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Single mom ewhore that is known on R9K for hating on other egirls. She was exposed for having a fansly and selling nude pics there. She used to have a server called "Chanlets" but left it to start her new career as a online prostitute.

Disc thugratz
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A proof that the nudes pics are hers is that she's wearing the same ring as in picrel, unfortunately she deleted her fansly right after getting exposed.
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(121.47 KB, 1080x848)
The reason that she started whoring out was out of desperation since she is always crying about how poor she is because she can't get a job and is afraid of ending up homeless. Seems like her only way of income was ended. Another proof that the account exposed on R9K is vores is that she deleted it right after it was exposed on 4Chan and the servers that shes in.
I thought she lived in a nice house with her parents. I remember her bragging about that, saying like she didn't have to whore herself online like other girls because her parents loved her and theirs didn't.
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(949.77 KB, 1242x674)
A lot of these newer e-girls don't deserve dedicated threads especially ones where fame hungry whores like Bee, Tinker and Medoi keep posting their shitty selfies yet here we are
Vore is a Jew single mother who had a kid at age 19 with a deadbeat who trashed her familys property. They used to rob people she lured on tinder but now she just wagies and smokes weed. She hates niggers despite living exactly like one.
remeber that she has admitted to being a "borderline pedophile" specifically for tween boys, has multiple teenage male friends who she sends gifts to, and laughs at 15 year old girls being killed just because they were "whores" (in her words).
Vore ain’t mean to other girls that shi a troll she nice to them in dms and friends with beechan
I’ve seen vore’s pussy and that ain’t it. She’s a roastie whore with a protruding scar from the front of her pussy to her asshole since her pussy ripped or wtv
Vore still owns chanlet’s you ppl just like to lie and stir drama for whores who don’t deserve attention
Vore been around discord for a long long time I think her pussy would be leaked if its our there by now even her server been around for 5 years and nothing so get proof or fuck off normie
It’s always funny when she talks about her boyfriend. He supposedly lives in a tent because he can’t handle being in a relationship with her.
I knew.
I absolutely fucking knew it.
It's always the same with sociopaths like her, doesn't matter what sex they are.

I was calling her out on her bullshit back when all she did was post in vocaroo threads in 2022. She claimed sooo much to be all uwu, humble and such a spectacularly great soul that loves everybody... except she pretty fast went into utterly idiotic rants about blacks and women. She felt so superior to them for no logical reason, yet she is lower than any of them.
Every single person who acts like this is truly depraved and a complete hypocrite.
At some point she even claimed welfare isn't good, for no discernable reason mind you. The very thing that could help her out currently. Well, I guess you at least can say she works her ass off now, after being a lazy piece of shit and non-existent mother for such a long time. Complete brainrot.

Wish I had some screencaps.
Gotta search the archive.
Are there leaks of her fansly on fapello or websites like these?
I want to spam her fisting videos everywhere on the internet and send them to her parents whom she still leeches off.
You know I actually feel kind of bad for being mean to vore but she really deserves it for being such a bitch to all the other girls. However reading about her fucked up life makes me feel bad, but she really needs to stop being so bitter and jealous toward younger girls.
> 41881 
Vore isn’t bitter towards young girls it is all girls in general. She does like a few i’m sure you’ve seen it. It isn’t about age.
She only "likes" girls that aren't threatening to her, like empath, who is hated by the entire world. and any girl that gets any positive attention she is totally bitter and resentful towards.
> 41900 Vore has had girls in her server for years. She bans whores and idiots. You have no idea what you are talking about. She has some good relationships with many girls from different servers. Maybe it’s just you
Ask vore why she hates women and she will tell you it has nothing to do with popularity or age or looks
Alright vore, I'm sure you do, I'm sure you have so many friends whom you totally will not pick fights with the moment they get the slightest hint of attention. So long as they stay beneath you and aren't "whores" (popular) I guess they're "friends" or whatever.
> Alright vore, I'm sure you do, I'm sure you have so many friends whom you totally will not pick fights with the moment they get the slightest hint of attention. So long as they stay beneath you and aren't "whores" (popular) I guess they're "friends" or whatever.

Not vore. Just a witness to the antics. If you think every foid cares about some popularity competition on the internet you are wrong she has been around since 2016 and many people dont have problems with her
I dont think Vore hates women out of jealousy, I think she just never grew out of her 16 year old not like other girls phase. which is getting a bit old since shes almost 24.
Nah it's jealously, she is old and irrelevant now and no one loves her anymore all she can do is lash out at the young and pretty girls and age regress back to the "good old days" when she was still getting attention and larp as an edgy 16 year old.
Ugly, mentally ill, poor, single mom, whore, husband getting fucked in prison, incel son. What a fucked up life. How do I donate money to her?
> it doesn't show anything
Lmao, what, she thinks it doesn't count if she isn't literally spreading her asshole for all to see? Mons pubis is still an erogenous zone, dumbo.
She deleted it right after that it had been posted on r9k.
Beyond this fact and the ring, same bed sheets, same hands, same tits as the other leaks and same moles.
It's 100% her.
> She deleted it right after that it had been posted on r9k.

