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Latest News: 
Agatha is now one half of a musical act called Obvious Lie who made their live debut August, 17

Obvious Lie is a new Chicago-based music duo creating songs that combine experimental pop music elements with sample-based sound design and synthesis.


Previous Thread:  >>/28/
> Step into a world of sonic enchantment with Obvious Lie, a groundbreaking musical duo that transcends boundaries and celebrates diversity. Comprising a talented male-to-female transgender artist and a captivating woman with autism, Obvious Lie is not just a musical act; it's a celebration of unique perspectives and the power of unity through music.
> band called Obvious Lie
> consists of a man lying that he's a woman and a jew lying that she's human
Bravo, Nolan
I could very much do without the pretentious and SJW writing, but I'm otherwise kinda interested in what they put out, hopefully it's actually good. I've never followed a band before, so I'm kinda hyped.
> obvious kikes

Must be nice to ask your rich family to create a music career for you on a whim instead of getting therapy.
> jew making a band called Obvious Lie

She was so cute and innocent agathabros.. what the fuck happened? is it her jewish genes?
Agatha, if you are reading this, the best possible thing you can do is continue living and ignoring the people who might harass you. Blocking people obviously from here will make them angry and bring more attention to everything. I wish this weren't the case. I wish you luck in everything you do.
Just noticed that the description for the instagram is "Super Secret Fan Club" which is a really on the nose reference to Ciara's old scam discord. So that account is just some orbiter trying to annoy Agatha. Do you retards want her to exist or not? Doing stuff like this just makes her hide more.
You think Ciara fucking invented the "super secret" descriptor? Really?
Agatha's family is also following that account, you mong.
Sorry to burst your bubble but a lot of people here are scum with a few people that are checking up on people they used to know, know currently, or from simple curiosity of wanting to know if they're okay or getting to a better place.
Sorry to burst YOUR bubble but YOU a re also partaking in everything that happens here. You are no different.

Again, get off your high horse. Reddit tier hypocrytes like you get on my nerves.
It doesn't matter, you are still participating in the gangstalking. 
If you really were a friend of agatha, you'd have a way her to send her a private message and check in on her without posting here.
That doesn't even make sense, you are projecting your own fucked up weird reasons onto everyone to feel vindicated. 

The baseline is that commenting on this thread does nothing, but seeking and going out of your way to post personal information here, actually go out and harass people, or push any sort of threats is actually harming the individual and does make you a bad person / stalker / harasser.
> I am not a stalker. I only browse and post here regularly, waiting eagerly for new leaks but letting the others do the dirty work, so I'm not partaking in the gangstalking. No, not at all.
You do all this, while also feeling the need to tell everybody how stalking is bad and how morally superior you are to the average poster. 
Shut up and fuck off if you don't like what happens here.
king dom cummies. is a rapper who played the show with them: king dom cummies. is a Chicago rapper and beatmaker, hellbent on inflicting joy, sorrow, and terror upon its audience. its sole aim is to weave intricate tales of wanton violence, unbridled romance, abject pain, and absolute stupidity, hopefully all for your entertainment.
There's nothing on that artist page except an 'Obvious Lie Radio' playlist of music by other artists that looks like it was auto-generated by Spotify. I don't think they've actually released any music.
I tried that but I still need an account to listen. Next time they should upload their stuff to Soundcloud or Youtube or something.
I don't think either of them are related to her. Actually, looking at this, this is connected to the same artist page, and was probably formerly on that playlist before the track was removed from Spotify. A lot of the stuff on that playlist looks like it's AI generated or something, too, and googleing this track name returns nothing other than this Spotify page.
There isn't anything to listen to, it's removed, and unlikely to be related to her anyway.
i'd kill for live footage of their "performance." i'm sure it's cringe gold lol
> cringe gold
any performance of hers would be a topkek for sure. hopefully theres a chicago anon that can farm this shitshow for us, if it continues.
She is calling herself "a captivating WOMAN with autism", so at least she haven't gone full Ellen Page. 
There is still hope anon.
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thumbnail of Annotation 2023-12-11 215547.png
Annotation 2023-12-11... png
(53.31 KB, 774x508)
Damn, that gave me hope for a moment until I googled it.

