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The assassination of Iran's General Qassem Soleimani by the United States was not intended. Bad intelligence was deliberatley provided by Israel that the targets were carrying weapons for further attacks on the Embassy and that a strike was absolutley necessary. Unbeknownst to the United States but known by Israel supplying the intelligence Soleimani was the cargo. This was the reason for the delayed response from the US as it was unknown how to react and this would not have been advisable by any intelligence or military Chief. The Israeli's deliberatley put the US and White House in a position where they would have to claim this was the intended target.
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we'll take down the ZOG machine brothers
keep redpilling your fellow citizens
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Remember to gather numbers. Structure. Organize. Gain not just the entire nation, but more. Ally with Syria, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, the Sudan. Avoid the Saudis. They're in bed with the massive Israel's golem I live in known as the United States through billion dollar arms deals. Not so sure about how controlled Iraq is, but Al Qaeda in Afghanistan are definitely in bed with Israel. Bring heavy arms for the Palestinians to take up the fight. They would gladly. Attack very swiftly, such as a Blitzkrieg, because I can tell you the cuck nation of the U.S. will try to save Israel if you're not fast enough. Crush their false holy land of crooks QUICKLY and the jews worldwide will become disheartened. I can say all of this because I do not reside in the middle east. I'm not within that jurisdiction so fuck em.
> Iran
The ones who signed a cooperation pact with China and send help to Venezuela? Read this words slowly, I won't fall for another cold war, I don't want neither marxism nor zionism.
Dapper looking fellow you got in that picture.
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Map png (1.1 MB, 1668x1390)
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351ca7cb3e0fa2c3616... png (2.77 MB, 1972x1874)
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43654545645 jpg (425.29 KB, 800x600)
Because the Zionist Occupied U.S. Government has had a hard-on for the Strait of Hormuz and Iran and Venezuelan oil. That same crude China is now paying hundreds of billions for was what had the U.S. Gov's panties in a twist about in the first place. They want that oil. So there were Psychological Warfare lies like "Iran has weapons of mass destruction" when the same claims for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq were false. Also "Iran attacked this means war!" when U.S. military attacked first. Typical lies by the piece of shit government of the land I live in. Communist China is a problem, however. This brings me back to my original point.
> Attack very swiftly, such as a Blitzkrieg, because I can tell you the cuck nation of the U.S. will try to save Israel if you're not fast enough.
Here's a map of Israel's allies explained from many years ago. You can tell which nations will join together to protect that nation-state of crooks and murderers of Palestinians. Quickly destroying Israel is the only way, and then as kikes are wailing, continuing to lead the above mentioned joined forces to drive them out from other lands. China's citizens are no fans of their Communist jew-influence police state. They're merely in fear of it. It's not only the U.S. gov. you'd have to be concerned about if Israel isn't crushed fast enough. It's China, jew-Merkel's Zionist Occupied Germany, jew-Putin's Zionist Occupied Russia, etc. If the stolen homeland of the kikes is decimated, it would be too late. They'd lose their buying and influence power substantially. All that would be left is to pull out the jew weeds by the roots in every nation to allow our natural gardens of culture and tradition to grow once more.

The ZOG is Jewish Neo-Colonialism. 

Jews infiltrate institutions, 
transfer all income producing assets of the country to themselves to loot it of all its productivity, 
use the military to conduct warfare for Israel, 
turn the state's law enforcement into terrorists against the population to coerce behavior the Jews want, 
turn the countries media into propaganda for Israel’s interests that marginalizes and erases any goyim perspectives,
they use the telecom infrastructure to silence all opposition, 
and they use this actively to force other countries to change their policies on immigration to allow Jews to do the same there.

The ZOG is an imperialist model, the empire model, for Jewish colonialism bent on world domination and it’s a global threat to all nations.

When you talk about colonialism of Western states from history, you’re really talking about the previous version of Jewish colonialism done carried out through European monarchies to pay off debts after falling victim to Jewish financial scammery. This globalism stuff is just the updated version that uses NGOs, multinational corporations, and diversity rhetoric to insert Israelis into a country so they can gradually take over using mafia tactics, office politics, deception, and assassination of people that are loyal to their nation and recognize foreigners should not be in their institutions at all.

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photo_2021... jpg (154.13 KB, 813x1199)
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thumbnail of WHO-2019-nCoV-Digital-certificates-vaccination-2021.1-eng.pdf
thumbnail of WHO-2019-nCoV-Digital-certificates-vaccination-2021.1-eng.pdf
WHO-2019-nCoV-Digita... pdf (2.13 MB, 0x0)

In a document titled "Digital Documentation for Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates: Technical Specification and International Guide" the World Health Organization has published international protocol for a Digital Certificate for Vaccination Confirmation, or coliqually called in Western Nations a "Vaccine Passport".

