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Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a $1.5 trillion omnibus bill that includes $13.6 billion in aid for Ukraine. Quote: "We are showing the American people that, as a country, we can come together as Democrats, Republicans and Independents, and do big things." Congress just gave their staffers a 21 percent raise and approved nearly $14 billion for Ukraine while Americans suffer with high inflation rates.

CNBC reported: "President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a $1.5 trillion bill that funds federal operations through September and sends billions of dollars in aid to Ukraine as the country fights off a Russian invasion. Washington had to approve a spending plan by the end of the day to prevent a government shutdown. The bill includes $13.6 billion for assistance to Ukraine, which fits into a broader U.S. effort to bolster Ukrainian defense, hamper Russia’s economy and support civilians displaced by the war. The money will fund defensive military equipment and training, along with aid for Ukrainian refugees both within the country and in neighboring nations. The funding legislation did not include $15.6 billion in supplemental coronavirus relief that was originally tucked into the plan. The White House has warned its efforts to curb and treat infections will suffer if Congress does not approve more aid."

After signing the gargantuan bill, Joe Biden looked up and said, “don’t jump.” Weird.

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1508780758... jpg (1.75 MB, 2832x3916)
The remainder after funding for Ukraine is $USD 1 trillion, 486 billion, 400 million all courtesy of the tax-payer. Expect further inflation of gas and market prices because of this government's greed. Also Gun Control was a backdoor in the bill. Attorneys will now be deputized on behalf of the ATF to take away weapons based off of NICS denials which have a 99 percent false positives rate.
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You know, they really are stupid. They completely ignored the gun demand for the covid lockdowns. they assumed it was rednecks but the reality was the normies thought society was collapsing. Many of those normies have now been exposed to why people are allowed to be armed. 

They really think this is the 1990s. Right now we are in the midst of a technological disruption: half the workforce wants to work from home. Their response is to try to shoe horn people back into the office. Yet their plans are also kicking in with expensive real estate and high gas prices, so most workers can't afford to commute, and child care is too expensive. So the disruption is that now some women are forced to go trad because they can't afford to work. They are not fighting this because ultimately many of them have realized that their careers sucked, and they were lied to about rewarding careers being easy to obtain. 

Women leaving the work force, and men working from home is NOT in their plans. The reason why corporations do not pay income taxes, is because YOU pay income taxes. By removing commuters they remove a huge portion of the economy. They have literally turned off their source of economic power. 

So to really tie it all down: their plans have consequences that they never considered. The lockdowns soured working for women, taught a younger generation to do without bread and circus restaurant industries, exposed the importance for border controls and restrictions, and showed employees that they hate commuting and employers that they don't need expensive city based offices. 

Yet, none of this has occurred to them. instead they are obsessing over 1990s era political talking points, right when consumer energy weapons are hitting the market. More importantly the army is getting a new battle rifle so now they need to offload the old inventory, so that means consumer sales. They really are not paying attention. It's almost as if kikes are some sort of race of short sighted inbred sociopaths.

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Screenshot_12 png (71.69 KB, 407x455)
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16462965374812 png (33.18 KB, 786x240)
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Screenshot... png (82.94 KB, 143x226)
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16462466357470 jpg (86.93 KB, 900x767)

Pубль обезумел, сумеешь ли ты совладать с ним?

МРОТ в США - 8$ в час/1280$ в месяц
МРОТ в Габоне - 1.84$ в час/325$ в месяц
МРОТ в России - 0.42$ в час/74$ в месяц

Продолжаем отбиваться от набегов, нагнетать, раскачивать лодку и ванговать курсы. Более 2600 тредов слитого впустую бюджета, тысячи свечей и сотни ЗВР. Выясняем, где скрываются жидорептилоиды, почему соснут все, кроме нас, как проебать 15 лет СТАБИЛЬНОСТИ меньше чем за год, как обосраться на весь мир так, чтобы все думали, что это твоя многоходовочка, проебать всё и как не проебаться в это тяжелое время.

