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retard jpg (56.43 KB, 442x461)
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants Americans to believe since 2011, when the word “extremists” was just starting to take root in the public’s consciousness, there has been an explosion of violent extremism. In 2011, DHS published the “Empowering Local Partners To Prevent Violent Extremism In The United States” report, while at the same time calls for ending America’s neverending war on terror started taking hold. The DHS report made dubious claims like al-Qa‘ida was trying to recruit and radicalize Americans across the country, which coincidentally was also the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The report mentions extremists and violent extremists interchangeably during a time when Americans were beginning to question the war on terror. In May 2011, National Public Radio wrote, “Why We Must End The War On Terror” and asked in September, “Is It Time To End The War On Terror?” Similar articles were being published across the country asking the same thing.

Fast forward eleven years to 2022, and the war on terror shows no signs of abating. DHS, who could be mistaken for magicians if it were not so ironic, have convinced law enforcement that America now has at least twenty-three different types of extremists. There does not appear to be a master list of American extremists published by DHS or the Department of Justice. I used four sources to compile this list of twenty-two different types of violent extremists, but I fear that the government’s “official list” is far larger.
Anti–government violent extremist
Anti-war extremist
Anti–authority violent extremist
Anarchist violent extremist
Domestic violent extremist
Racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist
Militia violent extremists
Sovereign citizen violent extremist
Individual violent extremist
Involuntary celibate–violent extremist
Abortion extremist
Anti-abortion extremist
Animal rights extremist
Environmental extremist
Right-wing extremist
Left-wing extremist
Christian Identity extremist
Islamist extremist
Muslim extremist
Racist extremist
Nativist extremist
Schoolboard extremist
Sources: National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism,  A Schema of  Right-Wing Extremism in the United States,  Homegrown Violent Extremist Violent Indicators (2019) report and the National School Board.

Two weeks ago, the Tallahassee Democrat revealed that a Hot Yoga shooting in 2018 was the result of “Misogynist extremism.”

“Scott Beierle had a long trail of misogynist and criminal behavior that was missed by authorities before he walked into Hot Yoga in 2018 in Tallahassee, killing two people and injuring five, the U.S. Secret Service determined in a new report. The case study focused on 40-year-old Beierle — who killed himself minutes after the shooting began — and linked his behavior to the greater threat of what investigators called misogynistic extremism, sometimes referred to as male supremacy.”

According to the report by the National Threat Assessment Center (a component of the Secret Service) a man who killed two women attending a hot yoga class was an act of “Misogynist extremism” making it the twenty-third different type of violent extremism in the U.S.

“The behavioral history of the Hot Yoga Tallahassee attacker illustrates many of the behavioral threat assessment themes identified through years of U.S. Secret Service research examining targeted violence. Further, this attacker’s history highlights the specific threat posed by misogynistic extremism. This gender-based ideology, sometimes referred to as male supremacy, has received increased attention in recent years from researchers, government agencies, and advocacy groups due to its association with high-profile incidents of mass violence. Some of these attacks were perpetrated by individuals who espoused specific types of misogynistic extremism, including anti-feminists and involuntary celibates.”

After reading this report it appears that there are probably at least two more types of violent extremists: [continued]
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FEDs... jpg (114.18 KB, 613x822)
“Anti-feminist extremists and “involuntary celibate extremists” that the public is not aware of. All indications are that the Feds are re-classifying attacks on women as violent extremism.

“It is further important to note that misogynistic violence is not restricted to high-profile incidents of mass violence. Misogyny frequently appears in more prevalent acts of violence, including stalking and domestic abuse. No matter the context, responding to the threat posed by these beliefs requires collaboration across multiple community systems, including law enforcement, courts, mental health providers, and domestic violence and hate crime advocacy groups.”

Taking what we know of DHS, the Secret Service and the FBI it would not be stretch of the imagination to see people who stalk, abuse and rape women and kids being charged with “Domestic Abuse extremism” and up to ten more crimes. The FBI’s new “National Incident-Based Reporting System” is designed to do just that, according to the Baltimore Sun. The article describes how the Baltimore Police Department, like police departments across the country, is now charging people who have committed a single crime with up to 10 additional crimes.

“The transition to the National Incident-Based Reporting System, which is mandated by the FBI, will increase the number of crimes reported. The new system requires law enforcement to report multiple crimes, up to 10, that might be associated with a single incident. For example, a burglary at a home in which the burglar assaults a homeowner would result in the entry of at least two separate crimes, the burglary of the home and the assault of the homeowner.”

A recent story in Homeland Security Today hints that the Feds have created or will create “Cryptocurrency Domestic extremists” saying that a “whole-of-society response” is necessary to stop them.

