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(1.34 MB, 1208x758)
Our Cursed Unholy Maiden, Tsarina of Rhode Island, Queen of Judea, Grand Duchess of Newport Marky Jane Thompson
In previous episodes:  >>/42657/ 

 Old picture collections 
 >>/25646/  Marky.rar  [2016]
 >>/25615/  Album pa2i7 - Imgur.zip  [2016]
 >>/30878/  Marky-secret-stash.7z  [2018]

 >>/34653/  mirh  [2010 → 2013]
 >>/27484/  haiselnet  +  >>/33243/  >>/33258/ full-res selfies [2013 → 2018]

 >>/33232/   Marky Dolls & Figures.zip  
 >>/34653/  haiselnet  [2019 → 2020]  >>/34556/  mirlodie  [2020 → 2022]
 >>/34727/  mir_png / mirinoru / tain_pudding  [2021 → 2022]
 >>/34619/  mircolat  [2021]  >>/33249/  purintain  [2022]

 >>/43027/  mir_png  [2021 → 2022]

 Twitch clips 
 >>/29342/  haisel  [2017 → 2018]
 >>/29337/  mirmeat  [2022 (?)]

 Youtube channels  
 >>/24626/  mj   [UCjvNbOC04iFZvNI7hVpiMMA]  - autobio vid [2015]
 >>/29654/ +  >>/30101/ +  >>/29432/  mir / mirrr   [UCj_UmWzyMhrNgs1Q3W-aOGA]  [2016 → 2023]
 >>/29334/  Mitomo7/Dropofcandy   [UCTJkRaslIJzlehqxrTpjZTw]  [2023]
 Last Youtube streams from May 2023  
 >>/29663/  read description  +  >>/33644/ chat log (screenshots)
 >>/28090/  i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i  +  >>/28092/ chat log
 Marky's appearances on Alice's Room  ( >>/7552/)  IRL streams in 2021  + select videos from mirrr channel:
adults playing with dolls is creepy pedo-type behavior whether its a guy or girl. if Marky has given up dolls and drawing loli that's a good sign that she has realized she's part of the problem
This is simply a hub to discuss adult female internet content creators. It also serves as an aggregate of their postings, photos, videos and other media shared by them across various forums and other websites. 

Please don't try to put us on the same level as dollpedo creeps
yeah there is some negativity here but look at any t swift post on twitter and she has her vocal detractors too. that just comes naturally with being a celebrity. overall vibes are good and wholesome here
someone send her a message on facebook, she changed her WoW username so i know she's online and active
If you weren't sam hyde you got into the marky jane thompsen game too late, now them just the facts...
How the fuck do you even meet orbiters and get them obsessed with you when you're playing wow grinding murlocs and boars? What a dumb whore! Can you not even play a game without broadcasting you're some dumb old roastie washed up from the shores of 2010's r9k
her and Sam Hyde will go for a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant in Providence, RI and then take a chilly walk, holding hands under the street lights, before retiring to the bedroom of their mansion and making passionate love as if it were for the very first time.
He will pamper her throughout the day with gifts. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry. First will be breakfast in bed, his best eggs benedict and a mimosa with the finest champagne. What will be first? Shopping spree? Manipedi? Massage? Whatever his queen desires will be hers on her day!
They will come too if Marky so desires and help Sam make every fantasy of hers into reality. Wives must be dutiful and help their man please his beautiful princess.
That's a good thing. Surely having things to worry about will help getting distracted and achieving mental clarity. Good luck anon.
I worked as a chef, made plenty of eggs benedict lol. Making the sauce is fun.
I prefer scrambled eggs for breakfast though, with all kinds of yummy (cheese, hash brown, bacon, onion, basil pesto, tomato, herbs, salt, etc). A huge plate of it, a mountain. Bet it's great with syrup.

Fuck eggs are good.
Get bacon with plenty of fat.
Fry it up with onion. Use butter and a little water to keep it soft, yet still some crunch. Do the onion first, caremelize it.
Microwave hash browns for a few minutes and mash 'em a little.

Mix 4 or 5 eggs with milk and some butter. Use a fork.

Microwave the eggs for 1 minute or a little more. Mix.
Let them stand for a little.

After, microwave like 2 times more for 20 seconds. Mix after each time, letting it stand again.

With the last time, it ought to be creamy, but still very runny before standing again.
Thats when you mix in everything else. Salt, cheese, the hash browns, and the bacon and onion.
Put a little more cheese on top, and give it a final microwave to serve hot and creamy.

Add basil pesto and a little ketchup.
I bet your mouth smells like shit form all the dead stuff in it. Probably a trail of garbage that follows you around and you're just smiling
The key is, microwaving for little amounts. I've certainly screwed it up before, but microwaving also had the best results compared to frying. At least, for the few minutes it took.
also would anyone mind uploading her latest 2 streams on gofile again please? I have a chromebook and can't download shit lol
Someone who posted it as Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 9.43.53 PM.png in earlier thread does. Person behind black rectangle wears male trousers and shoes by the look of it. And is no taller than her. How tall is MJT anyways?
Marky threads are 21+ zone, chum.
> How tall is MJT anyways?
I think 5'5 or 5'6, she mentioned being too short to be a model, also im 23 kek, im just a poorfag. I want to watch the stream again, i just never saved the original file
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thumbnail of hunter and wife.png
hunter and wife png
(1.03 MB, 1313x934)
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thumbnail of hmarky brother married.png
hmarky brother married png
(973.15 KB, 1331x939)
thumbnail of hunter gfwife.png
thumbnail of hunter gfwife.png
hunter gfwife png
(907.5 KB, 877x906)
fun fact: hunter is actually married to some fat goth girl. He goes to rap concerts and is a total normie with friends and a happy life it seems. Completely different than Marky.

