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Dreams, any kind. Vivid, Wet, Lucid, even nightmares. I want to know what you guys dream about, I'll start.
> Be me, about 13/14 at the time
> Be walking home from the library, everything is perfectly normal, but a couple of cats are running (alot more than usual)
> All of the sudden, it became night, and I couldn't get into house
> Get dragged further down the road
> 7 shadowy figures are all staring at me, and I can't move a inch
> They start to talk, and feelings of dread come across me
> I can hear is one small creature, with warm voice like a mother's
> Another, obviously male creature who speaker like angry officer, ready to kill a guy with his own hands
> Then the dream fades, and I stay like that for the rest of my sleep
This goes on until about 3 months before my 15th birthday. On the last time, I actually understand the voices.
> Be walking home from the library, get attacked by a cat in my dream.
> Get home, with it being nighttime, and thinking "oh shit" as I'm dragged off again down the road.
> The 7 figures are there, and start to speak.
> All of the sudden, the voices stop, stare at me, and the small one with a mother's voice says "let's not do it to him" and the angry male one agrees

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> Dad
Although disappointed in me, still feels paternal love and is happy that I'm self-improving. Main reason I'm not kicked out from the house. 
> Mum
Fluctuates between doting affection and extreme anger towards me- usually the latter; often compares me to more successful siblings, tried to kick me out multiple times but dad wouldn't let her
> Older sister (25)
Careerist bitch who incessantly gives me pull yourself up by your bootstraps kind of sermons. Was actually close to her as a kid but the past few years have made her really obnoxious
> Younger brother (17)
Taller, stronger, more social than me - get along well but I sometimes feel a suppressed resentment towards him that I think he can feel as well, especially after mum lays into me. Often play videogames together, I help him with his schoolwork sometimes

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