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sunny’s so hard for me to understand
kind of a weirdo, but also normie enough to fit in
a little fucked up but without any real flaws
also seems genuinely nice and above avg iq 
is this just how slightly autistic girls are?
autistic enough to fall
but smart enough to get up and leave in one piece
truly one of a kind in this corner of chinese basketweaving enthusiasts
I have most of her videos and streams, but I can't upload it here. It's too big (17 gb). And if I upload on youtube she will copyright strike the channel. Any ideas?

"Kaya means: [...] wise child; the one with the beautiful body, profile."
she also listens to 1979 wtf. anyone else’s music taste REALLY similar to hers. this feels uncanny
I think she's around 21, but I don't keep up with e-girl birthdays.

During that video she was probably around 16, considering her chest was already pretty developed, but she always looked younger than that.

wonder if she likes miro edits?
Kaya's milkies Kaya's milkies
wholesome sucking nothing dirty
it's my seed I need to breed
little Sunny in her cunny
thumbnail of yulia.gif
thumbnail of yulia.gif
yulia gif
(1.54 MB, 400x286)
Except she looks nothing like a child. She looks East-European. Round face, wide upturned nose, big eyes, small body(,big tits).
I bet this also looks like a child to your amerimutt brain.
She was literally 14 in the photos posted earlier ITT, a child. Every single photo in this thread is of her when she's underage. She looks like a completely different person today, because she was literally a child in the photos everyone posts. 

And no, Sunny doesn't look Eastern Euro, she looks like trailer park trash. She has Amerimutt genetics with a peasant face.
thumbnail of aoc.jpg
thumbnail of aoc.jpg
aoc jpg
(162.24 KB, 948x1017)
"On average, females begin puberty at ages 10–11 and complete puberty at ages 15–17"

So she might have not just began sexually maturing, but possibly already ended it at that stage. Age of consent in most countries in the world is 14-16, and so was/is in most USA states, probably including hers.
Refuted by the sheer fact that she already looked like a completely different human being by the time she actually was 16.
Didn't she say she used to go over to a neighbors house to watch TV when she was like 12 and the neighbor boy would finger her?  And that he was older?
Saw her booba on lolifox before they were deleted and they are actually surprisingly big. Her tomboyish clothing hides them well.
Sunny finds new songs through this playlists
It's funny watching this knowing what Ciara did to her after that.
Look how innocent and playful they seem. 
Bpds are soulless monsters.
Someone should reup kayas stream. They were unironically great background noise for coding
Ikr I always turned on her streams for like homework and such.
I have a folder though, I might upload them when I get back to my PC.
I have no fucking clue what your autistic ass is trying to say, but Sunny never implied in any sense that she's anything but a woman.
I have a rate on how much I can upload per day.
thumbnail of autism.mp4
thumbnail of autism.mp4
autism mp4
(897.94 KB, 480x360 h264)
Reupload them on YouTube 

Hurry up to download them, the link won't stay up for much. You can bulk download them with yt-dlp.
students now think they can get all of the joys of victimhood by telling you anything. you don't even have to be anything anymore. you just have to say something. "oh i'm this, i'm that, give me those oppression points". she wants to bump into me in the street and say "you working class scum, you're oppressing me. i'm the one who needs help". it's the pinnacle of greed. middle class students want to say "yeah i've got all the power and the priviledge and the money and i also want the victim points as well, thanks very much!" worse yet you retards enable her. i cannot believe you bellends still chase this dippy bint after all this time.

> Hurry up to download them, the link won't stay up for much

that would imply that kaya is actively looking at this board.    o_O
Are autistic women better in bed when you're a dom or service dom?
With Sunny you could use her fat tits as fuck handles, while you rail her from behind until she's in pure ecstasy. Her autism makes her submissive to your cock, since she expects you to do the work.

> o_O
Anyway, no it doesn't.
thumbnail of mmmm.jpg
thumbnail of mmmm.jpg
mmmm jpg
(26.34 KB, 459x238)

interesting idea. i'd like to suck her tits so much until milk comes out. i'm sure it must be super sweet and warm milk. that would be my daily must have breakfast. yum yum.
tbh it worked from the start if you just copied it but whatever. Im pulling it through yt-dlp. website shows server overloaded on ton of files but hopefuly it works
I been like this for years but I'm fine, I can force myself to not focus on having a gf and I'm usually fine, but when I think about it, it hurts.
So cute how she used to cover her mouth when smiling and such, she didn't even have bad teeth or anything.
And is that a Naruto opening or wat.
kaya is evil and all of you have been manipulated. free yourselves and move on or remain here and waste the rest of your lives. youre not getting any younger.
She's an angel, she even defended us incels from the roasties.