He's like 4 years younger than Marky as well, I wonder if she's jealous of him. I know he tried to help her multiple times and she rejected his help
They are in the OP. Anyway they are not worth watching. She didn't even have the mic on. The only fun thing was the people in the chat.
thumbnail of imgur_oc1sEqb_017_wehXkdv.png
thumbnail of imgur_oc1sEqb_017_wehXkdv.png
imgur_oc1sEqb_017_weh... png
(499.06 KB, 1221x476)
thumbnail of US-K12.gif
thumbnail of US-K12.gif
US-K12 gif
(82.76 KB, 780x936)
Do you have problem unpacking 7zip archives or not enough space to download? Affordable external 1TB drives are in $50-90 territory for cheap SSD and $1-10 for adapter depending on what speeds you are willing to tolerate. Regular hard drives are 5-7 times cheaper than that and SATA adapters go for $1.

Otherwise, those streams were rather thin, you can get a gist of what happened in first from comments, which are mostly lame. Instead of constructing elaborate insults they repeat numb and annoying things, just like in the threads - as usual. It's a shame we don't have comments for Alice streams, those must have been more diverse.

By the way, Marky says she didn't go to high school, is that just a shitpost or for real, a possible thing in USA? What about National Geographic society, MIT and labs with microscopes, were those not affiliated high school, how does one go to university without finishing high school?

Cursory  reading of Wikipedia didn't give me much info unfortunately. It seems more integrated than what I have observed in Europe where alternatives to high and middle school (years 6-12) exist, and they have their explicit names like Gymnasium, Lyceum, Technikum, and few other local types. Some overlap late years of high school and early university for more specialised education, allowing to skip few years towards bachelor's degree, others train a profession adding just a couple of years on top of comprehensive school.
I think she went to one of those smaller schools for privileged kids that don't fit in, have problems or are smart and special, where it's like 10 kids and they let them do whatever they want all day.
she went a non-traditional charter school it wasn't for the gifted or anything. Just a small school that did alternative learning. She only went for 4 hours a day which is why she had so much free time and didn't have any friends. She said during her last semester of senior year 2014/2015 that she attended class 3 times a week
how on earth did this extremely coddled pretty young girl end up with Beautiful Princess Disorder?
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thumbnail of wtf window.png
wtf window png
(161.56 KB, 640x360)
thumbnail of german window.gif
thumbnail of german window.gif
german window gif
(512.05 KB, 195x229)
thumbnail of 9b487d21feee9b636f7d1449ae79b38c.jpg
thumbnail of 9b487d21feee9b636f7d1449ae79b38c.jpg
9b487d21feee9b636f7d1... jpg
(46.73 KB, 960x639)
thumbnail of 4540cb3b10b63d95b95fafb725a65ace.jpg
thumbnail of 4540cb3b10b63d95b95fafb725a65ace.jpg
4540cb3b10b63d95b95fa... jpg
(63.09 KB, 960x639)
thumbnail of A4D718CC-22B5-4CA3-B8B2-5E7626CD9745.png
thumbnail of A4D718CC-22B5-4CA3-B8B2-5E7626CD9745.png
A4D718CC-2... png
(1.38 MB, 750x1334)
> charter school
A new word in my vocabulary, how curious. Marky thread educational! I learned more about the States and New England region from reading this place than in my whole life watching American movies and making fun of cardboard walls and inferior electrical appliances in debates online. Never seen Nordic-style insulated windows that tilt inwards in America either, yet there they were in her dorm in Alaska, although that's something to be expected, Fairbanks with it's continental climate had -40°C/F temperatures this winter. Although, an other building on campus still seems to have English sash frames for some reason.
> didn't have any friends
No friends in special school? Can't believe a girl like her didn't have IRL and online orbiters even before 4chan. Recalling myself, I had this "girlfriend in Canada" situation, we met on a pirate Minecraft server, and she used to send me cute birthday cards she made herself (she was in junior art school and later went into architectural college), anyways it all ended very gruesome, and now I am here chasing a distant dream intertwined with reality. Does Marky remind you of girls/women you knew in past, brothers?

Now, what about group photos, these people must be her classmates, blonde boy looks remarkably similar to one from 2019 (alias Tinder Chad or Brad) unless I'm having another case of /agatha2/ occupational disease, acute autism induced face blindness. He must be the one who "received handjobs from other girls", didn't he?
its fascinating how marky turned into a semi-mythological Laura Palmer like figure, its easy sometimes to forget she is a real person that is crying night after night in a basement somewhere in RI high as a kite, because to me, she became almost a symbol of internet drama, specially the mystique surrounding Sam Hyde
To you and any other marky orbiters, riddle me this, because I always found it baffling:

How come she not only dared show her face again, but actively decided to be an egirl after the whole Xmas 2013 /b/ nudes situation? 

