lines on her thigh. Was Aggie cutting herself??
Where are you seeing lines? I dont see em.
It could be, she's always had some mental issues.
2nd pic
At least she didn't have coprophilic tendencies most jewish girls have. Am i right guys?
Holy shit I see them now. Theres at least like 4 healed scars. Damn, I never knew she cut herself. What a shame.
I wanna marry her, bros

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thumbnail of 1465401144980[1].jpg
1465401144... jpg (137 KB, 675x1200)
Another one of the orbiter dweeb.
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thumbnail of 1462153547231.png
1462153547231 png (17.17 KB, 573x346)
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1462154560... png (16.72 KB, 334x639)
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thumbnail of 1462154727851.png
1462154727851 png (16.28 KB, 639x249)
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1462154774079 png (4.91 KB, 253x201)
imagine being this much of a cuck
Guy was naive as hell, and had no clue how Ciara or women in general operate. She would never respect a simp like him, and would always take the chance to rob him. Only the intervention of her dad got Guy his money back. 

If He had said to ciara "let's go hang out in a hotel and do drugs", she'd be all over him and would have spent the whole weekend bouncing off his dick between taking opioids. 

Ciara was like the discord bicycle, everyone took her for a ride. You just have to know what she wanted.
> everyone took her for a ride.
But did you?
thumbnail of Screenshot (12639).png
thumbnail of Screenshot (12639).png
Screenshot (12639) png (15.05 KB, 597x98)
He's meeting up with Sunny now
Of course. He gets discount Ciara.

thumbnail of 1513063755325[1].jpg
thumbnail of 1513063755325[1].jpg
1513063755325[1] jpg (758.64 KB, 2643x1982)
These weird little orbiters.
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Nothing will become of the Marky/Sam story unless Marky makes a public statement about Sam (such as on Twitter) or agrees to do an interview. She won't do either.

There was no police report and the only recorded evidence is poorly sourced screen caps from discord and DMs. The image of Sam and Marky with a nosebleed muddies the waters even further. People assume that the nosebleed was caused by Sam abusing Marky but anyone doing their homework can pull up images of Marky's history of nosebleed photos. The entire Sam/Marky relationship can then be dismissed as just a prank bro.
Man, Jet looks like a shifty drug dealer now. Probably drinking tons of booze which is why he's fat.
If every single person in that documentary was killed the world would be a better place
She had bloody teeth too, she was obviously punched in the face
Blood trickling down from her nose to her mouth. Her and Ciara had a thing for taking pictures with blood for edgy/cool points. The Sam Hyde banging 16 year old and then discarding her is pretty shitty in and of itself, don't need to make it worse.

thumbnail of 9a7a59ad47c1a1683762fb6daee6eb47-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 9a7a59ad47c1a1683762fb6daee6eb47-imagejpeg.jpg
9a7a59ad47c... jpg (1.58 MB, 3000x4000)
Her nudes are technically child porn. You know that, anon?
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14 in Germany and Italy.
there is no age of consent where i come from
I don't care about whoers OP
In the photos she doesn't look like a child at all. objectively it has a woman's body. 
porn and detestable seem to me those photos that are in the thread of agatha in which show her legs or suggest sensuality of some kind in a child.
thumbnail of 1599259858188.jpg
thumbnail of 1599259858188.jpg
1599259858188 jpg (296.83 KB, 1224x786)

thumbnail of 20210623_120502.jpg
thumbnail of 20210623_120502.jpg
20210623_120502 jpg (80.55 KB, 500x604)
how do i become an e woman. i'm probably never reaching rose or agatha status but i need money.
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You will never be a woman. You don't have a uterus, you don't have ovaries, you don't have eggs. You are a homosexual man protected from drug treatment and surgery, a true mockery of natural perfection.
All the “support” you will receive is from fake people and/or with ulterior motives. People make fun of you behind your back. Your parents are embarrassed and disgusted with you, plus your “friends” laugh at your devilish appearance when you don't introduce yourself.
Men repulse you. Thousands of men from years of evolution have allowed them to identify frauds with incredible efficiency Even the most feminine tricks that are apparently not genuine and unnatural for men. Your bone structure is a strong indicator of this. And even when you manage to get a drunk guy into your house, he'll come back with the tallow on his shins the moment he glimpses the fetid, infected scar you call your pussy.
You will never be happy. You let out a yellow smile today the saint facing the morning for yourself even though the mirror is ok, you feel a descent but deep down, crawling the body, like a weed, ready to destroy you when you don't offer anymore .
buy, the weight will be so much, that you will have a rope, make a noose, put it over your neck and jump into a deep and icy abyss. Your parents will meet you, departed, but relieved that they won't have to worry about shame and disappointment anymore. They will bury you, and your headstone will be written in your birth name, where anyone who passes by will know, for all eternity, that a man is buried there. His body will decompose and turn to dust, and all that is left of his legacy will be a bone of a skeleton, undeniably male.
This is your destiny. That's what you chose. There is no turning back.
jesus christ, the amount of insanity this board can contain is truly astounding
If you're an actual woman I can get you simps that will donate. I take 50% though.
absolutely ngmi
> how do i become an e woman
Before you become an "e woman" you should become a woman. Too bad you will never be one.

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