“To mitigate the continued threat posed by white supremacist extremists and their supporters, the U.S. government and the private sector should institute policies that target extremists’ use of cryptocurrency,” noting that a whole-of-society response will be necessary to mitigate this risk.”

It is only a matter of time before people who use cryptocurrency are called Cryptocurrency Domestic extremists. A recent DHS “Report to the Secretary of Homeland Security Domestic Violent Extremism Internal Review” ( https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/2022-03/Report%20to%20the%20Secretary%20of%20Homeland%20Security%20Domestic%20Violent%20Extremism%20Internal%20Review%20Observations%2C%20Findings%2C%20and%20Recommendations.pdf ) claimed that people who doubt the results of elections and vaccines pose an elevated threat to the Homeland. Does that mean the Feds have secretly created “Election Doubter extremists?” Reclassifying domestic violence and workplace violence as violent extremism appears to be a reality according to DHS.

“[T]he Department and its Components did not track domestic violent extremism allegations as their own sub-category of misconduct. Instead, such allegations were classified under another sub-category (e.g., workplace violence). Second, the responsibility to investigate allegations regarding violent extremist activity varied across the Department and its Components. Investigations could be led by multiple offices such as the DHS Office of Inspector General, Component offices responsible for internal investigations, or the Component’s Insider Threat Program. Further, other gaps that limited our ability to collect and validate data included (1) the lack of an official definition of “domestic violent extremist;” (2) guidance as to what constitutes violent extremist activity, or an established list of behaviors that may be indicators of violent extremism; (3) the lack of a centralized, interoperable DHS-wide investigative case management system; and (4) lack of standardized reporting and information sharing mechanisms for investigating allegations of violent extremist activity.” [continued]
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492 jpg (170.31 KB, 650x433)
What “behaviors” could make someone an alleged domestic violent extremist? No one can can say for sure, not even DHS: “DHS lacks a definitive list of behaviors that may be indicators of domestic violent extremism…” (page 8). Based on the above information, one can expect that in the near future the Feds will add Anti-Republican extremists, Anti-Democrat extremists, Anti-Big Tech extremists, Anti-Vaccine extremists, Anti-Vaccine Passport extremists, Anti-Digital ID extremists, and Anti-School Book extremists to their growing list of violent extremists. The reason why there is no publicly available master-list of violent extremists is obvious as DHS’s internal review revealed: “the lack of an official definition of domestic violent extremist; and guidance as to what constitutes violent extremist activity” means that there is no legal definition, PERIOD. We owe it to ourselves and the generations to follow to put a stop to this madness before the Feds re-classify everything they do not like as violent extremism.

[OP note: notice nowhere in this entire thing where there listed Israeli extremists, Mossad or jewish extremists. This is because anyone who isn't completely retarded knows Feds are cucks for kikes.]


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thumbnail of greenberg.jpeg
greenberg jpeg (220.76 KB, 726x785)
[Cross posted from /news/] The Department of Justice and the FBI have a message for local police departments: start charging more white people with hate crimes or invite an investigation. Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta told an assembly of FBI agents yesterday that they are now tasked with hounding police departments in their district if they do not register any "hate crimes." Gupta and FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division Jay Greenberg have declared "hate crimes" by "racially motivated violent extremists" (a euphemism generally reserved for right-wing white men) to be a national threat priority -- a rare designation. According to Greenberg, the FBI will be increasingly specialized in pursuing "hate crimes" through increased training in the matter, an aggressive media campaign designed to recruit victims in "underrepresented and targeted populations," and putting federal pressure on local law enforcement to charge and report hate crimes when they otherwise wouldn't.

Hate crimes laws are political and racially motivated. Blacks and jews are heavily overrepresented as supposed victims in the FBI's "hate crime" database, while whites are charged at higher rates than general crime rates. Blacks are rarely charged with hate crimes when they commit bias crimes against whites. For example, last month a black man who shot five white men in a multi-state shooting spree told police his sole motive was that he hated white people, yet neither local prosecutors or the FBI have charged him with a hate crime. According to the FBI's 2019 hate crime report, blacks are 49% of victims of racial bias while jews are 60% of crimes motivated by religious animosity. Most of the blacks in the data were victims of "intimidation," an often Constitutionally dubious charge. A large number of reported hate crimes targeting both blacks and jews are hoaxes, as seen in famous cases like the Jussie Smollett incident and the thousands of bomb threats targeting jewish community centers that were the work of a jew in Israel.