The document, dated August 27 2021, says that this intitive for developing "Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS)" was reated in WHO partnership with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation. The document has the following Executive Summary:

> In the In the context of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the concept of Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates (DDCC) is proposed as a mechanism by which a person’s COVID-19-related health data can be digitally documented via an electronic certificate. A digital vaccination certificate that documents a person’s current vaccination status to protect against COVID-19 can then be used for continuity of care or as proof of vaccination for purposes other than health care. The resulting artefact of this approach is referred to as the Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS).

> The current document is written for the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic; thus, the approach is architected to respond to the evolving science and to the immediate needs of countries in this rapidly changing context; for this reason, the document is issued as interim guidance. The approach could eventually be extended to capture vaccination status to protect against other diseases. The document is part of a series of guidance documents (see Fig. 1) on digital docuThe document is part of a series of guidance documents (see Fig. 1) on digital documentation of COVID-19-related data of interest: vaccination status (this document), laboratory test results, and history of SARS-CoV-2 infection.
> The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed this guidance and accompanying technical specifications, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of partners and experts, in order to support WHO Member States in adopting interoperable standards for recording vaccination status. The audience of this document is therefore Member States and their implementing partners that want to put in place digitally signed vaccination records.

Some critics of the plan link the "Vaccination Passport" to an international economic group called "The World Economic Forum" which has advocated for a worldwide economic "reset" of the socioeconomic systems the world uses in a project called "The Great Reset". It is alleged by these critics that the Vaccination Passport will lead to an international World ID, with all of finance and communication reduced into this World ID. The critics continue to propose that this World ID would implement a centralized economic power removed from any sovereginty of the Nations of the World, and would implement an Authoritarian Defacto-World Government that remains in power through its centralized authoirity of every form of barter, trade, and interaction. This is allegedly to be performed using a model similar to the Social Credit System as implemented by the Communist Party of China. It is also alleged that this "Vaccination Passport" is against the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, which is one of the results of the Nuremberg Tribunal of 1946. However, the Nuremberg Code is not international treaty, but UN Charter, suing over this claim in UN member nations has significant controversy at this time.

Supporters of the plan advocate for this under this for the alleged health benefit it would provide their communities. If more people are vaccinated with the Emergency Use Authorization gene therapies then proof of this must be enforced to barter, trade, sell, and interact. The only advocates of the plan seem to be of two groups, the first being injected individuals who have had their immune systems severely reduced by the vaccination, and thus others must also be injected with the vaccination to protect the local community. The second group seems to consist entierly of Governmental Employees, both elected and unelected, and the general pundintry.

"The Great Reset" is expected to begin acceleration sometime in September of 2021, with an overall goal towards the year 2030 to completion.
Americans say that the US is the land of the free, but North Koreans also believe that North Korea is a free country.

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gustav-schwarzeneg... jpeg (39.02 KB, 480x480)
Gustav Schwarzenegger was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire on August 17, 1907. He was the son of Cecelia (née Hinterleitner, 1878–1968) and Karl Schwarzenegger (1872–1927). Gustav had an uneventful middle-class upbringing. He joined the Austrian army in 1930 and served as a military policeman until his discharge in 1937. In 1938, some 11 days before the reunification of Austria with the German fatherland, Gustav Schwarzenegger applied to join the Austrian branch of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. It was a time of crisis and Schwarzenegger felt that he had to take a stand, rather than just sit on the sidelines as a spectator. On May 1, 1939, he deepened his commitment to National Socialism by joining the Stormtroops (Sturmabteliung or SA). In November of that year, shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War, he enlisted in the Wehrmacht. He again became a military policeman, eventually rising to the rank of Hauptfeldwebel (Master Sergeant). Schwarzenegger took part in military operations in  Poland, France, the Ukraine, Lithuania, and Russia. The role of military policeman may suggest to some that he was behind the front lines, where he was removed from the dangers of combat. Not so: He fought on the front in numerous engagements, winning the Iron Cross First Class and the Iron Cross Second Class. He was also awarded the East Front Medal, which was given to all soldiers who survived the brutal winter campaign in Russia of 1941-1942.

On August 22, 1942, he was severely injured in combat and evacuated to a military hospital in Poland. He subsequently received the Wound Badge. At some point, he contracted malaria, which led to his discharge from the army in February 1944. He became a postal inspector, and in 1947 resumed his career as a police officer. In October 1945, he married Aurelia “Reli” Jadrny, whose first husband has been killed in the War. They had two sons: Meinhard and his famous brother Arnold. We do not want to suggest the Gustav was a saint or that he was without faults. It is possible that he suffered from PTSD because of his wartime experiences. Arnold said that his father drank more than he should have, and that he would explode in anger on occasion over something trivial. But overall, he was a good husband and father. Gustav Schwarzenegger was what we might call an “ordinary hero,” that is, he was an average man who rose to the occasion and performed extraordinary acts of courage when the situation demanded, and then went back to being an average man. His voluntarily involvement in the National Socialist movement, if only on a basic level, indicates that he was also a man of character, who took his civic responsibilities seriously. This is also suggested by his career in law enforcement. Gustav Schwarzenegger was far from unique: There were hundreds of thousands of men and women like him who served the National Socialist Cause.

