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thumbnail of noriko.jpg
noriko jpg
(39.16 KB, 640x480)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@zombiebeatz2000/featured
Tumblr: https://nadesico-la.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nadesicola
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thumbnail of IMG_6909.jpeg
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I think there’s not photo proof of it and it was mostly from (I think) someone who knew her sharing about it or her ex boyfriend himself. But apparently it did happen because she wasn’t happy with him. (She addressed this on curious cat I think)
Eh, I think she’s one of the more unique ones.
What kinda e-girl do YOU like, anon?

im into e girls who don't have to live their life in fear kek

in other words ones who actually enjoy their online presence and make stuff for shits and giggles

saw the shitass discord and left after realising it's just all 13 year old tiktokers and pedrophiles
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thumbnail of IMG_7115.jpeg
IMG_7115 jpeg
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(114.64 KB, 647x1151)
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IMG_6957 jpeg
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IMG_6936 jpeg
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thumbnail of IMG_7115.jpeg
IMG_7115 jpeg
(43.39 KB, 303x506)
No, that was the guy she cheated on her boyfriend with apparently LMFAO.
Hey, please don’t start moralfagging here. If you’ve got no interest in Ashley then just leave this thread be and participate in the threads of egirls you do like.
> Hey, please don’t start moralfagging here. If you’ve got no interest in Ashley then just leave this thread be and participate in the threads of egirls you do like.


> Asks me what my favourite kinda e girl is
> I give a normal answer
> "moralfagging!!!"

no one is moralfagging nigger, only problem is Ashleyfags literally never know how to move on and are the reason why she's scared lmfao
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thumbnail of rn_image_picker_lib_temp_5af0a410-0672-44e3-8e74-13fda021e045.jpeg
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(767.71 KB, 3000x4000)
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thumbnail of Screenshot_20240310_222043_Gallery.jpeg
Screenshot... jpeg
(117.23 KB, 1080x2316)
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thumbnail of Screenshot_20240310_222051_Gallery.jpeg
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(120.12 KB, 1080x2316)
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thumbnail of IMG_6992.jpeg
IMG_6992 jpeg
(62.82 KB, 720x585)
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thumbnail of IMG_7033.jpeg
IMG_7033 jpeg
(58.31 KB, 450x736)
No because you were insinuating that posting here is kinda morally bad, which is kinda moralfagging. It happened enough times in the old thread and it’s better to leave the people who are still interested in her pics alone even if you disagree.
This thread already started wrong. should have the masterlink of ALL her accounts, masterlink was on the subreddit
This thread is dead before it starts Lol
the only subreddit for her is empty because the owner used it to advertise his discord

barely anyone is whiteknighting as she's the most overrated e girl on earth and most her current fans are just spiteful at her

if you dumb niggers knew how to keep your dick away maybe she would still be here
> the only subreddit for her is empty because the owner used it to advertise his discord

There are actually 2 subreddits r/Zombiebeatz2000 and r/Zombiebeatz

r/Zombiebeatz is empty and was only used by Penus to advertise his discord server r/Zombiebeatz2000 on the other hand at one point was an active community but after the statement everything got purged by the admin, but he keeps it up for the LULZ and to spite Ashley and her white knights. 

> Barely anyone is whiteknighting as she's the most overrated e girl on earth and most her current fans are just spiteful at her

It takes 2 seconds to go into the comments of a TikTok meme/Edit or one of her videos that still has the comments turned on you will see them.
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thumbnail of IMG_7283.jpeg
IMG_7283 jpeg
(46.95 KB, 735x557)
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thumbnail of IMG_7250.jpeg
IMG_7250 jpeg
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thumbnail of IMG_7221.jpeg
IMG_7221 jpeg
(41.15 KB, 540x540)
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thumbnail of IMG_7001.jpeg
IMG_7001 jpeg
(33.45 KB, 405x540)
thumbnail of IMG_7220.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_7220.jpeg
IMG_7220 jpeg
(51.02 KB, 405x540)
Gawd damn brah did someone save it on their notes or something, there’s gotta be someone with it. I save a lot of random shit on my notes there must be someone with it lying around. If there isn’t I might try to find her more obscure accounts myself.