Just [July 28th], a white man was charged with "ethnic intimidation" for putting up stickers that say "I Love Being White." The FBI wants more police departments to exploit the legal gray area and lack of First Amendment advocacy groups for white dissidents to juke crime statistics and distort the reality of crime. Blacks commit roughly 90% of violent interracial felonies, a statistic the Critical Race Theorists at the FBI find inconvenient. The mad rush for white racists at the FBI is bound to cause more embarrassments for the increasingly discredited agency. Last year, the theater put on by the FBI over NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace's "noose," which turned out to be a hoax, served to reveal the hyper-politicization and lack of seriousness at the Bureau.

Main reason they're doing it is to fill quotas. Crime is actually in an all time historical low, so they need to do something to make them relevant in the current era.

No the main reason it's being done is as an initiation of more modes of attack on white people. Get out of here with your BS.

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1648929667537 jpg (132.38 KB, 1023x577)
MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted last week that the country’s energy exports must be paid for with rubles, a demand apparently intended to help bolster the Russian currency but one that European leaders say they will not comply with because it violates the terms of contracts and sanctions.

However, European authorities believe the Russian Federation and elements within the Russian Energy industry are accepting "dark payments" from international buyers on the Dark Net. International law enforcement agencies believe they have traced hundreds of barrels of oil having already been sold through the largest Dark Net Market, Versus Market.

Putin said Russia will start accepting ruble payments Friday and gas supplies will be cut off if buyers don’t agree to the new conditions, including opening ruble accounts in Russian banks, from which the gas payments will be made. Yet, the Russian Federation is also believed to be accepting "Dark Payments" while hording cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. The Russian Government is speculated to control large monopolies of Dark Net commerce. Russia is believed to be one of the leaders of the "International Dark Economy" but this is believed to be the first instances of international trade of this kind.

“If these payments are not made, we will consider it a failure of the buyer to fulfill its obligations, with all the ensuing consequences,” Putin said.

European leaders cautiously insisted they will continue to pay for natural gas in euros and dollars and want to see the fine print of how the Kremlin will implement its decree. European authorities are also planning to counter this new "international dark economy" controlled by Russia with talks among leaders planned for late-April in Brussels.

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jew flu7454x341 png (361.77 KB, 454x340)
On November 4, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released the long-awaited COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for employers with 100 or more employees. At the same time, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, also released an interim rule (“CMS Rule”) regarding mandatory vaccination requirements for employees at health care facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. As has been widely reported, both the CMS Rule and the ETS include a deadline of January 4, 2022, for covered employees to be fully vaccinated. However, most aspects of the ETS will be in effect starting December 5, 2021. Key takeaways for employers from the OSHA ETS, explained in detail below, include:
• All private employers with 100 or more employees (whether full-time, part-time, temporary, or provisional) must create, implement, and enforce a policy regarding vaccination against COVID-19, testing, and additional safety protocols by December 5, 2021. Employers may choose to require all employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment, or can have a policy that allows employees to remain unvaccinated, so long as they comply with testing and masking rules.
• Employers must collect and maintain records of their employees’ vaccination statuses by December 5, 2021. As of that date, all workers who are not fully vaccinated must wear face coverings when indoors or inside a vehicle with others for work purposes.
• By December 5, 2021, employers must encourage and support vaccination by:
⁃ providing workers with information about vaccination policy, regulations, and safety;
⁃ permitting paid time off to receive a vaccine; and
⁃ allowing paid sick leave for recovery from vaccination side effects.
• Starting January 4, 2022, employees who are not fully vaccinated must be tested for COVID if they come to the workplace. The ETS provides new protocols for employees to return to work after a COVID-positive test result.
• The Federal regulations supersede and pre-empt any contrary state or local law.
The directive to create national COVID-19-related workplace safety regulations came from President Biden as part of the administration’s Path out of the Pandemic plan (“Plan”) announced on September 9, 2021. The Plan includes a goal of universal vaccination against the coronavirus, including requirements that all federal employees and contractors are fully vaccinated, and calls for all private companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that their workforce is either fully vaccinated or tested weekly. In its announcement, OSHA indicates that the ETS will cover two-thirds of the nation’s workforce. The White House has also clarified that the ETS is not applicable to federal contractors subject to the Executive Order regarding mandatory COVID safety protocols.
Who Is—and Who Is Not—Covered Under the ETS?
The rules apply to all employers with 100 or more employees at any time that the ETS, which is effective as of November 5, 2021, remains in effect. The 100-employee threshold includes full-time and part-time workers, temporary workers (as long as they are on the employer’s payroll), provisional and seasonal employees, fully remote employees, as well as any minors (younger than 18). Individuals other than employees working on site or in close proximity to an employer’s workforce do not count toward the 100-employee threshold. For instance, independent contractors and employees of a staffing agency at a host employer are not counted towards the 100-employee threshold.[4] When employees of a staffing agency are placed at a host employer location, only the staffing agency would count these workers for purposes of the 100-employee threshold. However, a host employer may require the staffing agency to ensure that temporary employees comply with the host employer’s policy. [continued]
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RomanPopul png (36.26 KB, 789x354)
> 2nd picture