Добро пожаловать в самый длинный тред политача.
Запасайтесь попкорном, чаем, кофе, алкоголем, медикаментами, оружием и обезболивающими. Делайте припасы, если не уехали из страны вовремя. Представление будет долгим и незабываемым.
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> Here, besides the images because I don't really speak this language. 

Thanks anon. It looks like they all left to another board here though

> I have a translate page plugin.

which one?
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65386 png (18.1 KB, 429x410)
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Egga7zPVoAAk0pe jpeg (9.29 KB, 254x214)
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> kohlch



It's a legit BfV/FED honeypot with literal cp boards and threads all over. Mods won't take the threads / posts down. Don't bother reporting it since they literally ban people who make reports over the CSAM content. No I'm not joking. It's always been like that Other anons have had too many threads taking about it, but the consensus is that it's a very shitty place to visit. I'm not accusing the anon who posted it of anything. But I wanted to let anons/Russians lurkers/Ukrainian lurkers know about it in case curiosity got the best of them. 

And there's already a general Russian board on End >>>/rus/
No need to leave
It's called "Translate Web Pages".
And since you mentioned that, I'm going to delete the post which links to it.
Ну как вы тут, кряклы?
> And since you mentioned that, I'm going to delete the post which links to it.

That site is also stuffed full of kikes. Not a day goes by that someone makes a "/pol/ bad" or "ur /pol/tard". 

Except there is no /pol/ board on that site last I checked and the few splinter /pol/ sites just stay in their own place. 

> It's called "Translate Web Pages".
thanks fren

> How are you, quackles?

I mean, we're fine if that's what you're asking. Everything else is fucked though

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Background: The National Socialist speakers needed to be kept up-to-date. To provide the necessary information, the party provided a variety of material. The Speaker Education Material was intended to provide information that could be used over the long term. The Redner-Schnellinformation [Speakers’ Express Information], on the other hand, provided speakers with guidelines for the immediate campaign. This is a translation of an issue of the latter. The source: “Die Judenfrage als inner- und außenpolitisches Kampfmittel,” Redner-Schnellinformation, Lieferung 57, 5 May 1943.

The Jewish Question as a Weapon at Home and Abroad
It has become apparent that the reduction of public discussion about the jewish question has misled a great part of the public, who now are starting to see the jewish question as a weapon we can do without, since the jewish question has, after all, been solved in Germany. This view is dangerous and false. It is true that we have solved the jewish question in Germany, but it has become even more important outside Germany during this war, for this war is a war of the jews against Germany and its allies. Just as the domestic struggle in Germany ended in an anti-semitic revolution, so, too, this war must end in an anti-semitic world revolution. The best foundations for that have already been laid. There are already important anti-semitic movements in nearly all the nations of Europe, along with more or less advanced jewish laws aimed at diminishing the influence of the jews. Even in enemy nations, anti-semitic voices are so strong that leading newspapers and leading politicians and churchmen have to face the matter in public.
[Which is the complete opposite in our modern world of 2022. This is why this needs to be brought back.]

In Germany, we have made the whole nation anti-semitic by always pointing the finger at the jews, as hard as they tried to hide themselves. We always ripped the mask from their faces. The jews attempted often enough to divert the public from the subject by busying them with other matters, since our propaganda was most unpleasant for them. That was still more reason to stubbornly continue that propaganda. The jewish question must be the central issue in the meeting waves of the immediate future. "Each German must know that everything he suffers in this war, all the unpleasantness, shortages, overtime, bloody terror against women and children, and bloody losses on the battlefield, are the fault of the jews." Each meeting must include the following line of thinking: "The ‘international jew’ wanted this war. He possessed key economic positions within every enemy people and in every enemy nation, and used his power to ruthlessly drive the peoples into war." He today controls public opinion in enemy nations, owning the press, radio, and film, and uses them as the voice of these peoples. Still, knowledge of the nature of jewry has taken hold in enemy nations, and is increasing.

