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shut da fuck up
thumbnail of st marky.png
thumbnail of st marky.png
st marky png (149.69 KB, 382x312)
Ladies first :^)
You are so cringe it physically hurts. Please shut the fuck up, along with the other brain dead retard.
thumbnail of laughing at (You).png
thumbnail of laughing at (You).png
laughing at (You) png (125.08 KB, 383x320)
She started it
> this is the face seymour has spent thousands on
after all it does make sense the only men interested in her are ugly incels, stalkers, grown men living in basements, and hebes who saw her nudes from when she was 15. normal men don’t want a 3/10 neet whose only “talent” is drawing bad anime fan art

marky should go drink my cum actually
Marky just posted in her art server that she's still recovering from covid. Maybe catching covid is why she quit her job? I've always wondered why she chooses to work in back of the house kitchen jobs when she could be using her looks to rake in tips. The one reason I could think of is snobbery and pride; members of her class (landed New England gentry) have an in-built disdain against service jobs and would rather take an unpaid internship in an art gallery or museum than make money waiting tables
wow what a bunch of derogatory terms.
do you think the only people who come here are pretty boys or something?
kindly scroll up and look at post:
she doesnt have her youthful beauty anymore, shes a pasty, doughey-faced snaggletoothed bitch. plus she is not friendly. she would not get much in tips.

also , her posts on insta made it seem pretty clear she quit her job because she hated it and wanted to focus on her art, she said nothing about covid.
> that reply was meant fo
You replied to me, schitzo.
She posted in her art server that she became a sushi chef in training, the "new chef" job referred to in >>/12579/ 
She didn't post any insta stories about her hating this job, only photos of sushi.
Yes cunt I did
she literally posted a day or two before quitting that the job drains her and takes up all her time and left her unable to enjoy anything
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220622.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220622.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (337.54 KB, 1080x1874)
You mean this story she posted on June 8? It sounded like she intended to continue working fulltime for the foreseeable future, such that she wouldn't have time for her doll hobby.
schizobrothers, who has some peak marky videos to share
> the job drains her and takes up all her time and left her unable to enjoy anything

well welcome to adulthood, marky, aka what's left of your life
not that one, theres more from that day you didnt show for some reason making it obvious shes unhappy, the first one she posted about wanting to sell them  i think
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220622_2.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220622_2.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (649.84 KB, 1080x1883)
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220623.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220623.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (372.19 KB, 1080x1875)
she said she no longer has time for the hobby, didn't mention her job. She did post earlier on May 16 that work was draining her energy, it was the same day she said in discord her new job was trainee sushi chef.
I dont follow her social media, otherwise id have jumped on the dolfie dream doll before it got listed. I remember seeing it on her shelf when she streamed and wishing that one day I could have it. Now I never will.
thumbnail of IMG_20220610_224854.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220610_224854.jpg
IMG_2022061... jpg (2.38 MB, 3000x4000)
is dis actually big enough for da lady marky
Her hobbies are expensive af lol. She probably dissipates the majority of her wages collecting BJD, anime figurines and vintage video games, and doesn't save much for a rainy day like totaling her car
thumbnail of 2018 12 06 17 28 07.mp4
thumbnail of 2018 12 06 17 28 07.mp4
2018 12 06 17 28 07 mp4 (25.04 MB, 1280x720)

I love her so much, it hurts
> you will never be her bf and be in the same room with her as she sings oldies like this.

I do not want to continue living.
> you will never cuddle with her

Just end my life already
thumbnail of 43614138_352073668884973_200588043877282577_n.jpg
thumbnail of 43614138_352073668884973_200588043877282577_n.jpg
43614138_3520736688... jpg (58.92 KB, 677x677)
thumbnail of 49601138_2213750472222018_177564844332548483_n.jpg
thumbnail of 49601138_2213750472222018_177564844332548483_n.jpg
49601138_221... jpg (131.16 KB, 1080x1350)
thumbnail of 61949540_195569461429002_298827709678157004_n.jpg
thumbnail of 61949540_195569461429002_298827709678157004_n.jpg
61949540_1955694614... jpg (85.03 KB, 756x756)
thumbnail of 64996568_1086653848190166_6887941729194210644_n.jpg
thumbnail of 64996568_1086653848190166_6887941729194210644_n.jpg
64996568_10866538... jpg (55.98 KB, 1080x1080)

Women who cut their beautiful long hair off are agents of Satan.

> you will never lovingly apply chapstick on her dried crusty lips for her because she is too depressed to do it herself.

My God it hurts.
someone upload some stream archives to mega or google drive, i crave
Is that also the reason why she has short, chewed off and dirty nails?
I need mooooooreeeeeeeeee
she always looks sick, frail, anemic, and pale. Those are big turn offs to me.
comes in the package of a 4chan girl
I downloaded this for the sick music.  I would be nice to have that playlist but I couldn't find it.
Where the webcam? :(

Idk, I don't think she has one rn.
just looking for those old streams w/ webcam if anyone has them archived. we can only hope
With her looks, Marky can get any man she wants
And yet her only suitors have been pedrophiles, random orbiters addicted to image boards, and pump n dumpers. If she could get any man she wanted, she would have.
Oh gosh no, absolutely not. lmao
well, youre WRONG. here is the thing: marky attracts pedros, orbiters, and creeps because those are the environments she spends all her time in! its not hard. she spends her time on 4chan, discord, and other shitty places, so shes going to attract the men who frequent those places (trash). if she actually hung out in respectable places, online and irl, she would attract men from those places. if she hung out at church shed attract a nice christian man, if she hung out at bookstores or university settings, shed attract a nice educated man.
I think you're forgetting that even when she went to high school, college, and had various jobs, she still never had a single decent guy into her.
We're talking about a girl who dropped out of college freshman year to move to Brazil to be with guy that was 10+ years her senior.  A guy who lived in a 3rd world country and was barely middleclass. 

She doesn't have shit going for her.
don't forget that same brazilian was literally the owner of masterchan lmao
i dont think i could ever be with a girl who was used and abused by sam hyde of all people.
thats very immature. who cares? as long as she loves you in the present and comes home to you every night, why would it matter?
you're stupid

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