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Grey instead of red but couldnt afford wrx at the time. makes me cry inside everytime i see one
'99 Monte Carlo Z34. This year didn't have the more modern 3.4 but went to the 3800 Series II. 

It's a rustbucket but I paid $1500 for it over 5 years ago and it still probably has 4 years left. The 3800 is a great engine

The assholes at GM designed it so that the battery is underneath the windshield washer fluid reservoir which makes me laugh and curse every time I need to jump somebody. I could punch that engineer
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Off-topic but imageboards really could use a fairly active automobile board. It's kind of like the topic of food, every time it comes up on a popular board (but off-topic) people want to talk about it, but there are no really popular boards set on that topic. 

I started /auto/ here but have neither the time nor inclination to actually try to grow a board. Was glad when I saw somebody else is trying.

I think there could be a board somewhere on the internet that gives voice to people interested in vehicles, or just in general even more stuff like tractors, chainsaws, etc. Get help when troubleshooting, get in fights about ford vs GM, etc etc, all without some lame forum membership and all that entails.

If it was big enough anybody could drop in and say something like

> Hey I am a dumbass and was washing my radiator at a car wash, and sprayed not that much water on the top of the engine of my '99 Monte Carlo Z34 with a 3800 Series II engine. Almost immediately it started stuttering on idle and worse on acceleration. Check engine light came on but I didn't make it to a reader in time and now it still stutters on really hard acceleration but the check engine light went away

> Can I still read what the last code was if I hook up a computer, or does the check engine light need to be on to figure out what sensor I fucked up? 

That's an example but is actually something I'm curious to know the answer as it is happening to me currently

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