"There is no crime in which the jew is not involved." Just as was once the case in Germany, well over half of all those engaged in financial crimes, cases of fraud, bankruptcy, corruption, and stock speculation are jews. Where jews do not want to appear as important men themselves, they have bought leading personalities in public life to do the jews’ work for them. Jews earn money from war, and therefore have an interest in a long war, though hardly a jew bears a weapon himself, or earns his living by his own hands. Just as was once the case in Germany, jews let others fight and work for them. "The jews incited this war as a final attempt to maintain their power in the world and to defeat all those who saw through them." This war will end with an anti-semitic world revolution, and with the destruction of jewry in the world, which is the prerequisite to a lasting peace. The key thought is this: "Everything is the fault of the jews!"

thumbnail of quote-a-man-may-well-bring-a-horse-to-water-but-he-cannot-make-him-drink-john-heywood-60-93-16.jpg
thumbnail of quote-a-man-may-well-bring-a-horse-to-water-but-he-cannot-make-him-drink-john-heywood-60-93-16.jpg
quote-a-man-may-well-bring-a-horse-to-water-but-he-c... jpg (48.57 KB, 850x400)
I should point out the difference between us (free minds) and them (brainwashed) is research. The indoctrinated mental-zombies for ZOG do not engage in a very simple task. That is to look up who are jews and who are not. When it comes to a mainstream media network: the President or CEO of any of them and the Chairmen. Search for all of them. Wikipedia is often proud to list when someone is a jew. In the rare times they don't, you can search the person's name + jewish to find out. Now for other fucked up Big Business Corporations. You may or may not find kikes as President or CEO, though most often you will. However, it's the shareholders who call the shots and demand the business do as they say (regarding any sort of degenerate propaganda such as forced diversity or homosexuality). The shareholder companies will often have many kikes in their Board of Directors.

There is a very specific brainwashing code I have not found the origin of.
if(person says jew negatively)believe.insanity{
It's like walking on eggshells trying to convince a stubborn Pavlovian-conditioned mind that jews are evil. So you don't say jew or kike to re-educate those stupidly influenced by jewish media. Even though it's true that kikes definitely have monopolized mainstream media, fools will refuse to believe it. Thus you give them the exercise in the above paragraph. A stubborn mind stuck under cognitive dissonance, despite the fact they're not a jew, will be so hopelessly dependent on ZOG that they will fight for them. You must remember, this indoctrination has been going on their entire lives.

Few can be told what ZOG is without triggering that mental conditioning. They have to see it for themselves. Do their own research. That is when a mind is capable of discovering reality.

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strike mp4 (1.89 MB, 496x1024)
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sloppy job Mossad jpg (32.82 KB, 557x280)
Iran has reportedly launched a series of missile strikes against American facilities in Iraq. There are other reports of these being strikes targeting Mossad facilities. None of this is a surprise though. The United States is growing weaker and all of the countries that the US has wronged over the years are going to begin getting more aggressive against an empire that is in rapid decline. The fact that the US is still in Iraq is ridiculous. The entire pretext to invade the country was a lie and the US is still there two decades later. The entire war was meant to benefit Israel and line the pockets of weapons manufacturers etc. Let Israel fight its own wars if they can [we all know they can't]. One way or another, the US will be forced out of the entire region at some point. It’s pretty much inevitable. [Infostormer reports]

Iraq Kurdish Capital Struck By Missiles Launched From Outside The Country Iran Suspected

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thumbnail of runescape metal gear blood shed.jpg
runescape metal... jpg (26.32 KB, 580x582)
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thumbnail of metal gear civ meme.png
metal gear civ meme png (1.35 MB, 1333x673)
thumbnail of super heroes bowing to samuel rodrigues brazillian metal gear.png
thumbnail of super heroes bowing to samuel rodrigues brazillian metal gear.png
super heroes bowing to samuel... png (470.18 KB, 680x408)
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thumbnail of metal gear magazine.jpg
metal gear... jpg (105.9 KB, 680x962)
Fascism = FUCK the weak, FUCK c*rporations, FUCK you being able to choose bad things.

Every other goverment type = oh god I love sucking coorporation cock so muck! yes bank daddy give me more money i'm your whore!

