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i have to ask. What could an R9K e slut poss obtain from dumbass. ok, so, 2014, 2015 it was sort of a mystery to E fame. Now, da fuck?  we all know: O F , Insta, Tik Tok, socials, you tube, twitc, etc.... wat could you poss want from loser dude?


at least she has our love, even now. and we didnt watch decline worse. i dont even want to think about er in cov. lock downs, and fuck knows wat
You type like a retard but I think ciara would be jealous of Bee because she is dating one of her ex bfs. 
Also she died on february 2020 which is during the beggining of covid so Ciara died thinking the world was going to end.
no one is going to be jealous over sosa he's literally an incel from the incel era of r9k that got addicted to grooming retarded women
a lot of these new e-girls for some reason have this idea in their head that they're making the older (and more attractive) e-girls jealous by dating some ugly groomer who touched them in the lowest point of their life or some shit.

like how so many of them think getting that ugly faggot Gilbert Raborg the pedrophile's attention will somehow make kennedi jealous??? are you fucking kidding me? kennedi is far too pretty for Gilbert Raborg the pedrophile now and he only talked to her when she was like an impressionable 15 year old on the internet. or this retarded bee girl who thinks ciara would for whatever reason be jealous over sosa when she barely even touched the retard, and only cause he was so fucking desperate and pathetic that she felt bad for him lmao.
> To call him an Incel is cope.
He's an incel no matter how many retarded women he manages to put his dick into, no amount of mouthbreating dope addicted women will ever wipe the incel stench off of him.
> pedrophile
This is bad, I don't understand why everyone these days are so horny for Pedro Pascal. 
Totally overrated, if you ask me.

He's got that dad vibe thing going. Personally, I'm more of a MAP. "Maybe alittle Pedro," but not in every damn movie.
That makes no sense. This is why you can't take retards who use terms like this seriously. They don't care about the actual definition, just that it's a word used to insult someone.
Keep coping sosa
You can only stop being an incel when you can fuck an actually desirable woman not bottom of the barrel trash much like how fucking escorts doesn't count either
can we have more ciara pics please? don't care how rare. somebody do an AI generated pic of her ODing.

so cute, i love her.


the Ai stuff is gettin easier and easier. An Ai text to vid came out. type a prompt and it makes a near photorealistic 1 min vid. i can see in a couple years we can feed in archives of Our Queen, and it makes a never endin movie, or ideally, Joi Bladerunner, real time interactive etc....
Does anyone know Ciara's stats? Like how tall she was, her shoe size? It's very important for my masturbation.

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New Reply on thread #48048
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