> 400 x 400 teachers
> 160,000
> 64,000,000 dead people

That doesn't seem feasibly possible. Roman historians would have probably commented on a massacre so grandiose if it ever happened, because they kept logs and documented on practically everything. Roman population was 1 million at one point, and that was an anomaly since most cities didn't have such a big population in ancient times. And the Roman empire at its peak was still only 60-70 million inhabitants around every providence it had.




Who was in charge of making that stupid book anyway? A retarded monkey? Or a pack of them?
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thumbnail of the piece of shit books.jpg
the piece of... jpg (207.63 KB, 607x755)
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thumbnail of 2000.jpg
2000 jpg (111.39 KB, 872x520)
I'd go with a pack of retarded Rabbis whom occupied Rome and caused it's degeneration. Kikes claim the oral tradition started since 1300BC, stealing the title of Israelite and of course lying that they're the chosen ones. By now you're aware of their over-exaggerations.
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thumbnail of new COVID outbreak.png
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Shanghai has been plunged into an extended lockdown and some residents face another 10 days of isolation in their homes as China’s strict zero-Covid policy threatens to derail the country’s economy.

The eastern half of China’s biggest city had been due to emerge on Friday from a four-day lockdown aimed at crushing a persistent outbreak of the Omicron variant, but the extension was announced late on Thursday night.

A lockdown of the western half of the city went ahead as planned on Friday morning, leaving a majority of the city’s 26 million people still in lockdown in the latest sign that China’s financial powerhouse is struggling to eliminate the outbreak.
thumbnail of 11.png
thumbnail of 11.png
11 png (382.26 KB, 663x444)
The virus has forced lockdowns in several large cities this year, making the current outbreak the country’s worst since the pandemic started in Wuhan in 2019 and threatening to derail the world’s second-largest economy.

Figures released on Friday showed that factory activity in China slumped at the fastest pace in two years in March, as the resurgence of Covid and the economic fallout from the Ukraine war triggered sharp falls in production and demand.

The slowdown in China’s economy has also caused the price of oil to fall as markets bet that the world’s number two economy will not require as much fuel.

Bill Bishop, the respected China observer, said on Friday that concern about the outbreak in Shanghai had been heightened by reports in the Wall Street Journal that there had been deaths at a care facility in the city.

“The outbreak in Shanghai is getting worse, it looks likely lockdowns will be tightened and extended …” he wrote in his weekly newsletter, Sinocism.

“The case number data from Shanghai already look a little strange, if the officials are also covering up deaths then this could get really bad.”
TL;DR COVID is still around

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thumbnail of Christ and Lamb.jpg
Christ and... jpg (39.13 KB, 360x450)
We will view in a Christian way things like general politics, ideas, et cetera.
For example National Socialism in a Christian way, Neo-Confederatism, Christianization, Christian Fascism, anything.
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christogenea.org has a long running talk on proofs the ancient israelites were white.
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thumbnail of Screenshot_20220307-204143-1-1-1.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (78.03 KB, 331x651)
Look into this lads
Oh look, it's random words guy again. I'm not a FED with access to some government database so how about you fill us in?
No SS didn't do that. That's just edgy hollywood mythology

Try explaining this in layman's term or in plain English for normies
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Hitlernotj... jpg (3.12 MB, 1597x4676)
thumbnail of HitlernotjeworrothschildOnlyjewsslidethisdisinfo.jpg
thumbnail of HitlernotjeworrothschildOnlyjewsslidethisdisinfo.jpg
Hitlernotjeworro... jpg (182.93 KB, 917x1016)
I'll just leave this here, yet again, because of the rambling homosexual kike I just banned and deleted his posts, both for claiming the same tired old lie and posting gay porn. The Hasbarat shills never get it. There is no freedom of speech for jews here This is the corner of the internet where all degenerate kikes must fuck off.