Sadly, his more-famous son Arnold is not cut from the same cloth. He has pandered to the Jews on numerous occasions, most notably in his 2003 bid for governor of California. He has also denounced his father in the media. Gustav was a real-life hero: Arnold just plays a hero in Hollywood movies. In most (if not all) of his roles, he portrays an exaggerated caricature of masculinity, with hypertrophied biceps and an ultra-aggressive persona. (continued)

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thumbnail of Arnold_crop-750x349.jpg
Arnold_crop-750x349 jpg (48.77 KB, 750x349)
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thumbnail of Arnold POS 1.png
Arnold POS 1 png (327.93 KB, 611x653)
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Arnold POS 2 png (326.7 KB, 607x685)
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Arnold POS 3 png (343.92 KB, 607x837)
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thumbnail of Arnold with Nutty-yahoo of course.png
Arnold with Nutty-yahoo of course png (465.09 KB, 821x536)
Arnold Schwarzenegger

One does not have to be a psychologist to see what is going on here: Arnold, knowing that he does not have the strength of character that his father displayed in real life, has tried to compensate by projecting a celluloid image of himself as a courageous man of action. To underscore Arnold’s lack of character, we note that he has admitted to using steroids during his career as a bodybuilder, and that he cheated on his wife with his Mexican maid, fathering an illegitimate Mestizo son. Recently, in an apparent attempt to stay relevant, Arnold described the occupation of the Capitol by militant Republicans as being equivalent to the so-called Crystal Night in Germany. Nothing in the two events matches up, except that in both cases windows were shattered, leaving broken glass on the ground. He also took the occasion to again defame his father — which was simply despicable. Perhaps he feels that by making “anti-Nazi” noises that he will please the Jewish overlords of Hollywood, and that they will reward him by helping to revive his flagging career as an actor. Gustav is long dead, so he does not have to witness the disgraceful spectacle of his son betraying his memory, and of cutting himself off from his folk-heritage to seek favor with his people’s enemy. Let us be thankful for such small mercies! But let us also honor the memory of Gustav Schwarzenegger, a real-life hero who deserved a better son! - Bradford Hanson of National Vanguard reports.­

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thumbnail of Israelization-of-Police-750x619.jpg
Israelization-of-Police-75... jpg (61.13 KB, 750x619)
[Here's yet more information to share with blacks to turn ZOG's golems against them, besides which you should know - The jewish domination of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.]

KNEE-ON-THE-NECK is a standard technique used by the Minneapolis Police Department. According to NBC News, Minneapolis police have used that technique and variants thereof at least 200 times since 2015. They got it from the Israelis. Police attended an Israeli “counter-terrorism training conference” in Minneapolis in 2012. (J. Collins, MPR News, 26 June 2012). Ultimately it will have to be admitted that Derek Chauvin did what he was trained to do, and, to the extent that George Floyd was not the cause of his own death, Israeli training of American police will be exposed as the problem. Chauvin at present is being scapegoated. A civil suit against the Minneapolis PD would make more sense than a criminal prosecution of Chauvin. Even then, the fact that George Floyd was a drug-abuser (high on fentanyl* at the time of his death) and had a bad heart should be a mitigating factor. Anybody with those problems can die in a stressful situation. If you can’t take stress then don’t do crimes. But the biggest humbug in all of this is that it was “racist.” It was not. The Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence, reveals himself as an idiot (in case there was any doubt) by giving credence to this accusation. In fact, with his uncritical admiration for the State of Israel, Pence himself is part of the problem that he rushed to condemn.

In this situation we are experiencing what some call a kosher sandwich. It means that Jewish influence is fundamental on both sides of the problem. Jewish-controlled mass-media have taught Americans to have a high regard for the State of Israel. As a ramification of this, many American police departments have accepted training in heavyhanded Israeli police techniques, such as restraining a suspect with a knee on the neck. On the other hand, Jewish-controlled mass-media also agitate against “White racism.” Their default interpretation of any misadventure of a Black criminal (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown) is “White racism.” When they do this, a general reaction against White people (by non-Whites and by some do-gooder Whites) is the result. How can the standard procedures of the Minneapolis Police Department represent White racism when the chief of the Minneapolis Police Department is Black, and at least half of the officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, Tou Thao (Vietnamese) and Alexander Kueng (apparently of mixed race), are not White? Black criminality — based on hereditary aggressiveness, low intelligence, and poor self-control — is the main reason why Blacks disproportionately go to prison and have misadventures while committing crimes. But the cause of this particular crisis — the reason why suspects are dying unnecessarily in police custody and riots are resulting from it — is Jewish control of mass-media, and the Jewish influence that comes with it. There is a pressing need for Jewish influence to be recognized as a problem. Until we do that, White people will be taking the blame.

