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121a1560c8c83b99f... jpg (35.2 KB, 564x564)
in months from now if i don't end up in a better place i wonder what people will say about me, i see so many people calling the girls their "true loves" or "attention whores" and deciding their quality like they're an object. i feel like no matter how bad a legacy i leave on here, it'll most likely be summed up by some 30 yr old white man calling me a slut.
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I think you are delusional.
You sound like a typical "nice guy incel".

> The only thing that's happening is women get mad when they are criticized, that's it.
Ah yes, compared to all the incels here and on boards like /r9k/ that are totally mentally sound and can perfectly handle criticism.
thumbnail of meme incel guau.png
thumbnail of meme incel guau.png
meme incel guau png (394.22 KB, 670x728)
haha what a fucking loser
That meme perfectly describe what I just called a nice guy incel.
Except they aren't even attached to a leash or ever near any woman.
mice try retard but you're the one calling others "incel"
this idiot really tried to use a "no u" hahahahaha
thumbnail of i like dogs.mp4
thumbnail of i like dogs.mp4
i like dogs mp4 (8.11 MB, 320x240)

that I sound delusional? And what is delusional about what I said? any counterargument? come on, if you are going to deny my idea at least criticize it or propose a better one...

nice guy? Yes sometimes I am. Or at least I try to be.

I don't consider myself an incel. I am not one. I'm single, but I could have a partner if I wanted to, maybe have children, start a family, have a better paid job and all that.
But right now in my life I don't want any of that. I want those things according to my rules and in my own way.
I don't hate women either or I think they are superior or inferior to me (because they are women) nor do I mistreat them.
I am not right or far-right either.
not all chan users are incels. I'm here because I like the chan format, posting with proxies, the weird and fun stuff, etc.

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thumbnail of 1532075198754.jpg
1532075198754 jpg (197.17 KB, 960x1280)
Misc E-girl thread
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what the fuck is e-dating?
have you actually physically touched this girl you "dated"?
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thumbnail of 5f25121c82c6182fc48ba5561ebbf0fd.png
5f25121c82... png (748.63 KB, 640x852)
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thumbnail of 965dc3840995c4c8abe9ba10d1723f50.jpg
965dc3840995... jpg (200.69 KB, 960x1278)

thumbnail of lily.jpg
thumbnail of lily.jpg
lily jpg (39.61 KB, 640x640)
e-girl called Lily who was around for like one month on /r9k/
she was very deep in some circles to my understanding but she eventually vanished into thin air and everything about her went with it
do you have more old ones of her?
No clue who that is, but she seems like a good girl, if you catch my drift.

thumbnail of 1599090120070.jpg
thumbnail of 1599090120070.jpg
1599090120070 jpg (805.31 KB, 1438x1441)
What's the deal with this chick?
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if there are dozens of pics with a person hiding their face in a very specific way, that is not a coincidence
thumbnail of 1597106967675.jpg
thumbnail of 1597106967675.jpg
1597106967675 jpg (23.94 KB, 499x499)
There's literally nothing wrong with her jaw tho
even in this pic shes tilting it and only showing half her face. it's a wide, masculine jaw and shes using angle tricks and hiding it to make her face look smaller. i think it looks fine but shes obviously insecure about it since theres not a single pic shes not trying to make it look different. it is just like ciara who constantly hid her chin until everyone pointed out she was doing it. you get made fun of for doing it in japan because literally every girl tries it 

> “The V-sign was (and still is) often recommended as a technique to make girls’ faces appear smaller and cuter,” says Karlin.
> And you know that double peace sign that you always see Harajuku girls doing in photos? Some say it's a trick, along with the popular mushiba pozu ("cavity pose", where girls place one or two hands on the side of their faces like they've got a really cute toothache) to partially cover the jawline—instant kogao. (Literally translating as “small face,” kogao is a Japanese beauty concept referring to slim, evenly placed facial features)
thumbnail of 269656117_1232699673918298_2709027030802546703_n.jpg
thumbnail of 269656117_1232699673918298_2709027030802546703_n.jpg
269656117_1232699... jpg (56.74 KB, 1080x1080)
this british slag was literally made for american cock
She's Armenian.

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thumbnail of seymour.png
seymour png (923.45 KB, 1080x1056)
Thread for discussion of the notorious discord/r9k paedo, former #1 Ciara orbiter, and all around living meme Sleepy Seymour.
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hopefully that's because no one saved the pics in the first place
he strikes me as the Norman Bates kind of guy
lmao i agree. idk about seymour's parents though. he lives alone doesnt he?
thumbnail of Screenshot (1595).png
thumbnail of Screenshot (1595).png
Screenshot (1595) png (628.48 KB, 934x599)

thumbnail of bape.jpg
thumbnail of bape.jpg
bape jpg (90.11 KB, 850x1133)
Is he dripped out in the Bape hoodie? Goated with the sauce, perhaps?

thumbnail of w1e1wgoui9w71.jpg
thumbnail of w1e1wgoui9w71.jpg
w1e1wgoui9w71 jpg (55.95 KB, 640x653)
Most beautiful girl on earth
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She is so cute, she truly is. I can fuck her all day long. BUT beautiful angel ciara is always one step ahead from her
Marky always looks constitpated.
thumbnail of bananas-11.jpg
thumbnail of bananas-11.jpg
bananas-11 jpg (45.88 KB, 367x550)
she should mono diet on bananas for one whole month so that shit smells fruity and slides right on out!
thumbnail of 1638896972833.png
thumbnail of 1638896972833.png
1638896972833 png (311.1 KB, 439x456)
what do you mean i will marry with her soon :) she will be my bride and we will have 3 white kids and a cute golden puppy :)

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thumbnail of tired-1.png
tired-1 png (29.79 KB, 300x268)
Jannies I've come to kiss at thy feet and beg thee for pardon.