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thumbnail of paypal5.jpg
paypal5 jpg (51.31 KB, 726x545)
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thumbnail of paypal1.jpg
paypal1 jpg (37.62 KB, 726x545)
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thumbnail of paypal3.jpg
paypal3 jpg (32.71 KB, 726x479)
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thumbnail of paypal4.jpg
paypal4 jpg (53.06 KB, 726x545)
thumbnail of Dan Schulman.jpg
thumbnail of Dan Schulman.jpg
Dan... jpg (45.89 KB, 279x448)
Paypal is a prominent example of monopoly capital. Like most Silicon Valley tech firms, they like to keep their terms of service as opaque as possible. Even more shrouded in secrecy is how decisions to discriminate against customers are made, and who makes them. Leaks provided to National Justice from a private Paypal seminar give us some clues. In the above slide, [paypal5.jpg] Paypal lists targets for censorship. Some noteworthy categories are "White Advocacy," something vaguely described as "Hate Event Involvement" (suggesting they target individuals, not actions on their platform), "Prejudiced News/Commentary," Holocaust "denial," and even views critical of mass immigration. The majority of Americans are guilty of at least one of these thought-crimes, which makes one wonder who can even use this service. Some categories discriminate against customers based on race ("white advocacy"), while gray areas abound regarding what exactly constitutes prejudiced news, hate or religious intolerance.  So then what entity decides who gets access to online money transfers and who doesn't?

According to another slide, this work is deferred to the Jewish organization the Anti-Defamation League, a group funded by the Democracy Alliance called Color of Change, the FBI's Civil Rights Division, Scotland Yard and others. Government and non-governmental organizations are both presented as "external partners" helping make decisions on what political views and personalities are allowed. The ADL and the FBI have been very aggressively deplatforming dissidents. According to another training slide,1800 accounts belonging to individuals, non-profits and businesses in the last year have been eliminated for political reasons using guidelines provided by their "partners." 65% were for what they categorize as white nationalist activity, while the next most censored group is people and organizations who advocate for immigration restrictions. [Trump supporting bullshit removed]. There is even a category for "prejudiced academic work." The company goes on to give specific examples to train censors in spotting ideas and individuals that must be silenced. Most of the individuals and groups mentioned are not particularly radical, much less violent or dangerous. 

The Proud Boys, Stefan Molyneux, Gemma O'Doherty, and Katie Hopkins all have fairly mainstream conservative political views, showing just how little freedom of expression is allowed in America today. The only left-wing extremist on this list is Matthew Rupert, who also happens to be the only one who engaged in illegal activity. Rupert is an anarchist criminal who went to a Black Lives Matter protest and handed out explosives for people to use in terrorist acts. The way everyone except for Rupert is characterized on this chart shows the power of extremely prejudiced sources, like the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL is an espionage and influence organization that operates on behalf of the state of Israel. The president and CEO of Paypal, Dan Schulman, is himself Jewish and eager to work with the ADL. China and the Chinese Communist Party -- who conservatives sometimes like to blame for the censorship -- is not mentioned anywhere on these slides. Trump's executive order on tech censorship has had no effect whatsoever even as a deterrent [no shit - he's a kike]. Silicon Valley and various Jewish groups have responded to it by doubling down and intensifying their attempts to control what we can see, say, read and do.

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Nah, it's the same guy. I recognize him. He's always doing the same thing around here and elsewhere.
Americans used to ridicule the Chinese for being too weak to resist tyranny, but now Americans have found out that they are cowards, too.
"tyranny" is a freemason meme that merchants use when legitimate authority keeps them from being degenerate merchants.
And he's back to being retarded as usual

He posted the same repeated spam a weeks ago, and you even responded the same thing actually. He's just a waste of space man
One reason patriots must act today is because tomorrow will certainly be worse.

Get off of your keyboard, withdraw your money from the bank, buy gold, guns, ammo, and food and move to South Dakota or buy a sailboat.

The globalists are going all the way.

thumbnail of Sla991.png
thumbnail of Sla991.png
Sla991 png (740.16 KB, 690x789)
So I read an interesting quote in the document: "what famous men said about jews", where someone stated that jews were leading in the slave trade to the USA and also promoted it.

I know David Duke made a video on the  subject but it seems to be taken off jewtube and doesn't load on bitchute.

Also the nation of islam published a book where they claimed jews were seriously overrepresented in this trade.

Then like 10 jews wrote books claiming this was not the case (damage controll?).

Is there statistics on like:

How large part of the slaves in the USA early on and later were owned by jews?

How large part of the slaves shipped to the USA were brought by jewish slave traders early on and later (percentage)?

How large percentage of slaves shipping ships were owned by jews?

I'm interested in information on the jewish role in general.

I also found the document: The History of the Jews of Richmond from 1769 to 1917 Herbert T. Ezekiel and Gaston Lichtenstein, which I haven't had the time to read yet, anyone read it?
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> Muh slavery and muh reparations has been a topic that has been shoved in my face my entire life for being caucasian
Which is even more laughable if you have British ancestry, since the Royal Navy had a mandate to eradicate slavery, even patrolling the "Slave Coast" of Africa to capture slavers. The thinking at the time was that negroes being a lesser race deserved humane treatment and guidance from their betters. If the negro of modern day weren't a low IQ ingrate, he might show appreciation for it.
One wonders if Biden will withhold federal highway dollars from states that refuse to ban guns.
Well this isn't the Biden thread. That is the Biden thread: >>/82842/
You're a kike with aids spamming a slow board. That's pretty funny to me
Some Americans may have thought that tyranny would never come to the US because the rich, celebrities, media, politicians, and American people would resist.