She's right there with the lady Godiva and Jeanne d'Arc.
I actually had a dream last night that she came back to do another stream where she was happy in some colorful room, and I’m just a tourist who doesn’t really care for her return. Sunny aura/charisma too strong it invaded my subconscious
I just want to cum inside her while sucking on her fat tits while she scratches my back with her sexy nails.

I have no opinion about her personality.
How come Sunny never had acne, even as a teenager? What if she is an übermensch who evolved past it?
Where did the Sunny name come from anyway? The Piggy-Chan and Insomnia-Chan i can understand.
she mentioned it somewhere else too, maybe in a video idr, the Sunny name was something suggested by one of her friends
thumbnail of Drawing Stream 3.mp4
thumbnail of Drawing Stream 3.mp4
Drawing Stream 3 mp4
(89.82 MB, 1280x720 h264)
I can't upload this one to YT so I'll upload it here.
Here's my playlist so far: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4hVWCtsOyPqKGJ50R8IDIgTLkR0g7BFo&si=ODLMN8_OG_8X7ipR

I made it unlisted so no one stumbles accross it unless they're from endchan and already know about her (:
Been following e-girls for years and tonight I randomly had my first dream about one of them.
It was about Sunny of all people.
I was in some room with Sunny and we were doing something with our sweaters. Like working on them, I don't know what exactly it was. But we ended up having to take them off to let them dry or something.
I told her she doesn't have to take hers off in front of me, but she didn't mind. So she was standing there in her bra and I told her how it was quite cute looking. She asked me if I liked it and I replied by telling her to come over to me. I put my hands on her shoulders, playing with her bra straps. I told her to turn around. My hands started cupping her tits. I felt how she started to instinctively press her cute ass against my crotch.

And unfortunately that's when the dream ended.
You can bet your ass I immediately fapped to that thought as soon as I woke up though.
You can't reply to the inbreds like that. There's a legion of them everywhere on every site being paid to sew discord outside the realm of shitposting. Doubt it's US shitizens as they can't keep a secret.
I don't know why I've recently fallen in love with this girl. It'd be the most idiotic thing to date her irl. Probably some chan virus or something.
thumbnail of fatbitch.png
thumbnail of fatbitch.png
fatbitch png
(477 KB, 1200x900)
thumbnail of 0_yL7fcPvrEW8Poom7.jpg
thumbnail of 0_yL7fcPvrEW8Poom7.jpg
0_yL7fcPvrEW8Po... jpg
(207.79 KB, 960x1200)
Kaya I know you don't like me, you made that clear, but I swear to god if you don't date me I will kill myself. All I need is a girl with common sense and I think you have way more than just that. I'm 19 now and I'm serious, I have XP too. I can give u free supply at my store yo i can be the PLUH. I even got the George Floyd Funko pop just for you. I'm tired of these bitchy fat asses please come back Kaya, even if you don't date me.
Begging someone to date you and then threatening to kill yourself if you don't is a sure fire way to get them to NOT date you.
I don't know much about her other than what I see here and there. She doesn't seem she'd be the most toxic considering girls like Ciara, but shit Sunny gives off SOME sort of girlfriend material.
I assume her parents found out about this? Playing with fire molesting a kid, playing with lava molesting your neighbor's kid.
I heard she was trad/conservative. I don't know how true that is but that bumps her up a point or two IF true. 
But she's still experienced things I wouldn't want coming back to ruin our relationship.
I'm pretty sure she just played that up and isn't actually mentally deficient enough to be genuinely "trad/conservative".
Because if she were genuinely trad/conservative, we'd not know about her and she'd be in a much better position if her parents (father mostly_ cared about her. 

Otherwise, I agree she'd play that up for her desperate orbiters. Can't have them think she's another misandrist.
Yep. At least you know it's an act. Other dudes either delude themselves or genuinely believe she's the real deal. 

I understand. Most of us are lonely losers who'll likely die without ever so much as holding hands with a girl. 
I mean, I have, but that's been years and years now.
Tourist. I was trying to figure out a name for what I am with this Chan/e-girl mess. It's like a fucking virus.

I don't care if she returns either, but my mind is obsessed.
She posted a creep cover once. Just wondering if anyone has the vid. Or any covers of hers, pls post them!
Once upon a time, I dreamt I was an e-girl, posting nudes hither and thither, to all intents and purposes an e-girl. I was conscious only of my happiness as an e-girl, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then an orbiter dreaming I was an e-girl, or whether I am now an e-girl, dreaming I am an orbiter..
I took a snippet of her signing this and used it for a project in art school to try blending it with garage band instrumentals
The good ending
Better than ODing like ciara and getting killed like bianca. You either die a robot or live long enough to see yourself become a normie
how did it turn out
it’s sad but understandable, who wouldn’t escape given the chance
i still like to think she’s at least a little sympathetic to the struggle
> Now she has a boyfriend


Anyway, women are social animals, they can't be outcasts. If you didnt get it yet - I have a bluepill factory to sell you.

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