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Commie Ken stopped using social media half a year ago, but still uses RYM and Letterboxd. She also writes perfume reviews that involve philosophy. She is 5'3 and her shoe size is a 6 in women's and 4 in men's. 

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No their passion is fake because they always have surface level understanding of the topic, because they focus on the social aspect of it more than the acivity, and because they always need to broadcast what they do for attention.
You effectively never see men doing this shit.
Not the same guy. 
I agree 
Men don't have Rate my music
Men do not have Fragrantica
Men do not have Letterbox 
Men do not have Instagram twitter or tiktok. ....
They never seem to make Youtube videos about there hobbies either. I never seem to see them Cosplay. 
They never write poetry Blog post
In the world of social media its hard for most people to not have an outlet as some form of creative expression its just some  happen to be more into it then others
Post some fucking pics or fuck off.
i can literally count the num of females that use rym on 2 hands. the rest are male

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thumbnail of 1588637383306.jpg
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Is Custardloaf based?
is there any archive of her streams?
Who is her?
fucking elaborate holy shit who is this bitch
> brushtard roast
> anything but an utter embarrassment and failed egirl
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thumbnail of 1641339482446.jpg
1641339482446 jpg (90.76 KB, 943x915)
she is friends with femboys, trannies; homosexuals, so no. if picrel is your idea of based, then yes

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thumbnail of 456685C9-4109-4999-BF29-498C87B38F33.jpeg
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okay so here's the deal. it will be hard to believe but i am a woman, born one and always been one. agatha and i were mutuals on tumblr years ago, which led to me subscribing to her on youtube before the big purge, leading to me to start lurking on various forum boards. it didnt get that bad until i was about 15 (i am almost 19) and really became dedicated to posting and interacting. my goal by the end of 2022 is to be known, if only by a little bit, to some people, before i commit. apart from me having weight problems my entire life from force feeding, and the color of my skin, how would i ever seem to achieve this? i am fixing my weight problem, i dont want to be an ugly fat piece of meat on the autopsy table of course. does anyone at all, have any tips or advice? i am very determined.
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sounds like you're larping and / or trolling, but if you're legit then you need to seriously reconsider your goals in life. become famous among a group of retarded perverts is what you would consider your life peak before committing sudoku? ffs. you definitely needs an outside, less insane perspective.
please go outside and take care of yourself.
You have severe mental health issues and need professional help. Being in this kind of place will only make your issues worse.
That said, I'm into fat chicks, so I'll bite. Let's see your gut\figure, and your feet.
Pretending to be a girl is not e-girl/orbiter related discussion.
You are fat and non-white. You will never be popular here.

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5654645 mp4 (2.89 MB, 576x1024)
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thumbnail of 75655.mp4
75655 mp4 (1.33 MB, 576x1024)
Anyone else follow any ASMRtists who quit Youtube?

KayKay ASMR and AsmrGirlx
no, but i remember the asmr board on 8chan. i never looked closely but those guys seemed pretty similar to us except they had even more content
iirc, /agatha/ was originally a spin-off of /asmr/. They didn't want Agatha threads there, so that's why Franz made the board. A lot of /agatha/'s original users were from there. 
I was never a big user of /asmr/ myself, but it's still sad that 8cuck deleted their board a while back. Doesn't seem like their community has recovered from it.

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thumbnail of FHVTMw7X0AE6eZV.jpg
FHVTMw7X0AE6... jpg (201.38 KB, 960x1280)
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Cosplay whore. 0\10
Those are some fucking ugly hands.
Ugly fat cosplaying slut with a face of a 9 year old

Post moar
Is this a luftwaffe emblem on the last pic?
She's gonna get MIGHTY fat. This is the path of all these average looking cosplay harlots. Many ride out their youth and put no work into themselves, and then get fat fat fat.