Who would have thought that the rich would loot the country by getting bailouts and subsidies while being the ones conspiring and building the police state by paying actors, singers, and athletes to distract Americans with bread and circuses, using reporters to push propaganda, real crises, and false flags, and buying off and corrupting politicians with campaign donations and cushy job promises to start wars, import refugees that weaken and divide the US, drive up the debt, make laws that enslave Americans, and throw crumbs to pacify the 99% in the form of food stamps, Obamacare, Obamaphones, and public housing?

The destruction of the USA is nearly complete.

thumbnail of 1575268466892.jpg
thumbnail of 1575268466892.jpg
1575268466892 jpg (21.42 KB, 480x300)
Serious questions on the role of women in our society. Questions that concern breeding charactetistics and establishing strong culture and nation would be interesting.

Some thoughts on the matter:

Women are the highest order of beauty, more precisely feminine women. They are the vessel that leads to men creating strong cultures, Nations and we'll just about everything else. 
Women are not natural intellects in reaching high understandings of the complexities of the what men have created 
Of course there are always outliers
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Yeah, but this is still a year old thread you're bumping up

OP isn't a genuine person. He's a datamniner. I know who it is already
Women serve as child bearers which prevent our future leading male descendants from being overly masculine and apathetic, that being said even if balance between masculine and feminine is natural, it is not necessarily desireable.
All lunar feminine societies and "peoples" end up in failure in comparison to the solar overtly masculine societies.
All that being said, the place of women in society is designated and women should never overstep their place, that is only the case when the men are weak and feminine anyways (societal collapse).

The state of the women in society is only a reflection of the men, weak men result in improper women
Improper women and weak men result from enemy propaganda. Namely, jewish media. The United States is one such feminine society, and this type of propaganda is spreading east through western Europe.
thumbnail of 1646550059650.jpg
thumbnail of 1646550059650.jpg
1646550059... jpg (61.53 KB, 503x730)
> What came after WWII was even worse, ironically. So much for "world peace"
Peace was never an option they never wanted it, they only want their thalmudic prophecy

thumbnail of 21342.jpg
thumbnail of 21342.jpg
21342 jpg (72.29 KB, 580x811)
thumbnail of 1244523.jpg
thumbnail of 1244523.jpg
1244523 jpg (69.55 KB, 544x720)
thumbnail of paid millions to lie.jpg
thumbnail of paid millions to lie.jpg
paid... jpg (1.79 MB, 1712x2952)
Nobody watches the Oscars anymore. Who the hell cares about awards given by a bunch of degenerate jews who run the mind control machine in Hollywood? This year there is lots of talk about how the Academy Award’s new rules, Aperture 2025, could help tank the Oscars in years to come. From “Are the Oscars Over?” by LA Mag:
 "It’s the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’s latest initiative to make Hollywood more equitable and diverse—more woke—by changing the rules by which films are eligible for Best Picture nominations. Here’s how it works: Starting in 2024, producers will be required to submit a summation of the race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status of members of their movie’s cast and crew. If a particular movie does not have enough people of color or disabled people or gays or lesbians working on the set—and what is “enough” will be determined by a knotty tangle of byzantine formularies—then that movie will no longer be eligible for an Oscar." 

Imagine the nightmare of having to make sure you check every “minority” box for your film production in order to even be considered for an award. It’s like how large corporations are forced to hire diversity officers to ensure that not too many White people are hired or promoted, so that we might have some “racial justice” in the workforce. The move to “diversify” the Oscars started back in 2015 with the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag, which involved a bunch of people complaining about how White people were over-represented as nominees and winners. This led to Hollywood becoming even more anti-White. From NY Times:
 "In the movie business, nothing is feared like bad press, and by 2016 timeworn incentive structures had begun to tilt in favor of increased diversity in front of and behind the camera. Films like “Get Out,” “Black Panther,” “Coco’’ and “Crazy Rich Asians” drove a multicultural gold rush at the box office as well as the Oscars, where a record 13 winners of color took home awards in 2019 alone." 