Don't worry most of her orbiters are from Brazil and Phillipines, and even with the american ones the chances of some of those spergs finding out about these shows with 5 people* watching  in some obscure artsy venue in Chicago are pretty slim. 

*well, they all have DID and call themselves them, so we can consider more than that
aside from their instagram page with 36 followers all of whom are likely friends and family, and the announcements for the live performance at what appears to be a tiny art gallery/event space, there doesn't seem to be anything else about them online at all.
yeah, it's hard to tell from the pic, that could be just the curvature of her chest. she does look kind of emaciated, though, i mean just look at her wrist, so maybe her breasts just shrunk.
I found her bandmate's insta
https://www.instagram.com/puppystarbattleonline/ (private, DNI)

and its threads, which is public

and the insta and bandcamp of the label that promoted their show
This is the kind of thing they get up to at that venue, this was the day after Agatha's live debut here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CwHCDjdsjLY/
> NOOOOOOOOO don't interact with the manipulative jew who tries to be a woke attention whore and likely expects attention and interaction anyway!
aggie should be grateful that anons here still care about her to the point of listening to her music and watching her shows even after her betrayal
No new music and no new shows since august, what are the chances that they just gave up?
Aggie, you were born beautiful, you don't need changes, your entire body is very beautiful, your breasts are one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, always take care of them and protect them, you are intelligent, your very feminine beauty is what makes you unique, don't worry. ruin girl, you are very valuable you know.
Firstly: You never seen her breasts.
Secondly: She will never read this, dumbass.
Thirdly: She is a jew, her "transitioning" is very good for the world, i hope her ovaries were already cut out and disposed of.
I cry tears of blood. What happened to my girl, what happened to my Aggie? Is this how father feels when female genetic programming turns his innocent cute daughter into a feminist chad-hopping banshee?
Try to be a bit more optimistic. If you look at  >>/41446/, she's kinda back to her original hair style, which may mean her mental health is better. Maybe pics like  >>/42379/ and  >>/42380/ were when she was going through a tough time, and now she's better.
mfs will talk shit about "goyim" but then fall for their own sissyhypno lesbianism tranny psyops. talk about friendly fire
they also try to take away our tomboys
thumbnail of yume.jpg
thumbnail of yume.jpg
yume jpg
(555.42 KB, 750x549)
That vid, man. That fucking vid. The most beautiful creature on Earth. That hair. Those circles under the eyes. The way she blinks. That hand resting on her chin. A fleeting moment of sublime beauty, soon to disappear.

I want to kill myself.
Do not go and interact with her directly. You're just gonna make her hide for another year.
From the photos shown on this page I can assume that she has beautiful breasts.
Maybe one day she will read them, I just want her to know that she doesn't need to make any changes to her face or body, what I like most about her is her face and her entire body, I want her to know not to be influenced by comments of hate from some anonymous people who comment here.
I really love her and I don't care about her Jewish religion, I want her not to hurt herself, that's why I say again, Aggie please never ruin yourself, because just as you were born with your unique physical appearance and your unique personality I love you very much, You are very valuable, understand it, I am a man who loves you very much with great sincerity.
I agree. Aggy, your normal self is already great. You don't need to modify yourself or put on jewelry or any other crap.
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thumbnail of curves.png
curves png
(307.08 KB, 1313x919)
"officially", nice larp.

She only talked about it while schizoposting on her tumblr, while simultaneously talking about how would not happen. There is zero proof she did anything. 
Again, check the curvature:
There is clearly a skin bump there that would not be present with mutilated tits. 
And I'm sure if she really did this shit the first thing she would do was to post a shirtless picture on IG for extra tranny cred points from her LGBTQUERTY circle, just like every dyke does. And that shit would have leaked for sure. 

I'm not sure if the poster that keeps saying this is an incurable blackpilled doomer suffering for something that there is no evidence available or just that ethot Medoi (or some other) that keeps lurking around this chan posting petty shit about others girls.
And besides, when she talked about cutting her tits off she also talked about taking testosterone and shit, but just look at the pictures from this thread (which are pretty recent) and you can clearly see she is NOT hairy at all. The meds she took probably killed these retarded ideas.  