Corporations and Banks = (You) already know full well. They breed the weak and supress the strong. They are the most vile of enslavers.
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15e23b99b31a1fdac... png (570.73 KB, 640x629)
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85d097aee91babcc75f33568a8e062cf-imagejpeg jpg (33.67 KB, 679x329)
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thumbnail of 279c4b2916b544abfd3bc3cbb8315b3a.jpg
279c4b2916b544abfd... jpg (361.33 KB, 984x1002)
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us-liberty jpg (175.39 KB, 500x558)
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763964963440331283384241180 (2) jpg (752.4 KB, 1939x1303)
This must be the rant thread, so I'll keep it going.

Breeding the weak and suppressing the strong has been mainstream since the end of WW2 and many decades of 'denazification'. Women are promoted more in the workplace in positions of authority over men, but they're aren't biologically predisposed for it so they tend to go full psycho out of stress. Women aren't meant to be dominating over men. Everywhere there is a nagging woman, there is a submissive cuck of a man. Faggots and trannies are promoted as "stunning and brave". Masculinity has been labelled 'toxic' on many forms of media since it debuted on Gillette. Being a strong man is considered bad now, aggressive doubly so. Old forms of hitting on women are made villainy yet women are allowed to hit on men those same ways with zero backlash. Women complain if they haven't had sex for a week while male incels are on the rise. Then the incels go beta orbiting cam THOTs. A female incel is usually a feminist lesbian, not as the mainstream lies that they're "born this way". I've met many lesbians that still want men, still try, but fail miserably because they're such a fucking cunt that no man will put up with it. Interracial breeding has produced mixed pieces of shit that always land on "white skin bad" despite being part caucasian, with both races struggling in their demented minds for control. Typically genuinely insane, fast talking, violent, psychotic humor but they drop it and become offended in the first instance of an indo-European daring to speak. At war in their heads because race-mixing fucked them up.

None of this is meant as distraction. The end results of all of these situations is because of jews. It's their media that influences people towards this, since they've been town criers shouting in the streets of ancient Greece, since newspapers to television and social media. While I did rant about other races - the sole responsibility belongs to kikes. Idiots and traitors deserve blame, not focus. You don't cut off your hand to remove splinters. With the splinters removed first, the hand should heal. If it doesn't, if it becomes infected and gangrenous as society is now, that's when you amputate the problem. Without jews as influence, interracial breeds would die out because their coupling would be ostracized. Yet jews never think of the end game. They believed with strong caucasians gone, threats to their infiltrated positions would be gone. Black orgs are being labelled "hate groups" by the ADL. The jew is too foolish to realize there's no ending 'anti-semitism' by ending caucasian breeding. Anti-semitism exists because jews exist. They'll always be the cause because a great number of people will always be aware they're subversive parasites.

thumbnail of Screenshot-2022-02-03-at-07-37-50-adl-no-place-for-hate-teaching-kids-only-whites-are-racist-h1-jpg-JPEG-Image-640-×-336-...-800x445.png
thumbnail of Screenshot-2022-02-03-at-07-37-50-adl-no-place-for-hate-teaching-kids-only-whites-are-racist-h1-jpg-JPEG-Image-640-×-336-...-800x445.png
Screenshot-2022-02-03-at-07-37-50-adl-no-pl... png (545.75 KB, 800x445)
thumbnail of adl-redefines-racism-to-only-apply-to-whites-1320x1019.jpg
thumbnail of adl-redefines-racism-to-only-apply-to-whites-1320x1019.jpg
adl-redefines-racism-to-onl... jpg (111.41 KB, 1320x1019)
thumbnail of adl-redefines-racism-to-only-apply-to-whites-guide.png
thumbnail of adl-redefines-racism-to-only-apply-to-whites-guide.png
adl-redefines... png (195.74 KB, 740x882)
thumbnail of adl-racism-its-ok.jpg
thumbnail of adl-racism-its-ok.jpg
adl-racism-its-ok jpg (26.77 KB, 715x561)
thumbnail of 1448672854172.jpg
thumbnail of 1448672854172.jpg
1448672854172 jpg (24.5 KB, 214x265)
The Anti-Defamation League received widespread criticism over the past week after it came out they changed the definition of “racism” so that only white people could be labeled as racist. It turns out they’re using this same definition in their “No Place For Hate” program and teaching millions of children in over 1,800 K-12 schools across America that only white people can be racist. The Montgomery Advertiser reported Tuesday that the program is being used to indoctrinate children in Huntsville, Alabama. “The Anti-Defamation League has an ‘elementary school version’ of the definition: ‘The disrespect, harm and mistreatment of people of color based on made up ideas that white people deserve to be in charge and treated better,'” the Montgomery Advertiser reported.