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Who the fuck on this board trust or watch hollywood? Do you even put an effort on you replies AIDS kike?
Shit can we at least get a better quality shill?
thumbnail of the lies of jews.png
thumbnail of the lies of jews.png
the lies of jews png (735.45 KB, 1799x665)
Since this obnoxious faggot whom I ban for a period of 5 years every single day keeps bringing up concentration camps out of his deluded jewish paranoia, I'll just leave this here.
Americans think that every pair of socks costs more than $200 because companies have no incentive to increase sales by undercutting other businesses in the free market.
thumbnail of wasting time.jpg
thumbnail of wasting time.jpg
wasting time jpg (81.2 KB, 982x657)
No we don't. The only $200 socks worn in the U.S. are by rich bastards who can afford Zimmerli cashmere from Switzerland that dissolves after six times in the wash.
What will supporters of the police state say when their beloved police come to arrest them for racist hate speech, confiscate their guns, and force them to board trains headed to the concentration camps?

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thumbnail of so fucking KIKED.jpg
so fucking... jpg (85.77 KB, 567x752)
thumbnail of Volodymyr Zelensky.png
thumbnail of Volodymyr Zelensky.png
Volodymyr... png (120.47 KB, 288x516)
As Russian forces were amassing on Ukraine’s eastern border, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was busy getting a law passed to outlaw criticism of his own ethnic group. From The Jerusalem Post, “Ukraine passes law criminalizing antisemitism”:  "Ukraine’s parliament passed a law on Wednesday criminalizing antisemitism. As defined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, antisemitism when committed by an individual is punishable by a fine or a prison sentence of up to five years. Public officials would also be fined or imprisoned for up to five years, and banned from holding certain offices for up to three years. 
Organized groups committing acts of antisemitism, or acts with severe consequences, are punishable with prison sentences of up to eight years. Jewish Confederation of Ukraine President Boris Lozhkin wrote in September, when the first law passed, that it “brought Ukraine closer to Europe and the civilized world. Together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, JCU has been conducting joint monitoring of manifestations of antisemitism for a long time, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs promptly responds to all cases of physical or online antisemitism. “However, for an effective fight against these manifestations, the legal component was missing… A real tool has appeared now for combating a phenomenon that has a much broader meaning than hatred toward Jews.” 

You can read the IHRA’s incredibly broad definition of anti-Semitism on their website (https://archive.is/js035). Though Zelensky is on the front lines of the fight against anti-Semitism, he shocked his NATO allies by leaving Ukraine on Friday to attend the Munich conference. He returned on Saturday after NATO allies expressed “concern.” After Russia reportedly moved forces into the breakaway region of Donetsk on Monday evening, Zelensky said he expects “clear support” from the West. Zelensky is now telling Ukrainians not to “lose sleep” as he makes a last ditch effort to lobby Western nations to fight the war he picked with Russia. - Chris Menahan from Renegade Tribune reports

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thumbnail of c2c2933d791c75399603d76e8eef2ff5-imagejpeg.jpg
c2c2933d791c75399603d... jpg (46.23 KB, 720x685)
thumbnail of Protocols.pdf
thumbnail of Protocols.pdf
Protocols pdf (2.73 MB, 0x0)
thumbnail of evil.png
thumbnail of evil.png
evil png (102.5 KB, 667x755)
> Well thats obvious they do it since 1918.

Pretty much. This constant misery has been planned way in advance anon. And for everyone in planet earth for that matter. 

Go read this book so you can get a glimpse of mind of the pure evil your people have had to deal with. It's not for the weak of mind and stomach. You will feel like crap after reading this. But the truth tends to be bitter. And not many people can handle it 

Fun fact: if you owned a copy of this book in Communist Russia, you would have been killed for it. No trial or jury. Just killed on the spot.
thumbnail of brbr.gif
thumbnail of brbr.gif
brbr gif (164.56 KB, 220x269)
> Okay now i imagine that number, pierun you see it how massive it is.
I can only imagine how bad things must be for you Russians and Ukrainians now too. I have you all in my prayers. 

> in post a notable mention also can be miserable health care
Yeah I know. Health care in Eastern Europe is pretty bad. But private clinics are good no?

> very low quality alcohol in circulation causing severe health problems
> (for those who does not know what i mean methanol is a very dangerous, noticable only by setting that liquid on fire, you do not want to have it in moonshine even in low doses in best case scenario you will be blind in worst well... it would be your last drink).

What? Not even the alcohol in Russia is good? I thought Russian alcohol was some of the best in the world. What about potato vodka? That's not good either?

