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thread for beautiful angel marky
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marky imitated rose's speech for few seconds and moved on watching other vids. it was funny to see her expression while doing it. I had clipped it but got removed I don't know why.
noooo can you upload it here? seeing her acting naturally in these last streams really were the highlights of this m*rky season
I deeply regret that I didn't download the clip.
> thought marky and ciara made up at the end and became friends
Your thinking of ciara and erica they kinda became friends.  Marky rarely ever reacted when asked about ciara but she did one time in a good youtube stream when she was streaming deadly premonition.  She said she didn't care that she was dead and that she had been dead to her long before her actual death.

There were like 9 viewers and the stream is of course gone so I have no proof other than my word so take it as you will
Bump limit reached

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Rumor is she has a new instagram and streams on twitch
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that's tiktok retard
Muffy is tiktok famous as an alt girl nowadays. Gained some weight too
Muffys a lesbian nowadays she realized men arwnt shit
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thumbnail of NO PROOFS.png
NO PROOFS png (852.5 KB, 1139x1768)
Muffy is a trap
You people need to learn your history
thumbnail of bite the pillow franz.mp4
thumbnail of bite the pillow franz.mp4
bite the pillow franz mp4 (855.92 KB, 426x240)

thumbnail of ASMR SHORT- Staring Contest 1..png
thumbnail of ASMR SHORT- Staring Contest 1..png
ASMR SHORT- Staring... png (58.88 KB, 250x141)
ASMR SHORT - Staring Contest
The good:
In this video, she interacts with the audience a LOT. I really like the interactivity, it feels like you're right there playing a game with her.
> she touches the camera a lot, trying to distract the audience

> she tries to hypnotize the audience with her pendant

> she says stuff like "Jinx jinx jinx." and "You're going to lose. Lose lose lose."

> in one of the rounds, she stares at the camera for a full 25+ seconds

> that part where she struggles to get the camera to focus for like 2 minutes

> her hair looks nice

The bad:
> her clothes are rather bad, she has that stupid "shirt falling off of shoulder" thing

> she wears makeup in this vid, which Im personally not a fan of

> she is overly soft spoken outside of an ASMR context, Id like to hear more of her real natural voice

> there's some minor ASMR in there too, nothing great though

In conclusion, the whole video is strangely entertaining, I felt like I had spent a nice afternoon having fun with Agatha.
I give this video an overall rating of 7\10.
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thumbnail of Pet Peeves (at concerts, at the doctor's, and more.png
thumbnail of Pet Peeves (at concerts, at the doctor's, and more.png
Pet Peeves (at concerts, at the doctor's,... png (683.72 KB, 1674x941)
Pet Peeves (at concerts, at the doctor's, and more)
This one was the first Agatha video I ever watched.
> decent hair, tolerable shirt (she really likes that shoulder thing, huh?), and the classic background set. she's still doing the voice thing too
> one instance of Agatha screaming (1m8s) which was unexpected
> she doesnt like stupid, inconsiderate, or obnoxious people
> she says she has a speech impediment
She said that one of her pet peeves is people who dont finish their food, which I can deeply relate to. It really pisses me off when people waste food in any way. Especially if they're doing it for some retarded reason like always leaving a bit of food on their plate at every meal. Its just pointless waste.
She pronounces "thesaurus" as thessa-russ (7m30s), which made me chuckle. I had to google the sounds to realize what she was trying to say, since at first I thought it was some jewish item like a menorah or something.
She's against people who police others' grammar and spelling, saying it's not an indication of mental capacity, which I somewhat disagree with. While people who overdo it can be annoying, it really is a decent indicator of someone's general intellect if they make obvious spelling mistakes or misspell basic words.
Ive heard a lot of women complain about doctors not taking their symptoms seriously, but this seems rather suspicious since Ive never seen this happen personally. Does anybody have any info on this?
Watching this vid gave me the idea to make some "Agatha trivia" posts.
This was a more structured video, not so directionless like some of her other vids (like ASMR). I personally enjoy these, I'd like more of them.
I give this video an overall rating of 5\10.
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thumbnail of 8AA50524-55BF-4FF8-B1D0-72A9DF5561CC.jpeg
8AA50524-55B... jpeg (86.5 KB, 643x820)

Reading shit is the entire point of a review, dumb retard.
This is a really intuitive look into her videos offering the facts displayed in a basic sense alongside your personal experience with them.
Please continue posting or sharing, it is wonderful to see discussion of our queen Agatha on this board that is NAMED after her, Agatha2.
Could you please follow up with, your favorite Aggy video and why? After this, could you share your least favorite release from her?
Thanks anon
From,  anon
Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. I'll think about writing some more reviews for sure, when I'm more in the mood for it.