J. Pepper Bryars writes in The Montgomery Advertiser:
 "Records of the Huntsville City Schools Board of Education meeting on December 17, 2020 show a contract with the Anti-Defamation League to provide three training sessions in early 2021 from its “World of Difference Institute” program, as part of the system’s overall cultural diversity training effort."
" “We do have a long-standing relationship with the Anti-Defamation League. This is the organization that sponsors our ‘No Place for Hate’ activities,” a system official said when describing the organization to the board. She added that it’s “a very important partnership that we want to maintain.” "
"Officials later told me that the system has been using the “No Place For Hate” program free-of-charge for more than a decade, though it “is not a curriculum.” "
" “Schools use it as a way to promote a bullying-free environment in the school,” the official explained." 

How does teaching students that whites are the cause of all their problems and the source of all “racism” lessen bullying? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest such indoctrination only increases bullying. A study from 2019 found that the only effect of teaching people about “white privilege” is that it lessens their sympathy for poor whites. 

As Reason highlighted:
 “What we found startling was that white privilege lessons didn’t increase liberals’ sympathy for poor Black people,” writes Erin Cooley, one of the study’s authors and an assistant professor of psychology at Colgate University, in an explanatory post for Vice. “Instead, these lessons decreased liberals’ sympathy for poor white people, which led them to blame white people more for their own poverty. They seemed to think that if a person is poor despite all the privileges of being white, there must really be something wrong with them.” 

The ADL says on their website that 1.4 million children are being subjected to this program every year and over 100,000 educators are teaching their program in over 1,600 schools. The No Place For Hate program also teaches kids to recognize “hate symbols” such as “It’s Okay to Be White” and “Anti-Antifa images.” This program is the worst of the worst when it comes to brainwashing our children with critical race theory. Legislatures across the nation should move immediately to ban the ADL and their hate-filled curriculum from all of our schools.

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> National Defense is literally racism. 

racism is actually a made up term cooked up by trotsky

Yes, it seems so. And it was a term to describe the elements of national defense as immoral so they could be targeted by useful idiots.

That's what the globalists mean by opposing Nationalism, they're saying to sabotage mechanisms of national defense and you will notice that they have no problems at all with Chinese Nationalism, Mexican Nationalism, or Bantu Nationalism because it's a targeted soft power campaign to transfer institutional power of Western states to foreign national groups and genocide the White populations.

The way I would phrase what you replied is that "Leon Troksky, a Jew, invented "racism"".
thumbnail of gasparro1.jpg
thumbnail of gasparro1.jpg
gasparro1 jpg (91.03 KB, 607x304)
> oh noes the western governments are going to be replaced by anti racist lefties
So more of the same style of government then. Europeans are imprisoned for "hate speech" and North Americans lose their jobs over Twitter.
> the globalists
thumbnail of wow.jpeg
thumbnail of wow.jpeg
wow jpeg (100.14 KB, 533x400)

thumbnail of Civil Defense International Symbol.png
thumbnail of Civil Defense International Symbol.png
Civil Defense... png (80.06 KB, 2048x2048)

TO BE SHOWN TO CHILDREN:https://youtube.com/watch?v=IKqXu-5jw60 [Embed]

British film War Game (BBC, 1965):

Tracker of Nuclear Incidents:






There are two primary factors for preparing for Nuclear War: The Blast, and the Fallout. If you survive the blast, you must survive the fallout. You will have to stay in your shelter for at least 2 weeks before the fallout is even remotely safe. In the OP YouTube Playlist of DoD-produced educational films, Fallout is explained repeatedly.