Any other normal girl anywhere in the world would have been too embarrassed and humiliated after such a stint to ever dare show her face again online ever again, let alone become a public figure in the same circles she showed her nude self at. It's just bonkers to me and I really can't see any logical explanation to this bizarre behavior.
past grooming and sexual abuse by uncle and sam hyde is to blame. the excuse that she was just on crazy pills that make you post nudes was always bullshit.
It's actually depressing to know Sam Hyde is a millionaire now and has a new fanbase of zoomers that keep donating to him, buying nft scams and chinese made t-shirt

while marky is a poor broken women who was used by him when she was 15. Sam recorded videos of them fucking when she was underaged and will never get in trouble for it. No one even believes the whole marky-sam hyde connection anymore either.
mental illness, an addiction to attention and control. also she liked to imagine herself as some celebrity-type figure kinda like this  >>/50906/

she was crazy before Sam. If she didn't fuck him it would have been another older man. she has been on this trajectory her entire life, maybe before she was molested even. A normal 16 year old isnt seeking internet comedians twice their age to fuck their ass. Not sams fault how she is.
Good for him. He stayed on his grind and didn't let some groupie he fucked completely destroy his life along with her own.
He worked while Marky freeloaded and sex slaved in Brazil, freeloaded off of andrei, cheated on him with a shed tranny, had some sort of unknown relationship with Alice. If she was as committed to her art or some other endeavor as Sam is instead of spending all of her time on chans, discord, in a basement, in a shed, world of warcraft, meeting and fucking people she met online... they both worked towards where they are now in a way.
i bet everything that marky is doing well now and that she is way happier than sam will ever be
supposedly she was on a discord server of marky's that ekat was in. I don't think she had anything to do with it other than being a bad influence like she was with Ciara, who idolized Marky and was on masterchan ran by Marky's brazilian pedro exbf
> 22 
Marky should have known better and help Bianca, no wonder why Sam Hyde didnt want her back she is stuck at teen mindset even after turning 20. I don't like Marky honestly she sounds like a bitch from what I have read about her and the actions she makes, Ken and Agatha seem like total angels compared to Marky
thumbnail of 1591756231255.jpg
thumbnail of 1591756231255.jpg
1591756231255 jpg
(13.49 KB, 327x327)
I want to pre-empt by saying I'm not typically /agatha2/ in my views on women. I've even met single mothers and women who used to cam who I'd consider, though flawed, decent people who I'd give a chance to. I don't think all women are whores and I understand that women face difficulties in dating and companionship too (though different ones to what men face).

But with Marky it's like... how could you marry someone like that without thinking back to how she spent her teenage years? We're talking about a girl who, when she was in the prime of her life, decided to give it up to a two-bit "comedian" used-car salesman who threatened to kill and rape her and she still met up with him.

I legitimately don't think I'd even be willing to go on a date with her. This isn't just "had sex with my high school boyfriend at 16" or even "hooked up with a classmate at 16 at his house while his parents were out. It's something far darker and more disgusting. To me it suggests damage that will never really heal. Knowing what she did just makes my skin crawl, it makes me fundamentally repulsed. And this is coming from someone who is a degenerate pervert.

How is this girl ever going to get married?
thumbnail of 1705769955444621.jpg
thumbnail of 1705769955444621.jpg
1705769955444621 jpg
(124.96 KB, 1130x719)
anyone got the sauce for this? Seems like it's something that details Marky-Sam Hyde connection. I found it on the /tv/ archive 

are ekat and andrei the same? i keep seeing ekat mentioned but i am confused if they are one person or separate. ekat is even in mainstream media and he/she is on discord regularly, but andrei is basically a nonexistent ghost for years and nobody seems to know them personally
Good copypasta
an image of that list has been posted of previous threads but it doesn't say anything about Sam so it's all assumption at that point. not like we don't already know she was dating and fucking sam
Someone who sells their body and self for profit is a fundamentally broken person. Someone who was manipulated and exploited as a younger person is a victim, and someone who takes the steps and actions to fix themselves and their defenses to not let that happen again is a survivor. I would marry Marky is she was a survivor. The copypasta-er is negging and victim shaming / blaming.
> manipulated and exploited
When is she gonna take some accountability for her actions? Saying that everything she's done is because of having been manipulated and exploited sounds like a convenient excuse to never having to assume responsibility for what she's done
For curiosity's sake, what would taking accountability and responsibility look like in the case of Marky? What could she do or say that would check this box, for you?
> Someone who was manipulated and exploited as a younger person is a victim, and someone who takes the steps and actions to fix themselves and their defenses to not let that happen again is a survivor.
Taking responsibility for yourself and not allowing yourself to be put in that situation again. Moving forward and becoming successful where failure was once reaped. I don't know Marky, I don't know her personal life and no one here does. The original copy pasta I replied to was written in bad faith and I replied due to that.
i don't know about accountability but whatever else she is doing rn at least after 10 years at age 26 she decided ewhoring isn't a good lifestyle and logged off. gotta give credit where credit is for
i agree with it, i have no problem with high body counts as long as they were normal men, sam hyde isn't a normal man, he looks like a mutant
thumbnail of relationship.png
thumbnail of relationship.png
relationship png
(71.43 KB, 752x470)
Looks like a cropped blog or forum post, or image made to avoid possible word filters, but then there should be a #1, a stray comma after link makes me believe it's the former. Searching sentences on google and yandex didn't give me anything. Other than this markov chain AI slop:

Sam Hyde thread on Kiwifarms has nothing
https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/1911980.html has this link:
A wordpress blog, another exposé, an old one.  

