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yeah i like e girls with an interesting story, some lore to uncover, an emotional roller coaster
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masha / claraoswin

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thumbnail of average.jpg
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why do you guys worship these bitches?
does their average looks make you think you have a chance with them and fantasize about it?

most of the women I see here are average looking bitches, except for Marky
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i WORSHIP them because i am slave to them
The charm is the average looking
But she's not average. She has cute freckles, no facial flaws and a fit body with very big tits and ass.
Hey, I'm just answering the OP question

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thumbnail of 60 - 7oV8ttO.jpg
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Does anyone have Erica's videos from 2016?
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she streaming
I assume everyone has already seen this one, but nobody's linked it so here:https://youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ 
I wanna drink her spit
i just discovered this person, what's her story?
didn't she have nudes, allegedly?

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thumbnail of 1650828367360[1].jpg
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oh how the mighty have fallen
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sit the fuck down whore
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thumbnail of 7BD655B0-1287-4177-B3E0-DB52850BF542.jpeg
7BD655B0-1287... jpeg (770.92 KB, 724x899)
Imo even though she's gained a significant amount of weight she's still pretty cute, Girl's gone through a lot and without whoring herself out for utterly low tier coomer men. Still pretty qt, just older
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thumbnail of 1656393202083[1].jpg
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1466476340028 jpg (11.3 KB, 277x335)

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British cutie Lily
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Now that she's officially 18, she's disappeared from the internet.
She is skinnier than you, Alina.
Unironically I heard from one of her stalkers (some creepy bisexual guy) that she got fat and that most of her pictures were from when she was 14-15 and others are photoshopped. But I can't confirm that, rumors are rumors.
Her pictures are all extremely photoshopped, but idk about the getting fat part. She's average weight but photoshopped herself to look thinner, and tried photoshopping her face to look more like Lily Rose Depp if she were 5 years old. Also where the fake name Lily came from. I wish I was kidding, because it really is pathetic. There's an entire community of girls who call themselves femcels half ironically and "girlblog" and worship Lily Rose Depp, Lana Del Ray, Misaka from Death Note. Been a thing for years but became a lot more popular recently.
Lily is a fake name? So there's no Lily Rose from Louth in England?

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thumbnail of 1513827506216.jpg
1513827506216 jpg (225.84 KB, 750x747)
OP from last week's post on bianca.

i'm putting together a video essay on bianca devins. (i am not one of those memorial account faggots, haven't stooped that low yet.)

looking for unseen photos from her social media, not personal photos, i don't give a shit about those. so stop recommending memorial account fags because they only post family pictures

email me at [email protected]

i reply to every email i get. i hope you'll be helpful since i'm actually trying to tell a true story for once.
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i'm the kind of person who gets super fixated on things. it's weird but it's just how i've always been
i've lurked here for a while and yeah i do post elsewhere just not under a name. bianca's case just captivated me, especially bc of all the misinformation. my goal is to correct that misinformation and fill in gaps in the story. ty for your interest.
i still need help with this.
email - [email protected]
discord - beebxtch#5694

looking for unseen photos/videos of bianca.

i've reached so many dead ends with people not replying once they contact me so actually be useful send me relevent stuff.
It's pretty funny how grown men were manipulated by a child. These grown men still seethe over this years after her death.
You'll have better luck making threads on 4chan, this place is dead and relatively speaking she died a long time ago.

i'm banned from r9k. if you could do it for me i'd appreciate it

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66a3152b270a5... jpg (59.92 KB, 494x617)
thumbnail of 1530853626395.png
thumbnail of 1530853626395.png
1530853626395 png (1.93 MB, 1080x1001)
thumbnail of 3be8f985b147131eee36ebb5ba682f80.jpg
thumbnail of 3be8f985b147131eee36ebb5ba682f80.jpg
3be8f985b147... jpg (182.07 KB, 1080x1350)
Brazilian Russian cosplayer, any more info on her ? She was popular on r9k late 2019, and her popularity has since faded. 
Does she stream, game, make vids nowadays or what