While some of the actors, directors, etc. people saw on their TVs at the 2015 Oscars were White, many of them were actually jewish. The real scandal that needs to be exposed is not how White people control Hollywood, but how anti-White jews run the whole business, and are only labeled as White when they do something bad (think Harvey Weinstein). They use their media monopoly to release anti-White ideas in the world, indoctrinating the youth and adults alike with their filth. It honestly cannot be argued that jews do not control Hollywood (they admit as much themselves) or that they constantly pump out anti-White garbage. If there is going to be a new racial quota system in place, I suggest that in order to really achieve equity, jews should not be allowed to any more than 2% of any film production. It really is unfair to all the black, “latinx,” Asian, Arab, and Eskimo creators out there that jews should be able to dominate this industry in such a way. Obviously I am joking. If I had my way, I would push for 0% in the media. How could any reasonable person not have zero tolerance when you consider the amount of child rape and exploitation committed by Hollywood jews, as well as the degenerate and criminal agendas they have pushed in the name of entertainment?

What is really going to happen with the new racial quota system is that there will be less real White people and jews will be taking over the remaining “White” quota or else creating a separate one for themselves, since the chosen tribe is really just an oppressed minority. A good example of this oppression is Roman Polanski, who was not able to accept his Oscar for a Holohoax film he made, just because he drugged and anally raped a teenage girl and then fled from justice.  "I’m really sorry he’s in jail."  – Meryl Streep.  "I know it wasn’t rape rape."  - Whoopi. We could get into all of the jews involved in the child rape industry today, but we have already covered much of that in our Pizzagate and Beyond investigation. [continued]
https://www.bitchute.com/video/g13Fxb0pmgrB/ [Embed]

To conclude, I say death to the Oscars. Let the world know that the reason you don’t watch this garbage is because #OscarsSoJewish. - Kyle of Renegade Tribune reports.


thumbnail of 800x445.jpg
thumbnail of 800x445.jpg
800x445 jpg (116.34 KB, 790x439)
Jewish “Holocaust” historian Yehuda Bauer writes: "Part of the Nazi propaganda effort was to persuade non-Jews that the ghettoes were necessary to protect them from the Jews. Jews were said to be carriers of epidemic illnesses while non-Jews were immune to them." [Sidenote: What is wrong with this kike's brain? Unable to see the glaring flaw in his lie.] In reality, Jews were interned in camps and ghettos during World War II because Jews were generally hostile toward Germany, and many Jewish partisans were actively killing German troops. In addition to ghetto fighters, Jewish civilians fled to the forests and enlisted in partisan units, carrying out sabotage and intelligence missions.[3] The authorities of the Third Reich reasoned that Jews had to be interned to protect against these sabotage and intelligence operations. This article documents some of the Jewish civilians and groups who actively fought against the Third Reich during World War II. 

Jewish Female Assassins
Jewish historian Dr. Judy Batalion, in her book The Light of Days, states that Jewish women who resisted the Third Reich were far more numerous than she had ever imagined. She writes: "At first, I imagined that the several dozen resistance operatives mentioned in Freuen comprised the total amount. But as soon as I touched on the topic, extraordinary tales of female fighters crawled out from every corner: archives, catalogues, strangers who emailed me their family stories. I found dozens of women’s memoirs published by small presses, and hundreds of testimonies in Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Italian, and English, from the 1940s to today." Many Jewish women used stealth and disguises to murder Germans. For example, 24-year-old Niuta Teitelbaum, from the Communist group Spartacus, wore her flaxen hair in braids, appearing like a young 16-year-old—an innocent disguise that hid her role as an assassin. She walked into the office of a high-ranking Gestapo officer, and shot him in cold blood at his desk. Teitelbaum pulled the trigger on yet another German officer while he was in bed in his own home. In another operation, she killed two Gestapo agents and wounded a third who was taken to a hospital. Disguising herself as a doctor, Teitelbaum entered the wounded Gestapo agent’s room, and murdered both him and his guard.[5]

In another instance, Teitelbaum dressed like a Polish farm girl with a kerchief in her blond hair. She walked into a German command post, smiled, and then shot an SS soldier with her pistol. Another time, Teitelbaum strolled up to the guards outside Szucha, and said she needed to speak to a certain officer about a “personal matter.” The guards showed her the way to her “boyfriend’s office,” where she pulled out a concealed pistol with a silencer and shot him in the head. She smiled meekly at the guards on her way out.[6] For these and other acts of lethal resistance, the Gestapo nicknamed Teitelbaum “Little Wanda with the Braids,” and put her on all of its most-wanted lists. She survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but was eventually hunted down and executed a few months later.[7] The lethal nature of the Jewish female assassins caused the Germans to take extreme measures against them. German SS commander Jürgen Stroop wrote:[8] "''They were not human, perhaps devils or goddesses. Calm. As nimble as circus performers. They often fired simultaneously with pistols in both hands. Fierce in combat, right to the end. Approaching them was dangerous. One captured Haluzzenmädel looked timid. Completely resigned. And then suddenly, when a group of our men got within a few steps of her, she pulls a hand grenade out from under her skirt or her breeches and slaughters the SS while showering them with curses to the 10th generation—your hair stands on end! [continued]

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fgfgjj jpeg (15.61 KB, 201x251)
Another tactic is "whataboutism". 