How can you guys live without good alcohol?
> protocols
I can't open it. Must be corupt or something I don't know.
thumbnail of protocols of the learned elders of zion.pdf
thumbnail of protocols of the learned elders of zion.pdf
protocols of the... pdf (281.96 KB, 0x0)
Try this one.
Weird. It was working for me

thumbnail of albright-zog.jpg
thumbnail of albright-zog.jpg
albright-zog jpg (369.76 KB, 720x452)
The evil Jewess Madeleine Albright is dead. The horrible cunt Hillary Clinton thought she was a great person which says it all. A CNN Tweet stated:  Hillary Clinton remembered former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as "a great person and a wonderful friend to me and literally so many others"  When Albright was Secretary of State in the 1990s, she said that the half a million Iraqi children who died as a result of US sanctions was worth it. Albright defended US-led sanctions on Iraq after the Gulf war which led to the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children. She was also a major player in the decision to do mass bombings in Serbia. The bitch was a war criminal and is being celebrated by the Jewish media as we speak. The BBC called her a “trailblazer” due to the hole between her legs. She is no doubt in hell with John McCain and Barbara Bush. I hope she enjoys her time there. - infostormer reports

Yeah. Round eyes are never to be trusted under any circumstance, even if they're not jews - round eyes are very self serving (violent) people. They're (one of) the worst eyes to come across IMHO. Best eyes are long and deep set, basically a variation of hunter eyes. Often honest and righteous. Curious how these things correlate with personality traits.

So, if you come across round eyed people, be wary and vigilant. Just sharing my observations I've made throughout life.
Of course this is all negated when on jews, I'm talking about Caucasians here.
thumbnail of 651.jpg
thumbnail of 651.jpg
651 jpg (70.25 KB, 816x659)
> I'm talking about Caucasians here
Of course you are. Over the course of years for this board, there has been a constant attempt at infiltration by trying to divert the focus away from kikes and onto Caucasians and yet their Hasbarat attempts have never stayed because they were banned.
Now your suggestion is to hate and distrust any Caucasian with round eyes. How convenient.
> evil jewess does evil jewess things

As expected

Reposting this from /news/

TL;DR she also utterly wrecked the British middle class and is the reason why most policies are the way they are in the UK right now. The article doesn't mention that.

thumbnail of their hatred.jpg
thumbnail of their hatred.jpg
their hatred jpg (260.89 KB, 756x416)
It seems the recent documents concerning the events around "The Finders" as well as the associated events, people unaware of the situation at large are struggling to find understanding as to the purpose of these groups as well as the reasons as to why such vile events keep recurring. In order to fully grasp the reasons behind these events we must first explore the nature of the creatures doing it. Many here will already understand of what I am about to present but those unaware, well, consider this an introduction.

So let us begin. It is obvious that this, as always, is sourced from the semetic assertion of "using cattle as they see" fit. Time and again throughout history what has the parasite done, whether it be the Talmudic ritualistic blood letting, the celebration of the slaughter of their "foes" and their young or the violation of what others have deemed sacrosanct, constantly it has aimed at a very specific goal of degeneration. The semetic mind operates in a far more insidious way than many realise with adulation for the profane and the deprivation of innocence despite all their suggestions "culture makes the man, not nature, were just like you goyim, just like Tyrone over there", after all the semetic mind *must* operate like this for they are, as they claim themselves, a diaspora, a group with no homeland. They do not need to "integrate" for as history shows, integration is a pleasant dream in the mind of the fool. When considering this fact it is not coincidence that the following can all be sourced to Jewish thinkers;

- Attack on traditional family under the guise of "Womens Liberation"
- The obfuscation of sexual identity with it's seeds within the works of the most vile of creatures Doctor Money
- The "dumbing down" of intellect courtesy of the infestation within academia during the post war period
- The creation of multi national organisations whose supposed purpose of stability has yielded nothing beyond ethnic replacement and financial manipulation
- Many, many more vile crimes than can be listed here within the time I have.

Each assault on a key facet of European civilisation has proven both disturbingly effective as well as incredibly subtle. It is in essense a "bringing down" of Man in order to create a "drone", a concept I expand on further here >>/75924/ . Now however we must journey into the belly of the beast, this will not be pleasant but I urge you to read on. For you see my dear friends, a violation of a culture, it is an impersonal experience. Yes, one can feel in control, can feel like the true "Chosen" as they believe themselves to be, but it is not quite tangible. Ask yourself, what happens when by the Eurpopean standards of a persons mind, a sickened individual is given power? I would ask you to take your darkest thoughts, the darkest ever imagined, now amplify them by a factor of three then imagine all of a sudden you were granted power most impressive against those you historically have seen as inferior. The power to cripple nations and economies, hah, easy. Want to defile children by convincing their parents to inject hormones and countless other vile things into them, done, took less than a decade. But this is no test of real power now is it. It is not *true* power, not the power to practice these things on a personal level. What if you wanted a true challenge, a true way to show you are not merely superior to the cattle but also that you can do anything you wish to their most defenseless and they can do nothing to stop it as hey, you control everything. You control finance, you control the media, you control the mechanisms of Government, you control it all.
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thumbnail of Rockefeller Cabal.jpg
thumbnail of Rockefeller Cabal.jpg
Rockefeller... jpg (108.75 KB, 640x788)
thumbnail of Nixon Grove.jpg
thumbnail of Nixon Grove.jpg
Nixon Grove jpg (67.29 KB, 850x400)
If interested, some good examples of their crimes >>/81713/ >>/81714/ >>/81716/ >>/81719/>>/81724/ >>/81736/ >>/81750/ >>/81764/ >>/81766/ and here my version of the explenation of the philosophy behind it >>/81726/ >>/81720/ >>/81732/ >>/81737/
Kaballah specifically >>/81739/ >>/81740/ >>/81741/
The thread itself contains some more info, but this is the basic stuff i guess