I have collected these images off of google, some are recent from this year while some appear to be 2018, 2019.
If anyone has an age or more information I am interested
I think she is a beautiful girl but those often make me want to kill myself. Not this one,  however.
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i would have sex with this girl for like 10 hours straight
her wig and makeup would come off by then

and i actually just did cum

someone delete this actually i meant the other one
she's dating some ugly japanese-brazilian hapa my life is over

thumbnail of avatars-D8N74RLa3Bgj3fXF-4T4CgQ-t500x500.jpg
thumbnail of avatars-D8N74RLa3Bgj3fXF-4T4CgQ-t500x500.jpg
avatars-D8N74RLa3Bg... jpg (35.04 KB, 500x500)
Can someone send me an invite to Marc's harem server, please?
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> link is invalid
is the server got nuked or what?
Someone nuked it
New link: https://discord.gg/hG8T88QPgb
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thumbnail of FEA2B457-8240-4AF5-B6A6-3938047EC991.jpeg
FEA2B457-82... jpeg (337.44 KB, 1575x2100)
I think it's this tranny Sav that keeps doing it
Looks like a censored Savannah Faith
paul dano lookin ass bitch
Yeah she’s a bitch

thumbnail of xqhnP96.jpg
thumbnail of xqhnP96.jpg
xqhnP96 jpg (564.02 KB, 4000x2000)
You know you remember it every so often, anon. Whatever happened to people like Picard, Sebthaler, and CalvinCandiee? Remember that one girl who was obsessed with making herself lactate on cam?
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Are they in this board?
> kinda crazy, but had a good heart

there's no such thing as an e-girl with a good earth
> sunny loved ciara so much because they look the same
They barely look similar. They just both have relatively big eyes and shit sprinkles on their face, that's it.

The "just crazy" one most likely still hangs out here or on other boards/discords to read up on drama, she loves it. I'm not sure if she was part of the initial sheep village, but she certainly knew a lot about the people there. In fact, she is how I got into this whole "subgenre of chan culture" several years ago.
The other one most definitely has never heard of endchan or just passingly and doesn't know much about other e-girls like Ciara or Sunny. Guess that's why she wasn't internally corrupted. She has had a lot of other much more serious problems to deal with the past few years anyway.
can someone post a new invite to marcs e harem

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thumbnail of 1651485456923[1].jpg
1651485456923[1] jpg (90.09 KB, 960x765)
What does agatha2 think of /ourgal/?
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Of course it's real. Nyanners was an "epic" 4channer for the longest time and spun off from /a/ and /v/. She's one of those people who needs to fit in and joins in online crowds. When everyone was okay with loicon or saying nigger she'd join in. She had a whole song adapted from some lolicon doujin. 

Then she got an e-eceleb career and fell into the social justice crowd and had to flip. Don't blame her at all.
I think the only difference is that this wasn't on stream, and it's overlaying one of nyanners old joke songs with video of her modern stream.
I originally thought it wasn't because there was no way Nyanners would use her current Vtuber model to say something that could run her out the internet at this point but >>/13367/ makes a good point that the audio may be real, just overlaid. Then again though, the voice sounds kinda choppy and monotone like a text to speech one.
I was shocked to see she became a famous vtuber and the fanbase had no idea she ever did anything before the vtubing. All I remember her for is faking a loli voice to sing about child rape manga and slurs. 

Has there been backlash at all? How does she explain it? Lmao, it's almost embarrassing to imagine.
Didn't mean any harm by it. Just really curious cause I browsed youtube back in I was a kid and distinctly remember loads of her videos then dropping off her and then nowadays she's found popularity with a zoomer audience doing almost the exact same thing. Props to her for longevity on the internet despite that brief period of double downing on SJW politics.

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