You have to understand these Jews have a culture of lying and manipulating goyim, you are never going to convince them that Jews were the bad guys,they already know that and the purpose of their talking isn't to come to a consensus about history, it's about trying to get people to attack and demote and fire White people so they can have control over Western institutions.

And the people that they are usually trying to rally to be hostile to Whites do not have a significant attention span. If you give them a book to read about the subject that proves the Holocaust as presented by Jews is fictional propaganda, they are not going to read it.

When talking with most people you have maybe 15 seconds to make a point that will wreck the arguments of the anti-Whites. 

So another way to do that, using "Whataboutism", you just inject, "Well, what about the apartheid against the Palestinians and stealing their land?" Then if anyone wants to refute that, they have to talk about Jews killing Palestinians, keeping them in concentration camp cities, testing weapons and crowd control strategies on them, building walls, white phosphorous attacks on Palestinians, etc. and as long as the discussion is about that, they have already lost the debate.

I think the internet exposing the inconsistencies of the Jews story is wonderful because it shows they are liars. 

But when you are on the defensive like that, you are presenting yourself from a defensive position and you only appear as the good guy if your audience has the attention span to understand that you are presenting proof the Jews lied.

If you want to be effective in a sphere of information you have to use arguments that are appropriate for the people you're talking about.

In online communities where you have high attention span people that can dig into material, exposing the lies of the Holocaust in great detail is wonderful because it convinces the high IQ people that without a doubt they have been lied to by the Jews. But in most settings you've  got 15 seconds of attention to flip the Jews' anti-White rhetoric on its head and you need something simple enough to remember that everyone that hears you say it can pull it out of their pocket over the dinner table or with their co-workers to change minds. 

Online we have the ability to combine different degrees of information to cater to the entire range of attention spans. You can have an image that tells someone in 5 seconds about the Jewish hypocrisy and malice, you can have a post that takes a minute to read, and you can have a link to more comprehensive material and you can change the mind of anyone that comes across it that isn't a Jew.



Anon, you'll never win arguments against either jews or the fools who fell for hostility against Europeans and deserve nothing but traitors' deaths. Success does not result either by revealing the kike holocaust as the fraud it is or mentioning apartheid against Palestinians when your audience are retards. I've done this for over 20 years and have had mixed results. Simply don't go after idiots and try to change their minds. They're stupid because they fell for bullshit in the first place. I'm not saying to change your tactics. Change your targets. Those you should seek must have intelligence, not blind stubborn ignorance. Sheep will always follow. The first goal should be to remove jewish influence so the sheep stop running behind the kike shepherd leading them off a cliff.

You might be right. 

I think possibly an outcome of this situation will be the good Whites form their own parallel communities in secret and extract the good Whites from this madness as they find them and can convert them into being reliable members of their community, then use the economic and organizational power of cohesive smart communities to gradually buy up everything out from underneath everyone else.

Buy property, build a wall around it, invite good Whites in, and gradually just keep buying up more and more until the the wall surrounds the entire country.

The only thing preventing this is the Feds using terrorism and the politicians simply passing laws to seize property, but we can probably get them to stop that if we recognize that this is a lawless country where they don't follow the Constitution anyway. The Feds and politicians eventually will not want to be party to the civilization they sabotaged for foreign groups and if they want into our communities they'll have to use their institutional power for our interests. The USA is clearly collapsing and everyone wants to kill them for what they've already done, they must all be feeling really nervous right now.
> the kike holocaust as the fraud it is or mentioning apartheid against Palestinians when your audience are retards.
Can relate just by starting the bullshit regarding of zyklon B does not kill someone within 20min by using that lets say 30g degesh can in room that is not heated circa 35°C for start of vaporizing but it would require 10s of kilos of it and room with full sealing without windows and special light switches heavy sealing doors etc combined that by liquid hydrogen cyianide the body would have large cherry red stains still it was pointless for them it happened period 
And regarding of palestine occupation i dont need to expand it almost every time it goes into
"But israel is in defensive war since its creation"

> Buy property, build a wall around it, invite good Whites in, and gradually just keep buying up more and more until the the wall surrounds the entire country.

That sounds virtuos but then i remembered waco
> starting the bullshit
I meant starting the mess in dis usion

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