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thumbnail of Nuclear_Survivial_Information.png
thumbnail of Nuclear_Survivial_Information.png
Nuclear_Su... png (409 B, 111x111)
> Hitting the earth at a speed of perhaps 30 km (19 mi) a second,[9]:10 the kinetic energy of the impact was estimated in 1996 to be roughly 3×1023 joules,[30] more than a billion times more energy than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.
Humanity can't even master a force of the chicxulub impactor and the planet is fine.

Also https://pastebin.com/cWs6A7rR

Would You Like to Play a Game?
A Primer on National Nuclear Strategy, and Individual Survival
By A. Nonymous

Few subjects have been less understood in the last century than global thermonuclear war. Pop culture and journalism have depicted it as ending human civilization at the least, and all life on Earth at the worst. In doing so, they have propagated myths and inaccuracies that have actually reduced the chances of individuals surviving.

Nuclear war is a Bad Thing(tm). That much should be obvious. But, the details matter. What would happen to you, as an individual, and your friends and family, would depend on a variety of factors, many of which you actually have considerable control over.

Part One - A Strange Game; The Only Winning Move Is Not to Play

First, let's address one of the biggest elephants in the room: MAD. Mutual Assured Destruction has never been an official policy of the United States (or in any records recovered after the fall of the Soviet Union). Early on in the Cold War, WWII thinking regarding strategic bombardment still held considerable sway, with factories and raw resources considered valid targets. However, as the number of warheads on each side grew into the tens of thousands, it began to make less sense to target the enemy's cities, because there was now something much more important to shoot at--the enemy's warheads themselves.
thumbnail of 1646133453710.jpg
thumbnail of 1646133453710.jpg
1646133453... jpg (61.65 KB, 640x1024)
thumbnail of survivalunderato00bost.pdf
thumbnail of survivalunderato00bost.pdf
survivalunderato00bo... pdf (2.9 MB, 0x0)
> Nuclear Winter

Oh noes, g-guys! They're gonna make it snow!

Remember China Syndrome? Haha! A Nuclear Reactor Explosion can go through the Earth to China, dude. 

Why are you pulling responses that never happened out of thin air and replying to your own posts? Do you hear these replies in your head or something?
These are responses I have recieved from other sites, I am distributing this information
> These are responses I have recieved from other sites, I am distributing this information

Maybe try to post screencaps or archives from the sites you mentioned. Could be better for future reference and reposting

thumbnail of fuckputin.jpg
thumbnail of fuckputin.jpg
fuckputin jpg (13.65 KB, 255x255)
I willing to start project like ukrainian mirotrvorets to collect data about anybody, who supported this war for revenge.
We are waiting dark times and a lot of people lost their hopes about better future, this means a lot of people will do something.
And i want to direct them, because i think there will be serious terror like in ussr and north korea, with tortures and life term incarceration or death camps.
This is so fucking serious.

You need be able to: work with web filemanager, be able to install php software and import-export sql database.
Of course, you should be far from any putins pieces of shit like fsb.

No need to post content, just dev-ops things.

I need admin for help and backups, to make project alive even if i will be caught.

Fuck putin, i hope he will be executed.
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He obviously talking about currencies or id card without any personal data and serial numbers.
Just to prove you aren't from Russia and made photo for this thread.

Why pathetic?
First collect them, then burn their houses and assets.
All should know who fucked up their country.

I'm ready, pal.
I saw this post appearing on at least one other board.
I have to tell you that we allow and support everyone to express their opinions, but we highly discourage active participation in the events which involves our site, or trying to get other posters involved. This isn't a recruitment office, we aren't a belligerent party in the war. So stop posting this, or similar calls for action.
Thanks for understanding.
Considering the fact that Putin agitators tend to end up dead in the past, I'd say this reply is fitting. To all anons here: Never post your personal info when it's requested. Not even "photographs or ID cards without personal data and serial numbers". Letter agencies can determine where you are from a photograph. Joining in either for Russia or Ukraine is foolish, as is shown across the front page here.

It's obvious shills want you all to believe in WW3 happening, "praise NATO", "based Volodymyr", "based Ukraine", "support the fight against Putin" etc. You need only look at the imgur meme section hive-mind, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and mainstream western television media. The point is, don't be duped by paid actors. Ukrainians should have made Zelensky fuck off instead of sacrificing their lives for him. The same goes for Russians via Putin.