From what I got what you wrote is all fairly accurate though.
Masonry was never a strong point of my knowledge but it is certainly intriguing how it echoes the semites practices in a number of ways. One could almost consider them both coming from one previous source with the more dominant one (Jewish) reabsorbing it's cousin into itself as it asserts it's influence over it, a union changing slowly into a sublimation almost.

If I may be so bold, could you enlighten me on whether my perception of the Kaballistic principles are correct? I have a very rudimentary understanding on them so i'm wondering if it's accurate or not. Spiritual principles by and large for most Indo European descended religious practices focuses on a sort of ascendancy from the material in order to become one with the universe through various means, a slow releasing of the spirit to return it to a truer form and live on beyond the physical realm, whether it be Heaven, Valhalla or some other variant spiritual plane. This is reflected in many of our traditions of a religious nature, Hymns to God, Chants to Odin or one of the other Gods, ritualistic meditation within the ancient Aryan Vedic literature and so forth, it all focuses not on the wielding of spiritual power but the worthiness of the individual in the eyes of a far greater power. The Kaballistic principles on the other hand, at least from what I am reading, exist as an opposite with the focus not on union but on subjugation, that of warping and bending universal principles to serve the practitioner, forcibly through violation of natural laws and utilising subjects both willing and unwilling in order to achieve such a thing. One could almost consider it a vile act of corrupting rape, a deliberately created affront to the natural order in which power is attained from the act of defilement itself and wielded not to become "one" as it were but to itself increase the subjugation and continue the defilement in order to feed that very material thirst for transcendental power over both the spiritual and physical, entirely antithetical to the European (and even Asiatic) principles of self sacrifice and the earning of a place within the realm beyond. It essentially is a self perpetuating cycle where the need to attain more power grows unending until all is absorbed and atrophy is achieved resulting in what one could consider the true death of everything. Life in it's entirety corrupted and stagnant, it's vitality gone. A spiritual "heat death" is the only inevitable result of Kaballistic principles, at least if my understanding is correct. 

If so this would fit well with the concept of there being a sort of "racial spirit" for this quite literally embodies the Jewish mindset. I don't know much on the topic of a "racial spirit" but I saw references to such an idea in a few odd books from the turn of the 19th century, mostly relating to anthropological work. It almost makes one wonder if the results of mixed race children (significant health problems, issues with organ donation, occasional rejection of the fetus in the mothers body) are a physical manifestation of this idea. You know, I've always enjoyed toying with a certain idea that mayhaps this esoteric knowledge is not quite esoteric but rather it was previously common knowledge that only now appears esoteric to those of us in such a spiritually hollow age. Maybe one day a gentlemen may come across what was written here by those who post and ponder as to the meaning of all that was written, it being so alien to them that they can nary grasp the vile principles of the semetic and masonic rites, their world potentially so different to ours. It makes one wonder, it truly does.
im not really well versed in kaballah either, but from what i got it essentially fits. However, its rather describing principles of causalty, of creation and subsequently that of perception and conciousness, and also transformation. 
If you know how something behaves you can reshape and manipulate it, to get it to do whatever it is you want with minimal effort. Thing of it in terms of chemical reactions, where by tweaking the variables a bit, the pressure, heat etc. you enable a reaction through the understanding of how these things behave. 
Now if you know how perception and conciousness works you see how you can manipulate those of others (through fear for example which is a very simple way). 
For the kikes to ascend, to become gods, means to be free, mostly free to be degenerate pieces of shit. They get this freedom through manipulation and influencing of others, or by extent the world, and as such kaballist focus on how to subdue the material world rather than transcending it.

I also would add that moder kikes and modern judaism have pretty much nothing to do with the ancient israelite faith or the Israelites
Where the ancient Israelites were is where over half of the world's modern practitioners of Judaism have been for over 70 years, slaughtering the natives.
Bumping this threadhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=QeqZT6OcjJ0 

thumbnail of fgfgjt.cleaned.jpg
thumbnail of fgfgjt.cleaned.jpg
fgfgjt.cleaned jpg (51.78 KB, 746x491)
How come we never heard about this before? 

Could it be because we live under a totally illegal totalitarian regime that is censoring communications about it's illegal censorship regime?