If you jannies would be so kind as to remove any posts that mention my name (Vincent) from this board, including this post, and yes you can permaban me too after, I just request, kindly, and humbly to be deleted from here, and then I finally will leave all 4chan stuff behind, for good, forever.

Thank you jannies, you are awesome and no one gives you guys enough credit... Actually you guys get zero credit (because you do it for free.

Thank you very much for your consideration, I am very tired and I haven't slept in like 48 hours
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probably for the best. sorry bud. we're all pathetic and in the same boat. board should just be deleted to be honest. idk. just feels sad now. vampiric for everyone
Yeah, but hey, this song makes me feel a little better

This is my last post here, goodbye, I'm closing this tab now
If you or any of these girls didn't want attention you could just, you know, not seek attention online. Which is exactly what you're doing now with this thread. And you are being really overdramatic with this, I mean you can go ahead and leave and everyone will forget about you soon enough.
See you tomorrow.
LOL, what a clown.
Not going to delete others posts that mention you, sorry. The users have a right to post such things if they wish to. You have the ability to delete this thread yourself at anytime, of course.
As Endchan doesn't have any sort of post history function, this isn't easily feasible. (Not that I would expose posters like this anyway.)

thumbnail of 2021-10-29 11.28.24 2695240307151690545_3039921488.jpg
thumbnail of 2021-10-29 11.28.24 2695240307151690545_3039921488.jpg
2021-10-29... jpg (188.83 KB, 1440x1799)
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she has very mongol eyes. is she finnish? cool

her mom is a little bit redskin.
may be she has some native american ancestry.
bros... she was my golden ticket...... how did you even find her ?

on 4chan. there were guys who hated her because she declared herself autistic and the 4chan fats don't think she has merit for that. they don't want her at the club.


thumbnail of fatjak.jpg
thumbnail of fatjak.jpg
fatjak jpg (90.58 KB, 2048x1448)
let's hear your stories, bros. here's mine

> be NEET
> start orbiting e-girls when I was 15
> I'm now 30
> still NEET
> completely alone

boring I know but I wonder if anyone relates
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Just kill yourself
I have no problem "getting" women, I have fairly average looks and I'm overflowing with confidence. Problem is, I cant find a woman I actually like.
Not only are women not very interesting to be around in general, but they almost always come with horrible attitudes and bad habits. On top of that, they're demanding while not having very good looks themselves. 3s thinking they're 7s, shit like that.
Even casual sex with women seems like way too much effort when I can just sit at home and bust a nut with a 100% success rate.
What do?
Go to a therapist and say you want to kill yourself, get hospitalized, then apply for bux. Works every time
It's over.
Tfw no gf

thumbnail of 3guKEOSq9ypEQY43npMqQe_ugZyZ2Hgbg-ECAPsqMNyhmZfRXhtNLZKZkOYNqcc0Lf0nzhydX4UQOw=s1024-nd-v1[1]
thumbnail of 3guKEOSq9ypEQY43npMqQe_ugZyZ2Hgbg-ECAPsqMNyhmZfRXhtNLZKZkOYNqcc0Lf0nzhydX4UQOw=s1024-nd-v1[1]
3guKEOSq9ypEQY43npMq... (52.59 KB, 0x0)
She's a very cute angel.
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No, looks stupid.
Your'e saying she should get better merch?
I don't care.
> lives a very quiet and reserved life
Then how do you know she's not getting quietly and reservedly plowed by multiple giant cocks like she always did?
More like anal angel.

thumbnail of D5E1CBBD-CBFE-4C46-A8F6-D62A09E44B6C.jpeg
thumbnail of D5E1CBBD-CBFE-4C46-A8F6-D62A09E44B6C.jpeg
D5E1CBBD-CBFE-4C46-A... jpeg (636.4 KB, 1170x1163)
Ken is 22 and recently came back to social media and finally posted face pics for the first time in a year. She likes minimal synth, perfume, philosophy, and poetry. 

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thumbnail of kkke171296b74de9401df70572558cbb3a9.jpeg
thumbnail of kkke171296b74de9401df70572558cbb3a9.jpeg
kkke171296b7... jpeg (268.23 KB, 632x800)
it's over
will she only post pics on film from now on? lmao
Can you guys just post in the other thread. I don't see any major problems with the other OP, and it was made first and has more posts. We can't just have people making competing threads like this because they personally don't like an OP.
go right ahead and delete this thread mr board owner. and give the autist who made it a clip round the ear
He a is handsome guy, I just hope he doesn't abuse her like the other jerk

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