Maybe you should ask the person next time he posts it on /tv/ again.
Ekat is a woman who used to pretend to be a 14 year old misguided russian prostitute to gain egirls' trust to help andrei manipulate them. Andrei is a different person.
but if that was true, why does ekat remain after all this time as an active personality? why would someone keep their sockpuppet account for no reason while they themselves aren't also online. what's the point?
> broken
Jesus Christ is Lord.
To those who are pure, all is pure. Prostitution is pure, and trusting Him with the body they're given gets them in heaven before us.

The thing to avoid is, selling their very self to the devil. Dark things like slavery, or being used for evil.

And obviously, there's a difference between prostitution...and fornication.

Here's a prostitute getting $5000 just for existing:
thumbnail of 1585741694328.png
thumbnail of 1585741694328.png
1585741694328 png
(1.73 MB, 1309x1034)
thumbnail of 1686137118445.png
thumbnail of 1686137118445.png
1686137118... png
(640.37 KB, 640x1136)
thumbnail of marky.png
thumbnail of marky.png
marky png
(660.22 KB, 645x588)
thumbnail of 1581897395517.jpg
thumbnail of 1581897395517.jpg
1581897395517 jpg
(135.77 KB, 1080x1350)
I have a cousin who is the modeling industry, she's 32 but still gets booked for shows, makes around €5k-€6K on average month, sometimes €20K if it's fashion week and she walks and does look books for 2-3 brands. She's earned over €500K+ from modelling in the last 4-5 years according to my aunt... Mind you she started modeling AFTER UNI, she was 24 when she was discovered by a random agent off instagram.. fast forward 8 years she is living a very good life off her looks alone.

ya'll niggas know what the wild part is? marky is almost identical to her in Body proportion, eye colour, face shape, even height (marky like 5'6-5'7"). They both have that semi-androgynous ghoul look, which is very popular no matter what age the woman is in the modelling industry. The only difference is Marky weighs more, if she lost weight and became very skinny, started taking of her face a little bit and took headshots, an agency would rush to sign her and she would most likely get booked very quickly. She would do shows and look books for random small brands, commercials and big brands like Balmain once in awhile.  

Believe or not, there is actually a shortage in female models who fit this description. Not saying Marky is rare or anything (she is rare to us) but she could use her looks to her advantage. She would also build a huge following on social media.. Let's not forget models often party with celebs, athletes, politicians, social elites etc so she can use this for upper social mobility and find a husband too. 

REMINDER THAT THERE ARE 300+ HIGH END FASHION BRANDS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR MODELS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:High_fashion_brands
> she is too old to start a modelling career now
no she isn't, the modelling industry has changed a lot. she will still get booked. Half the runway female models at chanel were over 30. She can make a lot of money. Instagram and social media have changed the game
the delusion on this board always makes me LOL. marky is what we would call a "trailer park princess", certainly a catch in some hillbilly wasteland but she would get brutally mogged in even a half-decent LA neighborhood. there's a reason why she needed to go online and get attention from schizo pedrophiles and be used like a toilet by a bunch of internet strangers IRL.
her most notable life achievement is being used as a weapon against a C-tier internet comedian because he took a selfie with her.
she needs to never listen to delusion like you and realize she's a hard 5 on her best day. lie about your past marky, and try to wrangle a fat truck driver that makes decent money into marrying you. he'll be gone too often so he won't have time to dig into your internet history, and he'll give you a comfortable life with some children even maybe. then log off and leave this freakshow behind.
thumbnail of Karolina Spakowski.jpg
thumbnail of Karolina Spakowski.jpg
Karolina... jpg
(199.96 KB, 1365x2048)
holy cope, pic related started modelling at 25 in 2023 and was put on Vogue within a year. Marky is very beautiful and has the bone structure to be a model, she just need to get to 7-8% bodyfat and skinnymax

Marky has hope, she needs to use her looks to her best advantage
Marky in her prime was at least a 7. She has no major facial flaws, looks good with or without face concealing haircut, and her body is feminine and voluptuous. Her only defect that prevents her from being a model is that she's a midget, like 5'3/5'4. Look at her class photos. She is always the shortest one.
Marky is almost 27 and that german model is tall af, like 5'11. Not a good comparison.
she's 5'11. Female models are ideally 5'6-5-9" because of clothing restrictions, Marky can still model, she just needs her headshots taking. If she starves herself even better
> she's 5'11

Lol no. Not even her brad boyfriend was 5'11 and she was severely shorter than him. Marky is not taller than 5'5. This is for sure.
thumbnail of 0_Iris-Law-flaunts-her-phenomenal-figure-in-a-skimpy-rainbow-bikini-as-she-continues-to-live-it-up-on.png
thumbnail of 0_Iris-Law-flaunts-her-phenomenal-figure-in-a-skimpy-rainbow-bikini-as-she-continues-to-live-it-up-on.png
0_Iris-Law-flaunts-he... png
(2.34 MB, 1200x1200)
thumbnail of 0_Coperni-show-Runway-Spring-Summer-2023-Paris-Fashion-Week-France-30-Sep-2022.png
thumbnail of 0_Coperni-show-Runway-Spring-Summer-2023-Paris-Fashion-Week-France-30-Sep-2022.png
0_Coperni-sh... png
(178.47 KB, 615x871)
thumbnail of 1651011616_1-titis-org-p-emily-ratajkowski-naked-erotika-1.jpg
thumbnail of 1651011616_1-titis-org-p-emily-ratajkowski-naked-erotika-1.jpg
1651011616_1-titis-or... jpg
(836.44 KB, 3840x2160)
those pictures won't work, she needs to lose weight, maybe 10-15 more pounds so her cheeks hollow out. If she can get the bella hadid body, it would be great. She would have to do a water fast and only eat fruit for a month or 2