I challenge whoever said this to post some real evidence to back up what you are saying
I just realized beauty of Agatha last night, now I find this bullshit out? Can we have nothing good in this world?
If you haven't noticed, there's a deliberate worldwide effort to make people depressed doomers, in order to make them better more compliant slaves. Destroying beautiful things is one part of that effort.
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thumbnail of merlin_204715809_17a103a4-6cf2-4640-837e-ace6cafca818-articleLarge.jpg
merlin_204715809_17a1... jpg
(98.09 KB, 600x403)
Damn, you people are addicted to being doomers. 
Take a look at these recent pictures from this and the previous thread.
She is very feminine again and posted pictures with THE classic sweater, so the girl we know and love is still there somewhere plus some shitty piercings, but for today's standards are not even that bad.  

The only really concerning thing about her current situation is the fact that she is dating a tranny that definitely reminds her of herself (same haircut, similar clothes and some schizobabble nonsense on "her"  threads that is very similar to the schizo posting that was on the defunct telomeres twitter), that all points to some real narcissism.
> for today's standards are not even that bad
I get what you're saying, but it's because of this kind of mentality that standards are so low in the first place.
Also, where did you see recent pics with THE sweater, an dhow do you know she's dating the tranny?
thumbnail of 1642315503398.jpg
thumbnail of 1642315503398.jpg
1642315503398 jpg
(153.09 KB, 1080x1080)
This was her Instagram's avatar for a few days this year

I was aware of tranny for some time, Agatha kept liking "her" posts for some time, I had no idea they were in a band. By her Tumblr posts, she implied she was on a relationship, so I guess this is it 
It makes sense that she ended up with a tranny, she doesn't fit with other lesbians at all
And, again, there's definitely some self image issues going on with her choice.
So it;s still over. She's just going to suffer the same relationship woes of people with that lifestyle and end up as damaged as any other girl. The fact that she'd date a trans person attests to this. She's not going back to that adorable young girl everyone here loved, and that's what matters to them.
She's still qt as an alt girl, and who would have ever thought that she WOULDN'T date a tranny given her being a Jewish lib that had talked about her "queerness" or whatever? None of this is surprising. Cmon.
To be fair to me, I just started lurking in Agatha threads to this is some major whiplash for me. Damn why is this world (degenerate American society) so cruel?
Marky’s stances were pandering to the right wing crowd because all her friends and lovers and orbiters were from 4chan. Ken hates her orbiters and her stance against troons is founded in feminism instead of reactionary disgust. As soon as Marky lost interest in selfposting and keeping up with orbiters, she lost interest in the political persona she cultivated to appeal to them. Major differences here.
thumbnail of Terrifying.jpg
thumbnail of Terrifying.jpg
Terrifying jpg
(115.69 KB, 1280x720)
kinda agree that ken seems more "ideologically stable" so to speak, but it's only because she's more distinctly chadsexual than any other e-girl

always got this bitch energy from her, real weird shit considering her sub personality; it's like she has Miang inside her

anyway, i wouldn't vouch for her when she meets a 6'5 trannychad lol
What does her being the most chadsexual have to do with anything related to her being a radfem commie? And how is she any more chadsexual than Marky is? And out of all screenshots and posts from Marky and Ken, Marky is the one I've seen random meanness and bitchiness from. But I still think Marky is a decent person despite that.
thumbnail of beautiful.jpg
thumbnail of beautiful.jpg
beautiful jpg
(75.67 KB, 1280x720)
> What does her being the most chadsexual have to do with anything related to her being a radfem commie?
being chadsexual has everything to do with understanding your biological mission as a woman and therefore embracing radical feminism

> And how is she any more chadsexual than Marky is?
because she consistently pursues Chads? not in a million years would she date someone like that chink that marky dated

not in a million years

> And out of all screenshots and posts from Marky and Ken, Marky is the one I've seen random meanness and bitchiness from.
marky's bitchiness is all surface level

ken's, on the other hand, has this subtle eugenic-genocidal property to it
Exactly, she was always a "queer" lib from the beginning, I don't understand why guys here expected her to be a tradwife
Yes, that's the tranny that likely had "her" dick inside Agatha. Just imagine Agatha's ragged breathing as "she" pumps away. Probably didn't use a condom, either.
Does anyone have any more photos and videos they can share? I'm relatively new to Agatha and want to get everything I can.
Man, this girl must have been something else. I wish I was around with you guys when she was active. I might have heavily considered orbiting.
You guys can still enjoy all of the reuploads, like https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgx0S10ngC6umn1QjvfGE5g/videos
I personally quite liked her Autistic Things series. It was some nice insight and quirks.
Character Aggy is someone who, for a moment, makes you believe that kind goofy women really exist out there, and that, if you're lucky. you might even manage to get with one.
Who here has eaten their dinner while watching an Aggy video?
thumbnail of icecream.jpg
thumbnail of icecream.jpg
icecream jpg
(774.67 KB, 1217x1623)