To be fair I do imagine him backing away from this whole thing since I don't think he's THAT petty and depressed (atleast I hope not)

Mostly the discordians who keep this running (they're spiteful to Ashley and wanna get her attention)
thumbnail of ashley_last_statement.jpg
thumbnail of ashley_last_statement.jpg
ashley_las... jpg
(1.76 MB, 779x5187)
thumbnail of be3685fd38afc41e19a1485001d2faca-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of be3685fd38afc41e19a1485001d2faca-imagejpeg.jpg
be3685fd38afc41e19a14... jpg
(49.94 KB, 953x64)
thumbnail of 7504cc68146c0727e195cb74e2a7ce5d-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 7504cc68146c0727e195cb74e2a7ce5d-imagejpeg.jpg
7504cc68146c0727e195c... jpg
(22.28 KB, 564x39)
thumbnail of 230c898223a7dd5b35a374d88f849a98-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 230c898223a7dd5b35a374d88f849a98-imagejpeg.jpg
230c898223a7dd5b35a37... jpg
(28.51 KB, 776x47)
If anyone here has any good feelings about Ashley, try reconsidering your actions
Even if it seems harmless and we think it won't harm her, it goes against her will 

I know what I'm posting is useless and most won't care but someone might understand
I agree entirely but it'll probably get the discordians all riled up even more (for some reason? they kinda just wanna troll from the looks of it)

But very good point, I don't even understand her e girl appeal like some of the other guys here. No clue why the second thread was even needed
thumbnail of 25.webp
thumbnail of 25.webp
25 webp
(37.03 KB, 799x658)
The decision to end this madness was less than a week ago, and what do they do? Create a new thread...
he's literally friends with the tatsu guy who got exposed via google doc ages ago


most the guys who still care or hate ashley now are just kidfiddlers, tiktok kids and trolls who want her to come back

this thread completely stinks
I have no pretension of convincing anyone, if someone moves on it is for the value of their own conscience. Whoever has his mind stuck in the past must wake up by himself
I don't have time to wait and collect all images like pokemon cards from these threads. Could you organize all this stuff and upload it somewhere?
This egirl is so fucking dead then, we only got mediocre lewd shots and dresses? And she's a normie now?

Literally what keeps you guys here?
thumbnail of translate.jpg
thumbnail of translate.jpg
translate jpg
(429.09 KB, 1449x820)
Today marks 3 months since her statement

She made a mistake going to the server twice to ask to stop

Now they're waiting for her to come back

Lucky for her, current stalkers and fans are mediocre and can't even catalog all of her accounts
Jesus, all this drama over such mid.

If that's her pfp, this Lynn girl unironically mogs the shit out of this midget hapa.

Also, who's "Bina"? She's hot?
thumbnail of IMG-20240328-WA0014.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-20240328-WA0014.jpg
IMG-202403... jpg
(36.35 KB, 477x1032)
Your definition of hypocrisy is clouded and distorted
It would be hypocrisy if this girl (Lynn) defended Ashley in public but in return, in anonymity, continued sharing things about Ashley and disrespecting her wishes.

Lynn understood Ashley's wishes and did not do what she did in the past

A person who claims to be a fan or admirer of someone must respect the will of the person they like
after re-reading her posts again, I think that NL guy is playing a long con

while yellow fever retards obsess over mid, he's making moves on a qt fangirl by defending her idol

smart mortherfucker..
this is a WIP but im archiving every ashley picture into one folder. im aware she has a ton of pics but im willing to do this because i have no life kek
you know what? im a whiteknight piece of trash by most people's standards here but at this point, this existing might actually be a good thing

means less discussion is needed, less creepy ass communities are formed around her and less new fuckers stirring shit up again just to find more images. 

Good luck getting them all together I guess, I recommend adding her statement in there too so less people ask obvious shit
> because i have no life

Knowing that she won't come back, that's not a good reason not to do what you're proposing to do?
Knowing she won't come back, that's not a good reason to you get a life?