pics related are the ideal body marky should aim for
marky is too old to model and too crazy. her mental condition and poor living have started deteriorating her looks too much. she will never be an actress or a model. the height of her lifetime fame was being the girl who Sam fucked
you aren't reading what i said here  >>/51958/
, no one is "too old" to model unless you're fucking ugly as shit. I agree it may be harder but she has a unique look so I think she can land jobs until she is like in her mid 30s
thumbnail of 1662214081442.jpg
thumbnail of 1662214081442.jpg
1662214081442 jpg
(102.35 KB, 756x756)
marky is too lazy, she could be a model though I agree, if she starved herself, did some skin care maxxing and got her photos taken it would be easy, espeically in this day and age where you can become get scouted through social media no matter how old you are. Marky has the bone density for a good "model face". Her porpations are near pefect, short philtrum, good lower third, even face. If she starved herself she would get that hollow cheek bone look which would ascend her to another level. Her piercing blue eyes and pale skin would compliment it all as well.

I could see her on ads for brands like IKEA or acne studios.

Feeling pretty sad atm, very defeated. Cant bare this hell any longer. I don't even have any water of life in me to cry by, nor be angry by, and certainly not to avoid slavery. This truly is the end of me.
Saddest and most hurtful things to me has been knowing who believed in me, but being helpless to enjoy this life with them truly. And I'm most scared I'll never even get to share a smile with them ever again.

I'm so fucking sad, I just want to have them in my arms again. Every little thing they knew to do, to flow light and joy in me, I miss so greatly like each time it was a million heavens pouring out all of their treasures in to within me.

Crying right now.
Andrei I know a lot happened between you and Marky but I firmly believe love will find a way and conquers all. Two hearts bound together will be drawn each other out once again and you two will once more share a smile :)
>  i have no problem with high body counts as long as they were normal men,

Is lapping up their leftover cum better for you or something? I'd think it should be no biggie for you. Since you're also gay, how many children have you raped? Can you possibly preemptively register yourself as a sex offender if none somehow?
why is there someone willing to pay money to host chans lol.
i speak for all chans, its all a bunch of crap. mostly just spam and filth.
like who even are these people paying for it, why not just use the money for theirselves? what's the incentive.

i couldn't even convince myself to pay for hosting and a domain just for my own website, i just didn't give a flying fuck to have such a thing.
i spent it on nice headphones instead, and some cool posters.
Hey guys, I just found out about Marky a week or so ago but I have spent pretty much all my time when I'm not at work reading about her on these threads and elsewhere, looking at pictures and watching videos of her. I'm hoping that I can move on with my life now that I've pretty much exhausted what remains of her online but it has greatly affected me (ᴗ_ᴗ。)
"There are certain types of women who seem to be made by nature to attract anima projections; indeed one could almost speak of a definite "anima type." The so-called "sphinx-like" character is an indispensable part of their equipment, also an equivocalness, an intriguing elusiveness-not an indefinite blur that offers nothing, but an indefiniteness that seems full of promises, like the speaking silence of a Mona Lisa. A woman of this kind is both old and young, mother and daughter, of more than doubtful chastity, childlike, and yet endowed with a naive cunning that is extremely disarming to men."
goodnight markybros.
> like the speaking silence of a Mona Lisa