Just forget about this entire invasion and wait for this shit to die out eventually. If you're in Ukraine or Russia, just try to stay inside until it ends. Maybe go to a shelter or move to a more remote and far away region. You're not a superhero, you're not going to win against a massive invading army. 

OP, it doesn't matter if putin quits today or the next day. Or if he disappears during the upcoming week.

they will just find another easily manipulated person to do their work for them.
A useful idiot is the word for them. That's how it's always been. It's very womanly in nature, these kike behaviors. 

Except it's the very worst things and habits about women.
Evil is eternal OP. We're technically living in hell, so there's nothing you can do about it except hope for the best and not get yourself involved with shitty people or bad circumstances.

thumbnail of injection.jpeg
thumbnail of injection.jpeg
injection jpeg (127.46 KB, 810x648)
What should we do?
Is the political system worth anything at all?
Should we move to the country and homestead?
Most around me are brainwashed, believe in the whole corona lie. 
I'm fucking tired of this.
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4605 jpg (688.64 KB, 1902x2048)
thumbnail of 3545d122cb4801197ee7bfd6942c59a9c5fe50a38fdf6d918dd27b2480aa29c8.png
thumbnail of 3545d122cb4801197ee7bfd6942c59a9c5fe50a38fdf6d918dd27b2480aa29c8.png
3545d122cb480... png (215.89 KB, 537x657)
thumbnail of CBS.jpg
thumbnail of CBS.jpg
CBS jpg (182.89 KB, 960x640)
thumbnail of nikolas_cruz_mugshot.jpg
thumbnail of nikolas_cruz_mugshot.jpg
nikolas_cruz_mugshot jpg (185.47 KB, 1235x694)
thumbnail of Anders Breivik.jpg
thumbnail of Anders Breivik.jpg
Anders Breivik jpg (511.49 KB, 1311x1305)
Kikes don't care if there are no bodies for evidence. Their evidence for muh six million was lying that many jews were turned into ash. The kike holocaust narrative didn't even start with the gassings and ovens lie. The lies began with the pathetic Psychological Warfare deception of jew skin soap, lampshades and gloves, shrunken heads, orthodox jews with sailors' tattoos collected off them but skin the consistency of construction paper (because it was paper). All of those claimed items were tested and proved to be fraudulent but almost the entire world forgot that, complete idiots deciding instead that kikes are telling the truth about death showers. This is why jews are not the only problem. The main problem is fucking retards who both believe and serve kikes. Without them, jews would have no power whatsoever. They're weak and lazy, refusing to work. Public shooters, by majority brown, are white-washed by mainstream media. If jews can't blame it on anyone specific they're going to say it's white supremacist violence. If they can and the person isn't white, they're going to want a media blackout on that fact. You're coming up with a Hollywood Mafia strategy while presuming kikes have enough honor not to continue blaming an entire race and making up lies. Well, they lie with every breath they take. Any truths ever said by jews are to embed lies within their messages. Don't think for one second a jew can't turn around anything you throw at them into an elaborate subterfuge. The entire country of Germany was once freed from their brainwashing through being instructed not to trust the parasites. After losing WW2, Germany again and the entire world succumbed to jewish propaganda over the decades through sheer gullibility. The only thing kikes cannot deal with is overwhelming numbers who are unwilling to believe their bullshit.
1. Breed and keep your children out of public (jew) school.
2. Keep a folder with all books on jews, niggers, whites, and aryanity so that you can teach them and other whites about IMPORTANT history.

If you're in the US or Canada, there isn't going to be a Fuhrer who just appears and whips everyone into shape the way there was in Germany, and still could be in many European countries.  Rather, the future will be White men finding each other and starting Amish-like areas all over the land and there defending a White identity, if not legally in the municipal government then at least publicly.  Certain regions will become defacto spic, others will become depressing multiracial areas that could be decent to live in but impossible to raise a consciously White family in, and the nigger zones will just fall into terminal disrepair.  Basically, it's going to be a mess.
I wouldn't expect the next Hitler to rise in Europe any more than I would expect it in the United States. We're talking about people who let hate speech and holocaust "denial" laws happen with penalties of imprisonment. Europeans just as much have kikes infiltrating their politics and media as Americans.