She's from the discord server and doesn't care about Ashley's safety nor does she care about how Ashley begged the server's owner to leave her alone (or that they tried to dox her), she just wants to archive Ashley

It's another oblivious fan, should be fine for the most part, since the archive can mean less communities get made around ashley in the end

That's surprising? Lmfao, reread the google doc on tatsuhiro if that wasn't obvious enough, the server guys are assholes

Doxxing her was already such a stretch from the usual trolling they'd do
Page 5 to 15 bbg, mostly pictures


reading is hard I get it
She is a good girl with a good heart and that is what matters, she has acted very ethically from December 28th until now and she has shown concern about Ashley's safety
most of the images were uploaded from my computer and most were not screenshots. the images are also old, of course they aren't going to be the best quality

dude that's literally just another random ass e girl as her profile picture (unless you got proof)

she changed her profile picture on multiple platforms like 17 times before and since then and always does, ive followed her accounts for months

you REALLY BADLY wish you were a pro doxxer

> random ass e girl

so random ass egirl that all reverse search engines give 0 results, unlike with youtube pfp or other shit she had

same with her twitter where the exact nigga was her pfp twice, although i didnt managed to save pics

Her pfps (especially on Instagram) have been ugly mfs more times than not lmfao

I put those through search engines too. It's really not hard to make an image detraceable. Literally couldn't distinguish her between multiple other mediocre looking black, mixed and white chicks with no trace

Chill your hate boner. You aren't the Banksy of doxxing, and you're after the wrong person too

She's already been doxxed before like 6 months ago and I doubt that was you
I still believe Ashley is/was the perfect girl and no one can compare. I'm not sure how to cope with that
the album has 496 photos are the time of this post :3
tbh, seeing all these pics being archived nowadays makes me feel a little bad that I was responsible for leaking maybe 60-70% of these shit in the past
what a loser I am
shes so silly
thumbnail of 1594418537201.png
thumbnail of 1594418537201.png
1594418537201 png
(145 KB, 798x644)
> Complains about degenerates being obsessed with her on the internet. 
> Calls everyone who criticizes her or is obsessed with her a pedrophile. (Even though she likes lolicon) 
> Cheated on her boyfriend of 7 years with an Italian American guy.
> Posted lewd pics of herself on Instagram getting fucked and physically abused by her boyfriend when she was 19/20. 
> Likes lolicon girls in glasses gore and maid and nurse outfits. 
> Pretended to be a hikikomori on YouTube and created a character called Noriko hatakeyama.
> Begged 4chan for attention and provoked /r9k/ by feeding the trolls by responding. 
> Likes to pretend her mental health issues don't exist. 
> Is racist (Even though she is a POC herself)
> Does/Has done drugs. 
> Thinks NEETs are lazy. (Even though she was a true NEET during her homeless period and time living in Japan) 
> Claimed to be a hikikomori but went to school had friends and a boyfriend. 

 Yeah.... why is this roastie idolized again?
thumbnail of sadpe.png
thumbnail of sadpe.png
sadpe png
(118.87 KB, 550x400)
Because depressed ass tiktokers look at "Noriko hatekeyama" and seriously think they relate with their mental condition (she wasn't even bipolar, that was a misdiagnosis years ago. Nor schizoaffective because that was a temporary symptom of her lifestyle choices.)

She's definitely the type of "e-girl" you should just fucking ignore, maybe find cute when she was in her prime and that's it. Otherwise she's just another attention hungry edgelord asshole turned "normie".

I could post her more recent stuff but I don't feel like feeding this shithole if it's all just fat trolls and retarded "she's literally me" tiktokers desperate to find more on her. Those are literally the only 2 groups here (other than whiteknight normies).

You would need to post way worse for any of the Gen Z fags to actually feel deterred lmfao, most the decade long fans have grown to hate her now, the mature ones moved on.

So boring seeing another "e-girl" propped up by spite, you niggers are all lame as hell.
thumbnail of human.foolishness.jpg
thumbnail of human.foolishness.jpg
human.foolishness jpg
(284.58 KB, 1200x884)
I thought about sending everything I have to Ashley
Everything I received from other people and everything I stalked and saved myself. There are more than 110 images including photos and screenshots, from 2019 to 2024
But thinking about it, it's better to delete everything without sending it to her.