Nobody ever grabbed screenshots? Where is a single picture of her naked?

> Beyond this fact and the ring, same bed sheets, same hands, same tits as the other leaks and same moles.
It's 100% her.

There’s no moles on her skin and show a side by side comparison of full nudes with her tattoos rings and sheets
I just think its ironic that nobody saved a picture of it, nobody saw it, there’s no existing link even in archives or leak pages, and nobody has a pic of her pussy, I expected more. It came from that namefag katatonica who is been impersonating vore for a long time how do we verify?
> the hands are way too big
Imagine my shock

Like clockwork. Everytime these pics get posted on r9k, either vore or her close circle of discord pals always dive right in to do damage control. 

Haven't you wondered why she never posts her pussy? Why she has such a flat chest? Tits don't just fucking disappear after having 1 kid in your early 20s. I don't give a fuck how crazy you are.

Give it up. It's a man. It was always a man. you fapped over a man. It's over for you simpy.
What is her new fansly account? I wanna jerk off to her balding her while she shoves huge dildo up her giant butthole
These girls have to gain the attention of their audience somehow. So they lie about who they are because that's who their orbiters are. 
These girls will say they hate black people, then end up on a black dick.
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IMG_3973 jpeg
(986.7 KB, 1712x1710)
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IMG_3974 jpeg
(622.99 KB, 1712x1282)
There are so many things wrong with the existence of this thread that I don’t even know where to begin. 

1. How the FUCK did any discussion happen after that clearly, terribly executed makeup filter? Bros? Come on. That’s MS Paint-tier. 

2. This isn’t an e-girl, or even an e-boy, this is just run of the mill internet trash 

You guys are going to have a hell of a time getting scammed if those makeup pictures didn’t put the breaks on any thoughts that occurred after seeing them. Picrel. One is a comparison to the shitty horrendous makeup filter. Two is what you can do in less than 20 minutes in a phone app if you’re not completely retarded. 

That’s a man. Be smarter than this.
well, HE is a dumb cunt. that’s a certified hood classic right there. maybe if HE spent more time on the internet when HE was younger, HE wouldn’t be an NLOG single parent tranny faggot tbdesu
not a single other e-girl used filters so poorly as this insecure sow 

like jesus fucking christ lady how old are you? what are you hiding under there? 

you’ll see other girls with pimples or moles or whatever and they post anyways there must be something rancid u see these filters
Deranged uncanny valley looking tranny with a massive jew schnoz... some of you niggers will orbit anything
Imagine being a tranny and posting all this stuff here trying to create an illusion anyone gives a fuck about you. Lmao!
I hate to agree with vhore, but I agree with vhore. Shame she's just virtue signalling to siphon more orbiters just like your typical woman.
imagine this bitch being your mom holy fuck that kid is so FUCKED i would unironically date her just so i could give him a better life even though i'm repulsed by her
Shes trying to advertise this awful ear bleeding nonsense on R9k now thinking she is some kind of music artist
Vore is always copying agatha if you think about it 
> same nose ring 
> tries to be a musical artist now that agatha has a band 
> jewish larp
Vore is the ultimate PickMe
She'll bully younger (usually underage) girls for having their nudes leaked while in the same breath post pictures of her tits and ass all over Discord 
"All women are whores" sure, but you are no exception no matter how much you try to be One Of The Good Ones™
Vore can show off  her tits and ass anywhere she wants because she is over 18 and it’s legal. Also everyone on the board is still waiting for the nude leaks we never received. I would make fun of underage girls for being dumb sluts too if I were in the position to. Vore is based ngl
It’s not based to be an utter hypocrite. Don’t walk the walk you insult others for. Age has nothing to do with that unless you think she thinks it’s okay for them to be whores past 18 (she obviously doesn’t by all her public attitudes).
> Vore can show off her tits and ass anywhere she wants because she is over 18 and it’s legal.
Nobody was arguing that, vore.
Stop trying to come up with strawman arguments.
vamp isn't a kid she's 17. she wishes she was though so she could use that excuse like puk. vore hates puk the 15 year old even more
This thing is ugly on the outside and inside. No wonder her husband cheats on her. Who would want to be with such a vile creature?
honestly she looks BMI 17 at the lowest
why does she always whine about how she'll die from anorexia when Ashley Isaacs and Eugenia Cooney are BMI 11-12 and still kicking

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