Who shall become our Vincenzo Peruggia, to turn Marky from a niche interest of a dozen denpa nerds into a worldwide normie meme, so that some modern Jung could write a passage mentioning her?
thumbnail of b4120e744f776a5892106345fd25c5d0-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of b4120e744f776a5892106345fd25c5d0-imagejpeg.jpg
b4120e744f776a5... jpg
(135.77 KB, 1080x1350)
ngl after seeing 500+ pics of marky's face I came to the realization that she is kinda man faced / mid and the other e-girls from her era were cuter and more feminine (ciara , agatha , erica, crispy). I think people only simp for marky so much its because she fucked sam hyde
> I wouldn't be surprised if Marky and the Russians had a joint grooming operation going on but then fell out with eachother. Even after andrei she continued pursuing egirl types (Alice)
This theory is interesting marky always looked like she was hiding something.
thumbnail of d11cf8df049e93f3cb1de90502a3d3e8-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of d11cf8df049e93f3cb1de90502a3d3e8-imagejpeg.jpg
d11cf8df049e93f3cb1d... jpg
(25.9 KB, 278x291)
thumbnail of 20221228_080654.jpg
thumbnail of 20221228_080654.jpg
20221228_080654 jpg
(2.2 MB, 4128x3096)
thumbnail of 268.png
thumbnail of 268.png
268 png
(912.58 KB, 640x853)
thumbnail of dc229884cbd9e639e8f5477cc9338b6b-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of dc229884cbd9e639e8f5477cc9338b6b-imagejpeg.jpg
dc229884cbd9e... jpg
(733.45 KB, 1980x2640)
If you take a close to her looks and everything that she ever did she DOES seem evil even when she was young she looked like she was hiding something very fucked up. She is very beautiful no doubt, but ever wonder why she looks so... evil? mean spirited? The e-girls that were popular back then both died (bianca and ciara) and for some reason I think marky was happy about it. I might be judging her but something tells me marky is secretly a terrible human being and kinda demonic.
she has also been connected with people like masterchan roberto who she has accused of pedrophilia and katelynn aka shedguy who has been accused by others of the same. supposed predators she has had sex and relationships with
thumbnail of Marky.jpg
thumbnail of Marky.jpg
Marky jpg
(284.41 KB, 1080x1920)
thumbnail of 20230226_135258.jpg
thumbnail of 20230226_135258.jpg
20230226_135258 jpg
(3.06 MB, 4128x3096)
Are you marky herself? E-girl culture fascinates me and this marky theory is very interesting... I kinda feel more attracted to her knowing she is demonic and would break my heart. This topic is relevant to marky threads honestly, the real question is:
Is marky evil or are anons just paranoid?
she looks devious from young age
I feel she learned very young as a pretty girl she can get anything and work over others. being molested and learning of sex and its power leads to further corruption of her soul
she always gave off sociopathic vibes to me.. she likes to play it dumb but is in reality very smart and logical, like a psychopath wearing a mask, or maybe a very high functioning autistic.
thumbnail of DDIbwGk.jpg
thumbnail of DDIbwGk.jpg
DDIbwGk jpg
(334.78 KB, 1600x1051)
thumbnail of 1567574680777.jpg
thumbnail of 1567574680777.jpg
1567574680777 jpg
(250.19 KB, 1600x1491)
thumbnail of 7sPzFQR.jpg
thumbnail of 7sPzFQR.jpg
7sPzFQR jpg
(85.19 KB, 720x720)
thumbnail of 2021-05-09_19-05-57_UTC.jpg
thumbnail of 2021-05-09_19-05-57_UTC.jpg
2021-05-09... jpg
(82.58 KB, 750x1334)
I think she is an actual psychopath and was born like this and not a result of molestation. If you ever look at her childhood pictures she still looks...off.
From child , to teen , to adult she as ALWAYS had this weird aura even in innocent cute pictures. Is it her eye stare?
honestly i believe she's autistic, empty eyes and forced smile, detachment from all the normies around her in all her pics, replaced her social life with being an e-girl and having online "friends" and orbiters..
thumbnail of Dark-Triad-Personality-Traits.png
thumbnail of Dark-Triad-Personality-Traits.png
Dark-Triad-Personalit... png
(134.82 KB, 794x777)
I think marky is dark triad I don't think she has autism or else she would be a dorky retard like chris chan. I understand your analogy but marky's eyes reflect evil thoughts in them and her lore makes her seem sociopathic not autistic.
i mean you're taking a very extreme case of autism (chris chan) and saying she can't be autistic because she's not like him,, but like, i could also say she can't be psychopath because she's not like ted bundy. it could be traits of both, she does have a nerdiness about her that you wouldn't find in psychopathic people as they tend to be more social gain focused and usually lack of solitary hobbies as they see no value in anything that doesn't bring an increase in status, psychopathic people also do not have any true friends or relationships that aren't for the benefit of their image or status and while it's true marky pursued some high status males like sam hyde for gain in status, she also had somewhat 'genuine' relationships too that were more real than fake. i think she had dark triad traits but i also see autistic traits too, unfortunately everyone will dismiss that because most people think autism = spergy retard
Well you can be a psychopath and enjoy anime and have hobbies. Liking anime and manga does not make you autistic. The type of games that she likes are games where you control things, runescape.
okay genius, you figured it out. she's a psychopath, a true cold blooded killer. clearly you know all about psychopathy and autism so i'll let you diagnose her.
nta but liking anime and games doesn't make you automatically autistic. every "nerdy" girl likes to imagine herself autistic. look at marky's history and behavior and it's obvious there is something seriously wrong with her. something sinister
why do you want her to be a psychopath so much? 
i don't want her to be autistic, however i'm autistic(diagnosed) so know a bit about the condition and how it looks and also know a few autistic women (high functioning) and i see more than enough similarities that i felt i needed to give my input on this since someone wants to figure out why she looks "off". and like i said what really invalidates psychopathy is the fact she has solitary hobbies, psychopaths just don't do that, they don't pursue things out of curiosity, only self benefit.
you guys are missing the point of what i'm saying, i'm not saying that anime and games are autistic, i'm saying that solitary hobbies in general cannot be psychopathic due to the nature of psychopaths, so then be process of elimination it makes autism far from likely.
> solitary hobbies
um but she has had a steady steam of attention and dick from her orbiters and simps since her teens. how did she find, communicate and sometimes fuck these people being an autistic shut-in loner? she doesn't know what it's like to be autistic or alone but playing into that fantasy helps to hook guys like you.
> bad genes
> bad upbringing
> bad morals
> no accountablity and skewed perspective due to beautiful princess treatment throughout life
simple as m8s
no one here knows what autism is at all and you're all just going off based on stereotyped and memes so there's no point in me arguing about this any further honestly
thumbnail of asdbpd.JPG
thumbnail of asdbpd.JPG
asdbpd JPG
(28.81 KB, 707x198)
everyone here is a fucking psychiatrist apparently lol
not only can they co-occur but it's apparently "not uncommon". again everyone on this board only understands neurological/psychiatric disorders from fetishes, memes and stereotypes.
Autistic people don't really have the capacity to manipulate people, plot against people , be so high iq like marky is, be charismatic as marky is etc. She is a psychopath / sociopath and not an autist. She is way to self aware and high iq / socially smart to be an autist.
> she ain't your typical autistic woman thank god
Did you imply marky would be boring if she was a normal autistic woman or did you imply you would be afraid of autistic women if they were all like marky
I implied that typical, normal autistic girls are just that, normal autistic girls. and Marky is...well she's had a rough time hasn't she?
in hindsight it can look like that but letting sam hyde put it in her pooper just so she can tell the internet he fucked her ass for internet fame seems... fucking retarded? i mean it's self-humiliation not really worth it imo. she already had the notoriety of dating 4chan's favorite retard did she need to add having him rape her ass too?
Sexual pleasure women like to have sex as well. Not every thing a woman does is an act of service, marky fucked sam hyde because she was horny and felt like it. Trying to turn it into an autistic no self aware thing seems very simpey and out of touch.
Marky cheats, lies and treats people as disposable, but she's not an evil psychopath. She's just mentally ill, very self centered/egotistical and broken by trauma.
Many people get molested and did not end up like marky. Ken was groomed way younger than marky (ken was 11 marky was 15) but ken is a great person, marky is just a terrible human being cope more.
Yes it does ken is traumatized also where are the proves marky got raped at the age 9? Maybe she lied for SIMPathy points anon. Ken is a victim and a good person Marky is a "victim" and a terrible human being
If you give me evidence her family member that raped her is in jail I will be like "ok". I think marky larped about it.
Hey Marky just letting you know that your friends over share about you all the time to anyone who will listen.
Cammming for older men is not the same as having a forced intercourse when you are not even sexually developed.
Why would she lie about it to sam? There's nothing to gain from it.
wtf are u implying ken was sexually developed at 11? she was a victim.
> Why would she lie about it to sam? There's nothing to gain from it.
sympathy points, marky seems like she would lie for some reason.
Marky?Dragons Dogma 2 comes out in a few days, can I buy it for you so you can stream it on twitch?
please say yes
please say yes
please say yes
Insane schizos. In the boston ross video sam says that he only took her anal virginity, so he must have asked her if she was a virgin before doing the deed (probably to get a bigger boner). Why would 16yo marky make up that she had been raped before fucking with sam? Doesn't make any sense.
lmao yeah I'm sure the 16 year old happily taking it up her ass from a 30 year old she solicited on the internet was a pure virgin (except rape!)
i have started playing higurashi so we have something to discuss when we meet. i have also listened to marky's top tracks from last.fm so it's like she has introduced me to her favorite bands. any more markycore recommendations to prepare myself?
i will also watch mysterious girlfriend x to see what her attracts her so to the character Urabe so that i may better understand her desires. 