> Its possible for it to be genuine and for her to have changed into the person she is today

yes and its also possible for jews not to destroy everything that is good and beautiful and make it as ugly as possible.
see, im good at fanfic too.
Exactly. Character Aggy seems like the S-tier dream girl and with the right guidance, she'd still be that girl. She's still cute to me, but nothing like what she was in the past.
You're welcome. You should also know that there are multiple channels with her content on it, like https://www.youtube.com/@alef321/playlists as well as a HUGE Megaupload folder with her content on it. 72 gigs, IIRC.
We still need to figure out if the 72gig archive is missing any content.
Nice work, man. You've made my blackened heart a little lighter. All of her stuff deserves to be archived. I know she hated the creeps but she'll never realize what she's done for some of us because of them.
I've been to IL two times I believe, once to Beardstown (I think) the other to Chicago for a trip. I didn't know about her back then but it's crazy how close I was to her, relatively speaking. Not like I would have gone looking for her, and it's not like I could have if I wanted to on account of being on a trip with a very large group of people. Still, knowing she was somewhere there gives me the tingles.
lol Exactly. 
I know it sounds ridiculous but come on, you know what I mean? It's like how I just found out another e-girl (not posted here) lives right up the street from me. As in a short car or bike ride in a single direction. I had a sneaking suspicion for two or three years she lived in my state but not THAT close.
Alef-sensei has graced us with a new piece https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/alef321/lies-obviously
not ayrt, but I found this in the previous thread
the mega has no decryption key though and if it's the same as the video torrent, it is only 37gb
thumbnail of 1522701301054.png
thumbnail of 1522701301054.png
1522701301054 png
(381.54 KB, 1853x374)
There's this older pastebin link with some of the resources https://pastebin.com/4WEgd3W5 though some of the links have depreciated. (and TPB has been compromised, do not download anything from there.)
I also found pic related but I don't have the decryption key.
The Mega links in the thread in your pic were taken down within a couple months of being posted after someone reported them for copyright infringement.
You know he has. I wonder if Agatha's a top or bottom or a switch. For sure though plapping noises were made between these two.
What a disappointment Aggie causes me, I hope she stops hanging out with transsexual faggots, she who is Jewish knows that what she does is wrong, it already changes your life Aggie.
You think this bitch is going to stop doing what leftists do? She should have had that correction years ago. Unfortunately, she's going to continue hanging out with transsexuals and sucking them off, also have them inside her.
Can you guys stop judging her, everyone changes with time. She did nothing wrong.
How old is Agatha exactly? Cuz apparently Elle was 15 when she committed suicide, even though Agatha came across as infantile I thought she was at least in her 20s in her vids with elle where elle must have been like 14 in the early ones. I guess they bonded cuz they both seem autistic but that's a big age difference 

Also Elle always seemed cool, sad about the suicide, I guess she had a chronic pain disorder. Takes nerve to do that. Surprised she really went through with it.
No, sadly she was underage when she started posting videos and being orbited by pedophilic channers. She turned 18 only in 2017.
Please stop posting pics of underage Agatha. She was just a kid. Like the Admin said, underage kids don't belong to imageboards.
Please understand. Thank you.
People who use reddit language like "channers" should be violently beaten until they change their attitudes
I hope it's a great day and that you have a lot of fun.
I'm joking kek I just needed to say something out there. I try to think of her in a sexual manner and just can't. I do think about holding her and cuddling with her.
I don't like wavy girls, but Aggie is the exception. When I look at her beauty and her sensual body, it gives me an erection that I don't get with any other woman. You deserve to be with a CHAD like me, not with a transsexual faggot who gives Shame, this girl has to think first and then act.

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