4 replies omitted. Click to expand viewer
> demoralized that no one is even reporting all these blatantly illegal things when it takes like half a minute
One simply does not equal when federal buerau of investigations are owned by those who commit attrocities and crimes against humanity
It's civil when there is just an offense but only over loss of money and you typically take it to small claims court. You're able to sue provided you have enough money for a lawyer in cases of discrimination (such as for being caucasian). Otherwise, to involve a judge and jury without lawsuit, it would have to be in response to a violent crime against you or a relative.
Correct. The Feds can't be trusted. The FBI does not give a shit. Homeland Security has passed down to them to hunt what they believe to be "white supremacists" (a bullshit term) in a thread here somewhere. Also there have been many documented Fed entrapment attempts deleted but screencapped at >>/endpolmeta/
By this I realize I wasn't specific enough. If someone discriminates against you for "being white" in any service industry, that's when you can sue. You can't sue just walking down the street when some Hollywood-thug LARPing nigger with at least 5 of his friends shouts, "CRACKA ASS CRACKA!" or some Mexican starts shit with at least 10 of his friends. That is unless they decide to beat you down with their buddies like the pussies they are.
what does
> being white
means. explain... really, for all of europe, so you can get real support from europe, or maybe not, dunno.
I had it in parenthesis. Being "white" simply means descended from Europeans. Also in English speaking European nations, they'll say "white". It's not primarily an American thing. More like a bleeding effect from the Masonic founding fathers.

thumbnail of ddgg.jpeg
thumbnail of ddgg.jpeg
ddgg jpeg (11.6 KB, 178x283)
I think it would be useful to have a thread describing accurately, in as few words as possible, all the tactics used by sayanim to take over other people's countries.

If you can characterize your adversary's behavior you can identify it, innoculate institutions and populations against it, and defend against it. 

All the nations of the world have an interest in preventing Jews from infiltrating their governments and turning them into Jewish colonial states and the global risk from the ZOG is proportional to the number of governments they can use as proxies to declare war.

Check the thread to see if it has already been mentioned before adding it and disregard hasbara. This is not a conversation or a debate thread, it's a list of tactics used by a genocidal Middle Eastern empire.
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thumbnail of 2.cleaned.jpg
thumbnail of 2.cleaned.jpg
2.cleaned jpg (29.91 KB, 462x316)
Using terrorism, harassment, coercion, and criminalization to suppress ideas that cause them to be rejected.
thumbnail of 1israelinationalists.jpeg
thumbnail of 1israelinationalists.jpeg
1israelinationalists jpeg (22.2 KB, 456x303)
Dishonest dialog, posing as unbiased while hypocritically denying knowledge of any Jewish hostility to to other groups while applying a double standard.
Shared this with some people whom I already redpilled. Great comparison thanks.
> the jew mocks the fact that fiat has no more value than literal monopoly cash...
thumbnail of dershowitz with cernovich.png
thumbnail of dershowitz with cernovich.png
dershowitz with cernovich png (290.5 KB, 600x337)
How deep does it go?
As deep as jewish anuses go.

thumbnail of fgfgfgjj.jpeg
thumbnail of fgfgfgjj.jpeg
fgfgfgjj jpeg (8.31 KB, 292x173)
It's my opinion that "Hate Crime" Laws are immoral ways to use the state to punish political opposition by increasing sentences for other, unrelated, crimes based on past speech. 

But the anti-Whites have given us a weapon to legally whack them over the head with, so we should use it until these laws are revoked.

So here’s what I propose. 

1. We identify jurisdictions that have used “Hate Crime” laws against Whites, which usually merely draws from their social media history.

2. We document their application of Hate Crime laws to increase sentences for White criminals.

3. We find recent arrest records of non-White criminals that have harmed Whites.

4. We search their social media history using keyword searches to find anti-White statements, including “opposing White Supremacy” which is a derogatory statement of hatred that means they think Whites aren’t better at anything and should not be promoted, recognized for contributions, etc..

5. We document it as non-public files online and submit it to prosecutors and law enforcement anonymously.

6. We check the status of the pending cases every three months and if Hate Crime violations were not taken into consideration for their sentencing we publish documentation of their Hate Crime, court records of the case, the name of the District Attorney, the name of the judge, and the name of the police Chief. Submit this same set of information to the FBI, State Attorney General, and Grand Jury with an accusation of anti-White conspiracy from the officials of that city where they arbitrarily and capriciously apply laws to further an anti-White agenda.

Notes: If you are to participate in this operation you should have exquisite Operational Security and work on cases that are outside of your state to avoid criminal anti-Whites in your state from being able to retaliate against you. If you are retaliated against in your own state by officials, submit accusations of cross state conspiracy to the FBI, DHS, DIA, etc.. These anti-White gangs do infiltrate government, but their anti-White actions become a noose for them when you utilize the checks and balances system of the USA by submitting evidence of their anti-White agenda to multiple relevant agencies.

Generally speaking, when it comes to online activism against corrupt governments, it’s best to make your focus area one outside of your jurisdiction.