sam hyde and mde does not appeal to me but i have digested much of his work recently because i know it has had a major influence on marky's life
she will reappear either in a manic episode doing something crazy like drinking herself into an ER visit again or perhaps in less dramatic fashion, she will start posting and streaming again out of boredom or to prove she is doing better.
idk if I would said she is purely evil but she seems closer to that than to being a good person. most people have some good qualities about them if you look for them hard enough.
maybe she will have news about getting a  new boyfriend, maybe she found a stable job, maybe she is pregnant, maybe a new arc will start. What do you guys think the next marky arc would be?
marriage and pregnancy arc. she is not immune to the everpresent ticking of her biological clock and will make a move to do something with her life as the emptiness of anime and video games eats away at her
Who would marky like to marry ? Don't say sam hyde he would be a terrible husband and father (he is already a father and does not give a shit about his kid)
Marky is bound to come back soon, her mania will not her disappear. She tends to come back during the months leading up to Summer
you can be both at the same time, she has maniac episode which is a common among bpd havers.. anyways why do you think she is better? spill the tea anon don't be gay
isn't the only thing not really confirmed the Nutella part? There is also a lot of stuff she has done that has been left out. It really needs an edit and update.
but yes it really needs an update with the andrei, shedtranny and drunk stream/emergency room/suicide sagas, totaling two cars in a month and other antics
that greentext, which has been posted many times before, is the accepted marky folklore. if you want to correct the canon, why don't you post your version of the timeline?
How the fuck does anyone total 2 (TWO) fucking cars in the span of a week? Is she fucking stupid? Whose cars were those? Tl;dr me on that situation becuase it's just crazy to think about
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220922-104921_Instagram.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220922-104921_Instagram.jpg
Screenshot... jpg
(53.18 KB, 279x510)
Reminder that Marky is desperate and lonely so if you talk to her without making it obvious you’re a lowly orbiter she’ll overshare with you and eventually have a manic episode where she spams you about drugs, her childhood, her depraved flings, her relationship with Sam and how he still reaches out to her, all of her exes including Roberto who she admits is an actual pedrophile who ran Masterchan, her mother, and much more.
and out of all the dms she received in response to this who was the lucky orbiter that got to play emotional support animal? speak up
thumbnail of 1623766_10203303452845603_1606755391_n.jpg
thumbnail of 1623766_10203303452845603_1606755391_n.jpg
1623766_10203... jpg
(53.67 KB, 720x960)
2014 - Marky looked like a loli in this pic despite being 16. This photo is from February 22, 2014. It means it was a 6-7 months after Sam Hyde "dated" her and 2 months after she posted her tits on /b/.