Since January I've been watching these threads and the discord server and every month I felt better about not contributing to this madness anymore, after all Ashley isn't coming back.
That was my goal since she left the public eye in 2019, to make her relevant and popular to a level where she thought about the possibility of becoming some kind of influencer or content creator. Well, as we saw in her statement in December, it is not part of her plans.

I'm glad I don't stalk her anymore, and I keep following this shit here more as a sociological exercise, curiosity and tedium

good luck to the white knights and the archivers, I hope Ashley is successful in this battle for her privacy
Someone in the discord has found the full master link for all of Ashley's old public stuff but they all dont wanna post it here
these are the subreddits but they are not posted anymore. 
Whoever made a reddit account named hikichanarchived and spammed the archive everywhere all the comments were deleted so u have to spam it in the reddit again i don't think the owner will delete it again
> Cry and put this one in the archive cuz I'm going to delete it kek
not worth adding to the archive. no face so it can really just be any woman and not ashley
thumbnail of pepegun.png
thumbnail of pepegun.png
pepegun png
(140.88 KB, 400x388)

This is what it means to be better than everyone else, bravo

We're all degenerate trash, but still have much dignity to lose. Some may not notice if they're blinded by spite they pulled out of their ass

Contributing to a rabbithole like this if it means ruining the life of someone else isn't worth it

> I'm glad I don't stalk her anymore

To move on is to become someone. Feel proud
> virtue signaling for the egirl you're in love with

bravo! now go and persuade ciarafags, kennedifags, markyfags, biancafags, sunnyfags, etc... to move on and stop stalking these girls and their families/friends

accusations of samefagging when you literally know multiple people who whiteknight for ashley anyway

i greatly overestimated the IQ of modern noriko fans


Wasn't the point, not virtue signaling for her either since ashley herself is a bitch

Anon here stated it well

you guys just happen to be even worse lmfao, seethe on it
Why do you think your any better than the people here? You are just providing oxygen for more arguments which keeps the thread alive
so, you continue posting and fighting in a thread you dont even contribute properly to, and your insult is to call us low iq, low blow, my friend. If you actually had a life you would've deleted it without smearing your shit filled ass over here.
> post every detail of life online
> shill self to orbiters
> people discuss
> see single negative comment

the plight of the egirl is real godamnit
Do you still want the Master Link for all her accounts?
I have all the links and some others that the person didn't put on Reddit but it's disorganized. The person who made that Master Link was very tired when he made it, so it was very incomplete
I'll keep an eye on how you behave and if you have the ability to do something
I thought she was in the process of deleting all her online accounts but so far she's deleted absolutely nothing. It's been months.
Her statement is full of lies, but the main objective she achieved, which was to take down the KYM page and stop people from making documentaries speculating about her life and mental health.
You did not understand. Before, any curious person would search "hikkichan" "ashley hanrahan" on Google and this page would already appear, now few people have access to this. This will greatly limit things about her from being spread
so? even know with the kym page now theres tons of other websites with her name plastered all over she will never be able to truly get rid of it all
There is a big difference in a 20-second video edited and posted on TikTok from an article, with inaccuracies, reporting your private life
Oh, there are several things
She was never hikikomori, not even half hikikomori. At some point in the article it was said that she dropped out of school, and that didn't happen

There are other impressions but what should make her upset are things about her private life that really must be embarrassing for her to have this being read by people
> She was never hikikomori, not even half hikikomori

That is not inaccurate the bitch openly called herself one in her videos and said she was half hikikomori on her blog you are right about her not being a true hikki though. 

> At some point in the article it was said that she dropped out of school, and that didn't happen

No, it was implying that she was staying at home and avoiding socializing with others. 

read between the lines you are right there were a few things wrong like her age at he time being 16 but everything else was mostly accurate.
> she literally hosted a site called hikimate retard
Welcome to the online world where people create characters and lie just like they do in real life, you stupid scumbag

low quality of a known photo published on Instagram in February 2021...
If you're going to post something, post it in the original quality, little child.

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