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thumbnail of 1569089645668.jpg
1569089645668 jpg (550.62 KB, 1080x1080)
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thumbnail of 1565236326446.jpg
1565236326446 jpg (110.5 KB, 1080x1080)
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thumbnail of 1565127595882.jpg
1565127595882 jpg (152.45 KB, 1080x1350)
Do any of you oldfags remember that Russian girl called Nika The girl who use to post on 8chan's /agatha2
What happened to her?
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> What happened to her?
She already hit the wall. Find a better e-girl please
she's cute, that's the appeal. or she was cute, at least
i remember she/larp was on ----- too
as well as some nudes
really cute girl
really? the site doesn't even exist anymore lel
Just never bothered to remove the filter.

thumbnail of 899F29F9-74B3-4D8C-9083-F9A1C941FACA.jpeg
thumbnail of 899F29F9-74B3-4D8C-9083-F9A1C941FACA.jpeg
899F29F9-74B3-4D8C... jpeg (499.79 KB, 737x715)
ind egirl with no physical flaws aside from weight
> only selfies are in her private account with ~60 followers, main account is just weeb shit and photos of trees 
> fucking hates attention damnit
How can I get her to start posting publicly bros? Feel like we’re all missing out on a goldmine here and I’d feel bad posting her selfies unless she was posting them publicly, should I try to be her friend and convince her to post herself?
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But I love her.
Not fat, too skinny, like Ciara before she died
if you loved her you wouldn't want to post her here. no need to lie to yourself
> ind
India? Go convince her. We need more desi e-girl yaar

are there even any desi e-girls? i can't think of any
Sounds like you're a lolcow bitch? idk man, posting selfies is pretty commonplace. i really don't agree that that's a red flag unless she constantly does it with slutty photos. that's how you know you've most likely spotted an attention whore. it's hard to tell these days, because humans are nuanced. unlike a 28 year old shell of a woman posting about e-girl red flags

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thumbnail of 20rfrm425k681.gif
20rfrm425k681 gif (2 MB, 320x320)
Will there be a video this year?
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rose straightens and dyes her hair and has a pig nose too
I wish there was a haven for rosebros nowadays, she's the only girl who's actually still worth orbiting
what is there to even talk about
I read somewhere (i think it was reddit) that there were some new contemporary pictures of her but of course they got banned from a site like reddit. That's something I would look forward to for example. It doesn't mean I'm going to stalk her just by looking at her pictures but websites like reddit are shit for stuff like that.
Rose has got wavy hair. It's wavy on the count it's waving good bye to her cuz she's going bald!

thumbnail of 66400A60-7862-40C4-8C1A-C2FAB3BFC4D6.jpeg
thumbnail of 66400A60-7862-40C4-8C1A-C2FAB3BFC4D6.jpeg
66400A60-7862-40C... jpeg (158.42 KB, 420x450)
Fuck bros…I love her so much
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bonbi doing a special nsfw $100 patreon for xmas and getting her huge milkers out finally, would be the bext xmas present ever.
Post more webms
thumbnail of 283 [Roxy Lalonde] (i gotta hit that).mp4
thumbnail of 283 [Roxy Lalonde] (i gotta hit that).mp4
283 [Roxy... mp4 (3.13 MB, 540x960)

Bonbibros... it's over for us, we're finished
Something happened?

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thumbnail of 1625615767130.jpg
1625615767130 jpg (61.87 KB, 640x480)
Gone but never forgotten.
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Juan but not forgotten.
Dumb junkie retard thought she was invincible and knew better. Only the intervention of her psychiatrist who had a scale in her office was the reason she was forcibly sent to hospital the first time around. Apparently no one in her life gave enough of a shit about her to do that again the second time around since her weight was still dangerously low. Her parents response was to send her to high price facilities, where Ciara would do her program, then come out and go right back to her scamming and drug using ways. 

No one, I repeat no one, won from this. Everyone lost and it was so tragic and so stupid and so avoidable. Opioids are not something to mess around with.
Who is that again? She looks like she is mixed Irish/Jew?
7/8 Irish, 1/8 Jewish. 100% heroin.
The currently active Ciara thread is located here: >>/5410/
Any conversations regarding her can be continued there. Thanks.

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