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thumbnail of 1586298634414.jpg
1586298634414 jpg (1.11 MB, 2020x2638)
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thumbnail of Marky.jpg
Marky jpg (1.01 MB, 2448x2496)
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thumbnail of 1620178363184.jpg
1620178363... jpg (1.22 MB, 1440x2960)
Imagine a world without their beauty.
It would be hell on earth. They give life meaning.
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Wholesome my dude - wholesome for a place this schizo but still.

Most people aren't worth your time tbf. It's a truism for everything in life and I mean that without wishing to come across cynically.
kennedi best girl. wish she still worked at the bakery so I could eat the bread made by her soft hands.
No you don’t
Women are the best!!!!!
The only men who actually like women are the men who havent really interacted with them.
I'm not saying that as a woman tier "u no get gf, u no get pussi" type insult. I'm saying that because if you're not a delusional simp, and you spend any amount of time around a woman, you'll see how insufferable they are.

I desperately need your ann frank rares and selfies. All  of them. All. Ill trade rares
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Whatever happened to her anyway?

literally who
Give up dude her daddy is a lawyer or some shit
a very talented photographer, check her portfolio! 

thumbnail of b725125aaebafbcbf2fb3886a55d2d6f.jpg
thumbnail of b725125aaebafbcbf2fb3886a55d2d6f.jpg
b725125aae... jpg (116.22 KB, 750x1060)
Does anybody know anything about the ever elusive Bunni? Or, at least, what she looks like? She's quite notorious on /r9k/, yet nobody seems to know what she looks like.
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People here really do have way too much time on their hands. At least obsess over someone who is confirmed female, and confirmed to exist, and confirmed to have some good pics.
nigga you're in the trenches right here with us!
this 'Bunni' person probably made this thread themselves
She was real but too hot for r9k

thumbnail of 1635773865469.jpg
thumbnail of 1635773865469.jpg
1635773865469 jpg (495.58 KB, 1200x1200)
Any new news from Kennedi?

I really miss her,since she left I feel like something died inside me.
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good job guys, Pygmalion and Ed Gein would be proud of you
thanks, I already created my own kennedi
thumbnail of download20211005172.png
thumbnail of download20211005172.png
download202110051... png (819.84 KB, 1200x1200)

Ken come back please
Maybe if u creeps stopped posting her there would be news

thumbnail of download.png
thumbnail of download.png
download png (337.79 KB, 600x600)
I miss your autistic pics and your Mao Commiephrases, also I did this to you in picrew.
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I need Kennedi
I miss her so much
I’m so delusional one day when I have the money I will visit NC just so I can find her and see her irl. It’s crazy to me that a person like her even exists. She is God
instead of earning a restraining order and sending her to months of therapy how about you don’t do that and leave her alone you creepy fuck lmao
ok fine it won't happen

thumbnail of c21d66689b2faccdfc9855f7ead82ae1.jpg
thumbnail of c21d66689b2faccdfc9855f7ead82ae1.jpg
c21d66689b2f... jpg (278.54 KB, 1080x1417)
I'am not your queen, I'am just a person. Stop idealizing complete strangers on the internet just because you see their picture. I do not want your affection or your attention. I do not want anything from you weirdos. Leave me alone.
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I don’t care about you ken I just want to fuck john maus
holy fuck
come back we need you
schizo thread
Weird larp

thumbnail of E9986500-707B-4F30-94C2-1738B77847EB.jpeg
thumbnail of E9986500-707B-4F30-94C2-1738B77847EB.jpeg
E9986500-707B-4F30-94C2-1738B77847EB jpeg (115.58 KB, 1000x554)
lol this board is basically lolcow.farm for men hahah faggots kill your selfs now you don’t even have good taste. glad you got your little pedophile den deleted repeatedly so now your community is dead af
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thumbnail of psm9oMYj.jpg
thumbnail of psm9oMYj.jpg
psm9oMYj jpg (53.89 KB, 579x904)
holy based
stop bullying our dead community
i know the OP
are the trannies in the room with you right now, anon?
True but even more pathetic

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