10 years ago. Wow.
thumbnail of 312610831_3418621661706348_6770354858143619735_n.jpg
thumbnail of 312610831_3418621661706348_6770354858143619735_n.jpg
312610831_34186216617... jpg
(1.2 MB, 2048x1366)
thumbnail of 319137113_1599497590470548_2634969126058629500_n.jpg
thumbnail of 319137113_1599497590470548_2634969126058629500_n.jpg
319137113_15994975904... jpg
(2.67 MB, 2048x1365)
Markys cousin, one the girls in this photo  >>/60615/ was married and Marky went to her wedding. I think she is 3-4 years younger than Marky since she gradated high school in 2018. I have no idea why some faggots on here are trying to gate keep this picture. Here is the full resolution, there are also 2 photos, one with Marky and one without Marky.

Reminding you guys again: the picture is from sometime in 2022, so Marky looked like she gained weight back then, she ended up losing all that weight. You can see she was skinny in the May 2023 stream.
WOW. this is a never-before-seen, TMZ exclusive! thank you bro. first time ive ever seen the whole photo revealed. marking this day on my calendar.
this picture is so fucking sad. The fact that marky's younger cousin, who is a fat ugly goblin, found love and got married, and marky herself cannot...it must really eat her up inside sometimes. i mean i know the feeling myself. my brother is a ugly manlet high school drop out with no job and has a cute wife, and im way better looking, more educated, make good money, and I have never had a gf. its strange how things dont work out like they should...
It's not totally over for Marky.
Marky could've been a successful streamer or amateur model, she can still be a streamer tbh, Alinty became famous streamer well into her 30s. Marky just needs to skinnymax again and wear minimal makeup, she's still a natural beauty  

I personally think Marky can never be in a relationship because she will never be contempt with 1 guy
summer 2023 she dumped a bunch of selfies here and did a few consecutive streams. she streamed two nights in a row acting brain damaged and drinking vodka. the second night she was asking for insults and chugging vodka to the point she had to be taken to the emergency room.she then did a stream the morning she got back from the ER, playing some shitty old game and responding to some ppl in chat before ending the stream and trying to sell her youtube channel for thousands. sometime during all that she came here and posted a poll asking how to khs.
and the OP image is from one of those streams anon. just look back at the Marky threads from the beginning of last summer. may or June if I remember correctly
thumbnail of EA701DDF-C606-4896-AE29-7CC1AC1A0AA5.jpg
thumbnail of EA701DDF-C606-4896-AE29-7CC1AC1A0AA5.jpg
EA701DDF-C... jpg
(55.26 KB, 383x1103)
thumbnail of Svidetel.jpg
thumbnail of Svidetel.jpg
Svidetel jpg
(147.89 KB, 600x496)
Same girl perchance? Has a dimple too, mirrored maybe. Found on 4shit. But why do all kids look so jewish? Agatha's sister levels of jewish.
Fug, I knew this wasn't just an ordinary photo taken at a family gathering by uncle Benny. That specific hue of color correction only used by provincial "pro" photographers, it must have planted some seed of doubt.

Would be great if you posted all facebook pics you have sorted in a zip, with dates whenever possible.
can someone please just reupload Markys streams on mega or youtube?? I am too retarded to compile them ):
thumbnail of marky roommate.png
thumbnail of marky roommate.png
marky... png
(922.46 KB, 467x812)
it's funny realizing markys old roommate is a giant leftist artist who has a lot of friends, has dated rappers and has a pretty successful social and work life while marky is on 4chan watching gay porn/tranny rekt webms on /gif/ and drinking herself to death. 

I remember Marky saying her roommate would always try to get her to go out so she wouldn't be lonely. I wonder what would've happened if Marky and her stayed friends.. maybe Marky would be a little more happy
It's more than 1gb. I can't upload it here, even if I wanted to. She doesn't have the mic on anyway. It was fun watching it live because of the comments in the chat
not wrong but we are in a thread for a girl who has fucked a fat chink,ogrish jew, pedrophile brazilian and some kind of pube haired mutt tranny. really they're on the same level except one of them has a social life and is accepted into society and one is an outcast freak with nothing
/r9k/ and /int/ has a lot of cross users and oldfags who remember and were friends with marky. Just look at desuarchive if you don't believe me
Even if your skin appears somewhat whitish, if you have coarse dark hair of pubelike consistency then you are in fact a brownoid.
What I get, desuwa is a generic weeaboo expression, somewhat rare polite form of desu.
First mention of 'desuwa' on r9k is a recap for moot's interview.
> Snacks out for job, Desuwa/MVB/Manager of /j/ possibly up for admin position

Unless I misunderstood the slashes, those are three different people?

Do we have a picture of this dude?
He migrated to Brazil, but he has 0% South American blood. There are Marky's screens saying that.

Marky is actually pretty racist in true 4chan fashion. When she volunteered in India for 3 weeks, she hated it. She couldn't sleep because of the smell. She used to call the arab couple she worked for sandnogs and was happy when their restaurants got shut down.
In her 2019 streams she was constantly yelling racial slurs while playing. Her WoW orbiter can also confirm this.

> Do we have a picture of this dude?

Andrei's pic is in one of the previous threads.
Marky's racism is performative. She is pandering to chantypes as she has her entire career. Behind the scenes she is perfectly happy fornicating with all kinds of things from gooks to monkeys to trannies.
she sounds like a nasty and mean person on top of being a hypocrite. guess karma sorted her out as best it can. mean jewess princess neet rooting for hard working sandnogs to fail and stop giving us tasty falafel and kebab smh
food for thought: if she had given herself over to Allah instead of Sam Hyde when she was 16 her life would be infinitely better than it is currently.