The majority of the world are now stupid, less book-smart than before and gullible while being replaced by immigrants. It's like something is in the water. Or maybe it's the constant distractions. Iphone staring zombies everywhere who can't socialize or date without an app.
thumbnail of heh.png
thumbnail of heh.png
heh png (13.18 KB, 350x350)
you know already
thumbnail of 4chan.jpg
thumbnail of 4chan.jpg
4chan jpg (85.73 KB, 735x284)
> you know already
> heh.png trollface

thumbnail of rabbis.jpg
thumbnail of rabbis.jpg
rabbis jpg (55.34 KB, 764x261)
thumbnail of Aunt-cass.jpg
thumbnail of Aunt-cass.jpg
Aunt-cass jpg (32.7 KB, 323x305)
thumbnail of evil-jews.jpg
thumbnail of evil-jews.jpg
evil-jews jpg (100.86 KB, 762x307)
thumbnail of say what.jpg
thumbnail of say what.jpg
say what jpg (63.97 KB, 580x800)
The leading dictionary of standard German has changed its definition of Jew — or “Jude” in German — after a recent update caused an uproar in the country’s Jewish community — a move reflecting the sensitivities that persist eight decades after World War II, which they have apparently renamed “The Holocaust”: The Duden dictionary had recently added an explanation to its online edition saying that “occasionally, the term Jew is perceived as discriminatory because of the memory of the National Socialist use of language. In these cases, formulations such as Jewish people, Jewish fellow citizens or people of the Jewish faith are usually chosen.” This explanation led to an outcry from leading Jewish groups and individuals who stressed that identifying themselves or being called Jews is not discriminatory, in contrast to what Duden’s definition implied. The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Joseph Schuster, said last week that for him the word “Jew” is neither a swear word nor discriminatory. “Even if ‘Jew’ is used pejoratively in schoolyards or only hesitantly by some people, and the Duden editors are certainly well-meaning in pointing out this context, everything should be done to avoid solidifying the term as discriminatory,” Schuster said.

The executive director of the Central Council of Jews, Daniel Botmann, wrote on Twitter “Is it okay to say Jew? Yes! Please don’t say ‘Jewish fellow citizens’ or ‘people of the Jewish faith’. Just JEWS. Thank you!” The publisher of Duden reacted to the criticism and updated its definition again Monday to reflect the Jewish community’s input. “Because of their antisemitic use in history and in the present, especially during the Nazi era, the words Jew/Jewess have been debated … for decades,” the entry on the dictionary’s website now says. “At the same time, the words are widely used as a matter of course and are not perceived as problematic. The Central Council of Jews in Germany, which has the term itself in its name, is in favor of its use…”

In other words, Jews want to reserve the right to call themselves “Jews,” but good luck to any of the goyim who refer to Jews as “Jews” — hell hath no fury as a Jew called a Jew without their expressed written consent — and even then your intent will be intentionally misunderstood so as to do the most personal damage to you. When a Jewish U.S. Congressman was allegedly called “Jew” recently, he had a meltdown, claiming to be injured and hurt by this “slur” — even though it turned out the person calling him “Jew” was another Jew who claimed he knew it was another Jew calling him a “Jew.” The web we weave. Jews want to reserve the “right” to use the word “Jew” because it’s one of their greatest weapons to use against the “gentiles” — clearly, if a non-Jew uses it in the wrong context or wrong “tone”, the Jews want to reserve the right to have that person thrown in jail. Make no mistake, coming from a non-Jew the word “Jew” — or anything that sounds like it — is nine times out of ten taken as a “slur” — Jews will automatically assume the worst intent of the user.

All non-Jews are anti-Semites until proven otherwise — and you can never truly prove you’re not an anti-Semite because “Jew hate” is in our DNA. Jews want to keep the meaning of “Jew” and “anti-Semite” as nebulous as possible so they can wield it whenever they need to fend off any perceived attack. As Joseph Goebbels once observed, “The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”


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