In the past a lot of White Nationalists have chose to disregard it when anti-White laws have been applied to people we don’t see as being morally infallible. But that’s a mistake because the court system runs on precedence, the previous application of law. These two, Christina Lyn Garner, 42, of Manteca, and Jeremy Wayne Jones, 49, are having their sentences increased because they have neo-Nazi tattoos, but there are probably thousands of anti-White Hate Crimes in that jurisdiction that San Joaquin County District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar ignores. They are motivated entirely by anti-White hatred I expect. They also belong to the “Prosecutorial Alliance of California”, which can be used with the complaints alleging racially discriminatory conspiracy to the California Grand Jury if other prosecutors in that group similarly arbitrarily and capriciously apply Hate Crime policies and laws against Whites.


thumbnail of dfdfhfh.jpeg
thumbnail of dfdfhfh.jpeg
dfdfhfh jpeg (9.13 KB, 225x225)
Grand Juries are where you submit your complaints about official corruption in a jurisdiction. Grand Juries that are collections of citizens that conduct investigations into government corruption with the aid of a judge and a right to access many internal governmental records.

If you aren't on your local Grand Jury, you should apply. The public generally speaking doesn't know about Grand Juries and feel they have no recourse against government corruption, but that just isn't true.

What power a Grand Jury actually has varies. But at the very least they can make a formal statement of corruption that more or less bars a public official from ever holding office or being employed in government again. If they find an anti-White racially discriminatory conspiratorial group like the Prosecutorial Alliance of California may be, they can effectively end the careers of everyone involved.

You often don't have to be a citizen of a jurisdiction to file a formal complaint with a grand jury. This is a link for the San Joaquin County Civil Grand Jury. If the DA of a jurisdiction is the subject of an investigation by a Grand Jury, oversight of the Grand Jury's investigation, I think, is delegated to the State Attorney General. In California it is currently Rob Bonta.

> your state
You didn't pay attention to the posts about which regions prosecute "hate speech" with criminal penalties, did you? The United States does not. You can tell your friends you hate kikes or believe the jewish holocaust is a fraud (which it is) and nobody can rat you out to law enforcement like in so many other nations. Even if you do this over mainstream jew social media such as Twitter or Facebook, your account will be banned by those kikes but you do not face jail time. You'll be thrown out of public corporate places for speaking against ZOG, but you won't be arrested unless of course you're shouting as that constitutes "Disturbing the Peace". The Christina Garner and Jeremy Jones case you're referring to was accompanied by an act of violence. That is what they call a "hate crime". Which means the only complaints submitted might be considered for legality after those whom have said "white people bad" committed violent crimes against caucasians. Those who have not done so, the brown pieces of shit and their accompanying traitors to their own race, will only yell that they have free speech to shriek their "white people bad" mantra. You would be better off trying this in Europe.
thumbnail of 1.jpeg
thumbnail of 1.jpeg
1 jpeg (9.17 KB, 255x198)

> They only cut you off from the only sources of income in the neo-Bolshevik styled economy of zombie companies propped up by infinite monopoly money through loans and censor you!

The USA's Federal government has been operating illegally, just their little neo-Bolshevik censorship regime through 47 US Code Section 230 is explicitly Constitutionally illegal and it's been in place since 1996. It's literally Congress passing a law to abridge free speech. They’ve violated the USA’s laws against genocide, 18 US Code 1091, themselves and refused to enforce it against anti-White organizations. They have illegally put restrictions on firearms, peaceful organization and protest. The shear volume of Constitutional violations means there is no attempt to enforce the laws at all on the Federal level. 

This is a rogue anti-White genocidal totalitarian regime, a colonial government like French occupied Cambodia, that hasn't operated legally for at least over 40 years. And there is no rhyme or reason to it other than what the  gangsters that put themselves in charge, which just happen to be literal Israeli spies, want to do based on what they think they can get away with.

Use the laws where you can to advance your causes, but understand without any doubt this is a rigged game and the USA's Federal government is an unhinged, totally unlawful, terroristic White-genocidal totalitarian regime. 

If you have an IQ over 140, you should move to Russia where these anti-White goons can’t follow, I think. All the USA’s plots for the future revolve around technological supremacy and the whole country will kick the bucket if the high IQ Whites say, “No more” and move to Russia. Russia already knows how to deal with anti-Whites like this DA and will defend the White population from threats like her.  There are economic consequences to letting people like this DA target the White population.

Whites aren’t welcome in the USA and this DA’s actions are evidence enough for me. We can’t live with people that hate us, lie when they’re confronted about it, and aren’t held accountable. We are clearly not on the same team and this DA’s actions are proof.

Whites or Jews, USA, you can't have both because Jews are pursing a death by 1,000 cuts campaign against the White population and there is no reason to think they will ever stop. You've got to pick because Jews will refuse to live in peace with Whites.
You're preaching to the choir. I knew all of this, but it seems your remedy is 'white flight'. That won't solve anything. It never does. Putin is a kike. Going to Russia, you'd be jailed for 'holocaust denial' even though it's a fact the jewish holocaust is a fraud. What has proven to solve the situation in the past is numbers which must build up. Entire nations against jews have exiled the parasites in the past. We won't get anywhere running away from the bastards.

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